Thursday, July 30, 2015

To raise a voice~An encounter of a school girl and a teacher

On the local news section of the July 11 morning edition of Asahi Shimbun, I found an article titled “the youth raising their voices,” featuring young people who oppose the war bill. The article quoted FUKUDA Wakako, a senior student of Wako University, as saying, “In junior high school, I found a teacher who would not sing the Kimigayo national anthem at school ceremonies. Every morning and evening in front of the school gate, she stood and spoke about the reasons why she would not sing. ‘Isn’t it hairy?’ one of my friends said, with a faint smile. The school ignored her. I walked pass her, minding too much about what my boyfriend would think.”
 I knew right away it was about NEZU Kimiko. Nezu moved to a junior high school in Machida from Tachikawa nine years ago. She had been suspended from work for three months for not standing for Kimigayo. From the first day of her transfer to the end of the three months, Nezu--not permitted to give lessons--spoke out to the students and passersby in front of the school gate every day about the ridiculousness of forcing Kimigayo.  ( by SASAKI Yumi ) 
*Photos=NEZU Kimiko who has come to work during the suspension (left), Fukuda who plays an active role in SEALDs (right) 

声を上げること~ 福田和香子さんと根津公子さんの出会い

 7月11日の「朝日新聞」朝刊社会面 に、戦争法案に反対する「声を上げる若者たち」 という特集があった。和光大学4年の福田和香子さんの 記事を読みすすむと、次のような件があった。<中学の頃、式典で君が代を歌わない教諭がいた。朝夕校 門前に立って、歌わない理由を話す。「やばくない?」と薄く笑う友達。見ぬふりをする学校。彼氏の目を 気にして、通り過ぎた自分。> これは、根津公子さんのことに違いないと即座に確信した。9年前、根津 さんは、立川から町田の中学に異動。「君が代」不起立で、停職3ヶ月の処分を受けていた。転任早々の 4月から3ヶ月、授業を許されない根津さんは、毎日校門前で、生徒や道行く人に「君が代」強制のおか しさを訴えた。(佐々木有美) 
*写 真=町田の中学で「停職出勤」をした根津公子さん(左)とシールズで活躍する福田さん(右)

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