Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let’s stop it! – More than 20,000 gathered anti-War Bill rally

The site for the “Down with the unconstitutional War Bill! Don’t force it!” rally, the Hibiya Open-air Concert Hall in central Tokyo, was flooded with people on July 14, 2015. It finally became impossible to enter the hall. The number of the participants in the rally exceeded 20,000, and their anger against the wrongdoing of Japan’s major party, the Liberal Democratic, reached the boiling point. SATO Manabu, a scholar and guest speaker, said, “The percentage of civilian victims was 19% during World War I. It jumped to 48% during World War II and even 85% during the Gulf War, and children are the biggest casualty. 200,000 children lose their lives every year. How can it be possible to send Japanese youths to such killing fields? The War Bill has to be scrapped”. EDANO Yukio, the secretary general of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, expressed his party’s determination, “We are responsible for handing over the war-free society to our next generation, which we have kept for 70 years”. (M)



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