Thursday, March 24, 2011

With big dismay we have heard from the disaster

The mail from LabourNet Germany:
Dear colleagues of the LaborNet Japan,
With big dismay we have heard from the disaster which has struck your country.
We do not know where you live and work, however, hope that it goes well to you, your families and friends.
If we can do something for you actually, let us know it?
Topically we would appeal for donations for non-profit or union groups. Do you have there any idea?
To you all the best and the best wishes from Germany

Mag Wompel
Ralf Pandorf
Helmut Weiss

Editorial Staff of the LabourNet Germany, Bochum
LabourNet Germany:
The meeting point for all left-wing trade unionists, both waged and unwaged

People are worrying about the serious damage caused by the radiation

The mail from Labornet Japan:
Dear Friends at LabourNet Germany

Thank you for your message of solidarity to the people in Japan suffering from the biggest earthquake in history of our country.

At this moment, the overall scope of the casualties is not known. It is said that the number of casualties exceeds 10,000. As the efforts of search proceed, more and more tragic traces of tsunami are revealed.

In addition to the damage caused by the tsunami, malfunction at nuclear reactors in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Sites (First and Second) has led to the worst situation of core melt. People are worrying about the serious damage caused by the radiation,

At this moment, we are trying to get contact with our families and friends who might be involved. We will organize relief campaigh to support the victims.

We appreciate your offer for donations. We will distribute it to the victims through our network, for sure. The details are not decided yet.

We will pass your message to our supporters all over the country.

Thank you again.

Workers of the world, Unite!

14 March 2011
Labornet Japan
International Department
Masahito Takahei

* Photos upper:Kesennuma City on 12 March ( from Asahi Shinbun) lower:Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant taken by GeoEye from the New York Times

 大地震によって現在1万人を超える死者が予想されていますが、まだ被害の規模は分りません。時がたてばたつほど被害の規模が大きくなっているのが現状です。そして、海岸部での津波が最大の被害をもたらしましたが、同時に2か所の原発の事故も炉心溶融という最悪の事態に至り、今後さらに深刻な被害が予想され、国民は恐怖に包まれています。 私たちは家族友人の安否確認から、今犠牲者の救援に最大限力をつくそうとしてます。

レイバーネット日本 国際部 高幣真公

We have a right to learn! Gathering held to demand free tuition program be immediately applied to Korean schools in Japan

A “meeting to demand free tuition program be immediately applied to Korean schools in Japan” was held at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo on February 26, 2011, joined by 1,500 participants. Currently, the application of the “free tuition program for high school” to Korean schools has been “frozen”. Korean school students cannot hold their anger and sadness any longer. Here are voices from Korean high school students. “At first, I thought the free tuition program would be applied to us. But it hasn’t, and I am angry with this situation” (1st year of high school). “I’m frustrated. I wonder why we cannot have the program without joining a demonstration” (2nd year of high school). “I come to this meeting as I think a right to learn is not supposed to be violated in any case” (2nd year of high school). The organizer of the gathering expressed his determination, “We will organize meetings and marches as many times as needed until the free tuition program is applied to Korean schools”. (Yumoto Masanori) Video (UnionTube), “Messages from students in the 3rd year of high school” (YouTube)

 2月26日、「朝鮮学校への『無償化』即時適用をもとめる大集会」が東京・代々木公園で開催され、1500人が集まった。現在、朝鮮学校への「高校無償化」適用手続きは「凍結」されている。卒業式を目前にして高校生の怒りと悲しみは、もう限界である。以下は、集会場での高校生・大学生の声。「最初は無償化がされると思っていた。でも未だに実現しないのには腹が立つ」(高1)。「もういらいらします。なんでデモに参加しなければ無償化が実現しないのか。疑問です」(高2)。「学ぶ権利というのは、どんな場合でも侵害されてはいけないと思って、集会に来ました」(高2)。主催者は、集会の最後に「無償化が実現するまで、何度でも集会、デモに取り組む」と決意を表明した。(湯本雅典) 報告・動画(UnionTube)「朝鮮高校3年生からのメッセージ」(YouTube)

Suppression of action against US helipad construction at US Embassy – Spread to the world through images

Police officers suddenly arrested two demonstrators who joined the “Action in front of the United States Embassy against the US helipad construction at Takae, Okinawa” on February 20, 2011. This fact was known to the world through the Internet, not by the media. Images of police officers taking the demonstrators’ hair have been spread to the world and accessed by more than 14,000 viewers. An appeal against the unlawful arrest has been translated into English and French. Now, the lawlessness of the Japanese police and the level of “human rights and democracy” of the Japanese government are questioned. The organizer, Executive Committee of the Urgent Action, released a report about this issue, in which it appeals, “No matter how many police officers interfered with our action, no matter how arrogant the US Embassy was to us, we did whatever we could with our strong spirit and ideas. We would like you to read the whole report and watch all of the six videos!” * Photo: Logo of 2.20 Group to Save the Arrested

 2月20日の「高江にヘリパッドを造らせるな!アメリカ大使館前行動」で、突然警官隊が2名を逮捕する事件が起きた。マスコミは伝えなかったが、ネットがいち早く事実を伝えた。髪の毛をわしづかみにして連行する警察官の映像は世界を駆け巡り、ユーチューブのアクセスは1万4千を超えている。また不当逮捕抗議のアピール文も英語・仏語に翻訳された。いま警察の無法ぶりと日本政府の「人権と民主主義のレベル」が問われているのである。主催者の「緊急アクション実行委」は、この問題に関する報告文を発表。その中で「どれだけたくさんの警察がジャマしてきても、大使館が横暴なことをしても、ガッツとアイデアではねかえしながら、ありとあらゆることをしました。ぜひ、この報告文と6つの映像を最後まで見てみてください!」と呼びかけている。  *写真=2・20救援会のロゴ

100 demonstrators against Toyota Tokyo HQ in support of Philippine Toyota Union

In the warm spring-like evening of February 24, 2001, approximately 100 members of a group to support the Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA) demanding the reinstatement of 232 TMPCWA members held a protest rally against Toyota Motor Co. in front of its Tokyo Headquarters in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Hayakawa Hiroshi, Secretary General of the Kanto Regional Section, All Japan Shipbuilding and Engineering Union, strongly appealed, “Toyota ignored the ILO (International Labor Organization) delegates’ recommendation for an early settlement of the dispute, which was issued in 2009, and even dismissed four union leaders in August 2010. In addition, Toyota has continuously and stubbornly refused to negotiate with the union for the settlement despite an instruction from the Philippines’ Ministry of Labor and Employment. The 10-year struggle of the union members in the Philippines and worldwide support for them will never forgive the arrogance of Toyota. We demand Toyota strive for an early settlement of the dispute”. (Reported by TM) * Photo: Hayakawa Hiroshi, Secretary General of the Kanto Regional Section, All Japan Shipbuilding and Engineering Union

 早春を感じさせる暖かい2月24日夕刻、東京千代田区のトヨタ東京本社前にフィリピントヨタ社での組合員232名の解雇撤回を求めるフィリピントヨタ労組(TMPCWA)を支援する会・東京総行動の一行、約100名がトヨタ社に対して抗議集会を開いた。挨拶に立った全造船関東地協早川寛事務局長は、「トヨタは一昨年のILOの高位使節団の早期解決勧告を無視し、さらに昨年8月4名の組合幹部を解雇した。また、フィリピン政府の労働雇用省からも解決の指導を受けているにもかかわらず、トヨタ社は解決に向けた交渉を頑迷に拒否し続けている。現地組合員の10年にわたる闘いと世界的な支援の広がりは決してこのトヨタ社の横暴を許さない。早急に解決に努力することを要求する」と激しく訴えた。(報道部TM) *写真=トヨタ東京本社前の抗議集会で報告する早川寛関東地協事務局長)

Schools becoming the world of “Modern Times” – LaborNet TV “Special Program on Education”

On February 24, 2011, the first special program of “LaborNet TV” was broadcast for approximately 80 minutes with the title, “Too oppressive to breathe! What’s going on at schools in Tokyo now”. Teachers are nearly “suffocated” at schools in Tokyo under the governor Ishihara administration due to the coercion of the controversial “Hinomaru” Japanese national flag and “Kimigayo” national anthem, while freedom is suppressed. In the program, five teachers revealed the bare truth about what is happening at schools in Tokyo. A system to control teachers with PCs, called “Times”, is abnormal enough to astonish viewers, who said, “It’s the same as what is depicted in Charles Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’”. Tsuchiya Tokachi, caster, angrily said, “The system named ‘Times’ is disgusting. Why is it necessary to apply private sector’s methods to the public education sector unnecessarily?” Tsujitani Hiroko, a school teacher in Osaka, introduced what the governor Hashimoto’s administration is doing in the prefecture in pursuit of the practice in Tokyo, and the teachers’ resistance to the move, and appealed, “Start with raising your voice and working in solidarity”. * Archive viewing * Photo: Teachers talking about reality of schools (Left: Katayama Kaoru, facilitator)

 2月24日、「レイバーネットTV」初の特番「窒息寸前!学校現場・東京なう」が、約80分にわたり放送された。石原都政下の学校は、「日の丸・君が代」強制で教員がものが言えなくなり、自由が消滅し「窒息寸前」の状態にある。番組では、5人の教員が登場し赤裸々にその実態を語った。とくに「タイムス」と呼ばれるPCによる教員管理システムの異常さに、「チャップリンの映画『モダンタイムス』と同じ」と驚きの声がギャラリーから上がった。土屋トカチキャスターは「タイムスは気持ち悪い。民間企業のやり方を教育の場でやっていいのか」と怒りのコメント。また大阪の教員・辻谷博子さんは、「東京」を後追いする橋下府政の実態と抵抗を紹介し「まず声を出すこと、つながることから始めよう」と呼びかけた。 ・アーカイブ視聴  *写真=学校の実態を語る教員たち(左=司会の片山薫さん)

Inamori’s remarks are unacceptable! Protest at JAL HQ for direct talks

At 3 PM of February 22, 2011, many union members and their supporters gathered in front of the headquarters of Japan Airlines at the Tennozu Isle District in Tokyo. Members of the JAL Cabin Crew Union uniformly carried a sash saying, “Withdraw the unlawful dismissal”, and wore an orange-colored scarf. The anger of the dismissed reached the boiling point due to JAL Chairperson Inamori’s remarks on February 8, “It was unnecessary to fire them for the purposes of reorganization”. Several dozens of plaintiffs tried to enter the JAL building to hand their request to the chairperson but were refused by guards and staffs of the airline. The refusal to enter caused heated exchanges between the union members and the JAL employees at the entrance to the building. The plaintiffs chanted, “Withdraw the unlawful dismissal” and “Inamori, show yourself!” (Photo) (M) Video (UnionTube) * Webpage of National Support and Joint Struggle Congress for the Withdrawal of Dismissal at JAL

稲盛発言は許せない!~直接対話を求めて JAL本社入口で抗議
 2月22日午後3時、東京・天王洲アイルのJAL本社前は組合旗がたなびき、多くの当該・支援者が集まった。日航キャビンクルーユニオンメンバーは、お揃いの「沈まぬ太陽」オレンジスカーフに「無法解雇を撤回せよ」のたすき掛け。気合いが入っている。2月8日の「整理解雇は不要だった」という稲盛発言で、解雇された当該の人達の怒りはピークに達していた。原告団メンバー数十人は、稲盛会長に要請書を手渡そうと、ビルに入ろうとしたが、警備員とJAL社員は入場を拒んだ。そのため入口で、約40分にわたり激しいやりとりが続いた。原告メンバーは「整理解雇を撤回せよ」「稲盛は出てこい」のシュプレヒコールをあげた(写真)。(M) 動画(UnionTube)  ・支援共闘会議HP