Thursday, July 30, 2015

World recognition of history; Japan should recognize as its own history—Film ‘John Rabe’ screening

“NHK has three taboos--the Emperor’s war responsibility, the comfort women issue and the Nanking Massacre,” IKEDA Eriko, former director of Japan Broadcasting Co. NHK and director of the Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace (WAM), said confidently. Ikeda was one of the promoters of the film “John Rabe; the Schindler of Nanking,” which was screened on July 20 in Tokyo.
 She continued to say, “It has been a while since all the descriptions of comfort women were deleted from junior high-school history textbooks. Ignoring these historical facts related to Japan’s wartime aggression has come to create such a war-monger administration. Japanese people should also learn the historical knowledge shared by the people around the world. With such a perspective, I want many people to see the film.”  Other promoters, including GOTO Michio, professor emeritus at Tsuru University, FUJITA Takakage, president of Association for Inheriting and Carrying Statement of Murayama, MATSUMOTO Kozo, president of All Japan Dockworkers’ Union and KIKUCHI Susumu, president of All Japan Construction and Transport Workers’ Union, attended the press conference on July 7, when each of them expressed his feelings about it. (By M)

世界の常識を日本の 常識に~映画『ジョン・ラーベ』大上映会記者会見

 「NHKの3大タブーは、天皇の戦争責任・慰安婦問題・南京大虐殺です」。そう断言するの は、元NHKディレクターで現在「女たちの戦争と平和資料館」館長の池田恵理子さん(写真)。池田さん は、7月20日の『ジョン・ラーベ~南京のシンドラー』大上映会の呼びかけ人の一人だ。池田さんは続け る。「中学の教科書でも慰安婦の記述がゼロになって久しい。こうした加害の事実に眼を向けてこなかっ たことが、いまの戦争推進政権を作りだしてしまった。世界中が知っている常識を日本人も知らなくては ダメ。この映画はその意味でも多くの人に観てほしい」と語った。7月7日の『ジョン・ラーベ』上映に向 けた記者会見には、他に後藤道夫(都留文科大学名誉教授)・藤田高景(村山談話を継承し発展させる 会)・松本耕三(全港湾委員長)・菊池進(全日建委員長)の各呼びかけ人も出席し、それぞれの思いを 述べた。また8日の「日刊ゲンダイ」は大きくこれを報じた。(M) 記事 動画(池田さんの発言 5分35秒)『ジョン・ラーベ』大上映会HP

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