Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stop discriminatory bonus payment! – Union won by strike action

The local of Tama Milk Group of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu, which consists of drivers of the food logistics company, prepared to go on a 24-hour strike against discriminatory bonus payment on July 12, 2015. However, the management of the Tokyo-based company totally accepted the demands of the union and promised to pay bonus to its workers equally. This victory for workers is an achievement of their solidarity and determination. Therefore, the strike action that was planned on that day and another one scheduled in front of the Tokyo Plant of Morinaga Milk Industry, where many Tama Milk Group employees are working as outside contractors, were cancelled. However, the local maintains solidarity to reject possible attack from the management and defend the workers’ lives and rights. Your continued support to the local and the union is highly appreciated. (SUDA Mitsuteru)

* Photo: Members of the local of Tama Milk Group



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