Monday, February 24, 2014

Abe’s educational reform; a service for large corporations

 Some 130 people gathered for a rally, “Against enforcement of flag raising and singing of the national anthem. Struggle against the government’s control of education! 2.2 Aggregate Pep Rally.” The event, held on Feb. 2 in Tokyo, was to think about Prime Minister ABE Shinzo’s educational policy and the situation of Tokyo Metropolis.
 Participants were educators and other citizens, who felt a sense of crisis by everyday news reports such as dissolving of the education committee system and making moral education a school curriculum.
 Associate Professor of Saitama University TAKAHASHI Satoshi (photo) gave a talk. As though enforcing national flag and anthem or moral education appear to be reactionism, an essence of Abe’s educational reform lies in neo-liberalism, Takahashi said. It is Abe’s aim to make it easier for large corporations to make more money.
 For that, they downsize public education as much as possible and predominately provide funds to an education for elites.
 They change the authorized systems like the education committee into one that is easy to control. In an anticipation of rebellions of children dropping out of competition, they try to implement an education of conservatism and reactionalism as a security measure.
(SASAKI Yumi)  


安 倍政権の教育政策と東京都の現状を問う<「日の丸・君が代」強制反対!教育の国家支配と闘おう!2・2総決起集会>が、2月2日、都内で開かれた。参加者 は主催者の予想を超える130名。教育委員会制度の解体や、道徳教育の教科化など、連日の報道に危機感を覚える教育関係者、市民が多数参加した。講演した 高橋哲さん(埼玉大学准教授・写真)は、安倍政権のめざす教育改革は、国旗国歌の強制や道徳教育など復古主義の装いをしているが、その本体は新自由主義に ある。大企業がより稼ぎやすい状態を作るのがその目的。そのためには、公教育をできるだけ縮小してエリート教育に重点投資する。教育委員会などの統治機構 をより支配しやすいものに変えてゆく。競争からおちこぼれた子どもたちの反乱をみこして、治安対策として、保守主義、復古主義教育を実施しようとしている と語った。(佐々木有美) 

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