Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Angry from the bottom of the hearts: 50,000 demonstrators demand PM Abe resign

On July 15, 2015, various people rushed to the Parliament House after they heard the “War Bill” forced through the lower house committee. At an evening rally, OKADA Katsuya, the leader of the Democratic Party of Japan, the biggest opposition party, said, “Thanks to your struggle, Prime Minister Abe is being pushed to the wall. Let’s continue the struggle until the end of the Diet session and have the unconstitutional bill repealed”. Abe’s runaway has prompted unity of opposition parties, making them a “democratic force against the Abe dictatorship”. Everybody chanted from the bottom of their hearts, “Down with Abe! Immediately!” The rally was taken over by a student group called “SEALDs”. The demonstrators finally filled the sidewalk and spilled out onto the road (photo). The number of the demonstrators reached 50,000. (M)


715日夜、「戦争法案」衆院委員会採決を聞いた「若者・女性・年配者」らあらゆる層の人々が国会前に駆けつけた。午後6時半からの「総がかり行動」の集会では、初めて民主党の岡田党首が挨拶した。「みなさんの闘いが安倍を追いつめている。あと2ヶ月しっかり闘って憲法違反の法律を撤回させよう」と。安倍暴走が野党の結束を促し「安倍独裁VSオール民主主義」の構図になってきた。大コールが続いた。「安倍はやめろ!今すぐ退陣!」一人ひとりがハラの底から叫んだ。午後7時半からは、学生グループ「SEALDs」が集会を引き継いだ。押しよせる人の波で、8時すぎには正門前の歩道は決壊し、車道にまで人々が あふれ出た(写真)。老若男女・学生・ママさん、それぞれのグループが拡声器に合わせて声を上げた。15日夜の国会前には、主催者発表で5万人が結集した。(M

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