Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Head of education board should not control education

As the education board began allowing its leader to control education, it became possible for the Tokyo governor to convene a comprehensive board of education. The first meeting was held at the Metropolitan Government building on June 25th.
 I have never seen the security so tight. All of the government staff was uptight. After checking in at the reception, the observers guarded by the government staff moved to 42th floor. After our baggage was checked, we waited at the lobby. Finally we were led to a meeting room at 13:30.
 We were made to wait for an hour to an hour and a half to observe one-hour meeting. It was a farce (I felt nothing but so). At first, Tokyo Governor Masuzoe, introduced by a school superintendent Nakai, made a speech. “I want to teach students about a risk of child-bearing later in the age and other such issues on the rise in an aging society where a birthrate is declining,” he said. Former school superintendent Kimura explained next what the Tokyo education board had worked on. He complemented the governor by saying, “all of key issues, which the governor showed us, were very important.”
Report (memo on observing metropolitan education board by NEZU Kimiko) 


 首 長が教育を支配する教育委員会制度に変わったのを受けて、知事は教育総合会議を招集することができるようになった。その1回目が東京都庁で開催された。こ れまでに見たことのない厳重な警備態勢。職員は皆、ピリピリ。傍聴受付は12:00から12:30に25階で。12:50、傍聴者は10人ずつ職員にガー ドされて42階へ。そこで手荷物監査をされ、控室で待機。13:30、やっと会場に誘導された。1時間の会議を傍聴するために、1時間から1時間半も待た されたのだった。会議は茶番だった(としか、私には感じられなかった)。中井教育長の司会で、まずは、舛添知事のあいさつ。「少子高齢化社会の下、高齢出 産の危険などについて教育の中で教えていきたい」などと言った。次に、木村元教育委員長が都教委が取り組んできたことについて説明。「知事がお示しくだ さった重点事項は大事なことばかり」と、よいしょ(?)した。(根津公子の都教委傍聴記) 

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