Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Listen to Chinese workers! – Simultaneous action around the world against Uniqlo

Until several years ago, I never wore any clothes of Uniqlo, a major apparel chain in Japan, as I heard of its dismal working conditions behind its low price products. However, I have put on them recently without confirming that the problem has been solved. Their low price and quality were attractive, but I was wrong. It is said that seventy percent of Uniqlo products are produced at factories in China. It was reported that Uniqlo workers are exploited at one of them in Shenzhen. I decided to join a demonstration against the apparel chain at a Uniqlo store in the Ginza district, central Tokyo on July 15, 2015. There are many mannequins in the store window. The demonstrators including me protested with placards and delivered leaflets written in Japanese and Chinese to passersby. (KASAHARA Mayumi)



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