Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A group of students rise up, voicing opposition to constitutional amendment

I took to the streets as usual to join the ongoing Anti-Nuclear Friday Action around the Diet periphery on June 12. Many were chanting slogans or holding up their boards with their own original assertion in various styles.
 On the other side of the speaker's corner in front of the main gate of the Diet, I found a group of students making a speech and crying out, "No Security Bills!" or "Protect the Constitution!" I was so impressed to see students finally standing up.
 Since three constitutional scholars declared that the security bills are unconstitutional, we have heard people say that the tide had turned. The Friday night, when I heard students making an outcry " No to Abe government," I realized something had changed. (By KINOSHITA Masaaki).

 長 く続いている官邸前での脱原発金曜行動に今日(6月12日)も出かけた。人々はいつものように自分の考えを書いたプラカードを掲げ、声を張りあげていた。 国会正門前のいつもスピーチする場所を挟んだ向かいでも、何やら集団がスピーチしていた。そこには大勢の学生たちが「戦争法案反対!」「憲法守れ!」の声 を上げていた。学生が立ち上がったのだ! わたしは体がふるえた。3人の憲法学者が国会で、安保法制は「違憲」だと証言してから、よく「潮目が変わった」という言葉をきくようになったが、今夜、安 倍にノーの学生たちの声をきいて、潮目が変わった―と実感することができた。(木下昌明)  

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