Saturday, February 1, 2014

Issue of the removal of“Barefoot Gen” from schools ~ without serious discussions at Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

Because Tokyo education board was to discuss the petition for the removal of “Barefoot Gen” from schools on Jan. 9, 26 people wanted to sit in on the regular meeting. Six had to give up since there were not enough seats. I, too, drew a blank, but my friend offered me his seat, saying “You will write an observer’s report.” I’d like to thank him for that.
“When someone plays obstructionist, I will order him/her out from here. I will take a legislative action,” The chairperson said again at the beginning of the meeting. “During the previous meeting, I heard a man shout when leaving. That is also an obstructive behavior.” The proceeding is getting worse as the board tries to kick out observers more and more every time. On this day, three petitions were submitted requesting the removal of “Barefoot Gen” from schools, while nine petitions asked to maintain “free access to the book.” In the end, Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education decided that it “cannot accept any of these petitions. I was relieved that the petition for “the removal” was not adopted.
(By NEZU Kimiko) 


「は だしのゲン」の「教育現場からの撤去」を求める請願が議案になっていたことから、今日(1月9日都教委定例会)の傍聴希望者は、定員20名のところに26 人、6人が傍聴できなかった。私も抽選に外れだったが、「傍聴記を書くんだろう」とFさんがご自分の当たり券を譲ってくださった(感謝)。木村委員長は今 日も冒頭、「議事進行を妨害した場合は退場を命じる。法的措置をとる」と言い、さらに、「前回、退場の際に大声を上げたことがあった。これも妨害行為であ る」と付け加えた。傍聴者を排除する議事運営はますますエスカレートする。「はだしのゲン」の「教育現場からの撤去」を求める請願は3件、「自由閲覧の維 持」を求める請願は9件出されており、その回答を決定する議案だった。両請願とも都教委は「応じることはできません」との回答を決定した。「撤去」を求め る請願が採択されなくて、よかったのではあるが・・・。(根津公子)

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