Sunday, July 5, 2015

30 thousand surround the Diet: “End the Diet session now! Abe, resign now!”

In the evening of June 24th, 30 thousand people surrounded the Diet to protest the ongoing discussion of proposed war legislation. The flow of masses to the Diet building could not be stopped. The sidewalks were packed with participants and intersections were blocked in many points. The regular Diet session was scheduled to close on the 24th, but the Abe administration extended the term by 95 days. Opposition to the legislative changes surged on June 4th, when experts on the constitution told the Lower House session on constitutional affairs that the security bills are unconstitutional. People are now confident that the bills can be scrapped. Labornet TV broadcast live from the sidewalk of the Diet Library. Some 10 people gave short speeches. Among them was writer SAWACHI Hisae, who urged people to gather at the next big action on July 18th. The struggle to stop transformation of Japan into “a nation that can wage a war” is at a crucial stage. (M)
国会に押し寄せる人の流れが止まらない。624日夜の「戦争法案反対!国会包囲行動」にはかつてない人々が集まり、3万人に達した。歩道は身動きがとれないほどで、交差点が随所で通行止めにされた。本来であればこの日は通常国会閉会の日。「いますぐ閉会!いますぐ退陣!」の大コールが議事堂を包んだ。64日の憲法審査会の参考人質疑から明らかに流れが変わった。人々は怒りとともに「必ずつぶせる」という自信にあふれているようだった。レイバーネットでは 「レイバーネットTV」を国会図書館脇で放送したが、3分スピーチには10人近くの人がアピールした。澤地久枝さんもやってきて「718日にみんなで声を上げよう」と訴えた。「戦争する国」を許さないたたかいは、いよいよ正念場を迎える。(M) 

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