Friday, July 29, 2011

‘We Are in Limbo; We Can’t Move Forward:’ Evacuees of Nuke Plant Disaster from Futaba

“I’m single and moved here alone,” a woman in her 50s said. “I have been opposed to the nuclear power plant. People have treated me like I was a weirdo ever since I spoke up.” The evacuee from Futaba doesn’t think that TEPCO workers make any sense. She has no choice but to stay at the evacuation center set up at former Kisai High School in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture, because the nuclear plant shows no sign of settling any time soon and the radiation continues to spread.
“I have no idea how much we will be paid for compensation. That’s why I can’t begin to look for an apartment near here,” she added. More than 50 days have passed, but she can’t yet make any decision as to whether she can even look for a job or rent an apartment.
“We are in limbo; we can’t move forward,” she said. “People in Kazo City are even offering some farmland, but it takes time to get a feel for the new soil and new land before we can grow anything.” By Yumi Eto *Photo: Actor Toshiyuki Nishida, a native of Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, encourages evacuees.

「独身で、ひとりでここに移ってきたの。ずっと原発には反対だった。でもそれを口にしたら変わり者扱いされて。東電で働いてきた人たちの言うことはおかしいよ。ここには仕方なくいる。福島に戻っても放射能、消えないでしょ。この近くにアパートかりるって言ったって、補償が出るかどうかもわからないし。仕事もしないで、何もしてないように見えるでしょ。でも、どこまで補償が出るかが決まらないから、家を借りていいのか仕事を見つけていいのかわからない。宙ぶらりんのままでは前に進めないのよ。加須市では畑を貸すよと言ってくれる人もいるようだけど、土地のクセがわかるまでには時間がかかるしね」。埼玉・加須市の旧騎西(きさい)高校での集団避難生活も、五十日を迎えました。四月から五月にかけてのレポートです。(江東拓美)  *写真=激励にきた郡山出身の西田敏行さん

Labornet TV ‘Nuclear Plant Disaster and Media Reports - Censorship Manifested

Journalist Takashi Uesugi spoke live on Labornet TV on July 7 of the intention of the government, TEPCO and media companies to conceal and control information at the time of nuclear power plant explosion and radiation contamination.
Uesugi explained on air how independent journalists pursued their right to know at TEPCO press conferences ever since March 11 and eventually led the company to talk especially by broadcasting the press conferences live. With their effort, he said that viewers learned how truth can be concealed or revealed.
Chikako Nishiyama, a town council woman from Kawachi, Fukushima Prefecture, spoke also on Labornet TV of how she was exposed to radiation because she didn’t have enough information on how to respond to nuclear plant explosion.
“I was exposed to radiation because I couldn’t get any information from mainstream media reports or the local government,” Nishiyama said. “I finally found useful information on the internet whereby I was able to decide what’s best to do at the time. I can’t imagine a life without internet any more.” The total viewers of July 7 program on Labornet TV reached 2,400. By M. See archive (94 min).

レイバーネットTV「原発震災とメディア」- 情報統制の実態明らかに
7月7日(木)午後8時~9時30分に、レイバーネットTV第16回放送が行われた。特集は「原発震災とメディア」でゲストは、ジャーナリストの上杉隆さんと福島原発地元の村議・西山千嘉子さんだった(写真)。話は3/11の震災発生直後から原子炉爆発・放射能拡散のもっとも危険な時期に行われた「政府・東電・マスコミ」の「情報隠し・統制」の実態が、上杉さんから生々しく語られた。ネットメディアの人たちが東電記者会見に連日泊り込んで追及し、穴を開けていったこと。またユーストで会見のすべてを流したことで、マスコミ報道の裏側を視聴者が見抜くことになったことなど、上杉さんは静かな口調だが怒りをこめて語った。西山さんは「報道と役場からは何も知ることなく被曝してしまった。その後ネットを知り、初めて判断材料を得ることができた。もうネットなしの生活はありえない」と。内容は大変充実したものになり、生放送の視聴数も2400に達した。(M) ・視聴ページ(アーカイブ94分)

Support Aji-no-Kurahachi, Workers’ Struggle by Dining

Workers at a Japanese style bar “Aji-no-Kurahachi” joined a Freeta Union after their employer failed to pay their wages and they were stranded for money. They began running the business, located in western Tokyo, on their own in March.
The members were left with just enough money for commuting to work in February.
“We finally feel like we saved our sinking boat to reach a harbor,” Seiji Ishizaki, a union branch representative, said.
We ask you to support their struggle and their business by dining at their bar. Just think that you are saving the boat by scooping a bucket of water out of it. We would appreciate your continuing support to those who have not given up and to one of the many struggles caused by bankruptcies and unpaid wages. By Naoko Shimizu. Photo: Menu at Aji-no-Kurahachi

東京・西武池袋線ひばりヶ丘北口前の飲食店3店舗(味の蔵八、やんちゃ寿司、もっこり山)で、給与未払いにより生活困窮した労働者がフリーター全般労働組合に加入し、職場を確保するために争議行動の一環として今年3月から自主運営を行っています。今年2月に、当該組合員が、手元に交通費しかない状態まで追い詰められ、労組事務所に相談にきてから4ヶ月。分会代表の石崎誠治さんは、「難破船をようやく港につないだ気持ち」と言っています。担当チームの仲間も同じ思いです。共に舟にロープを1本かけるような、水をひとかきくみ出すようなご支援をいただければ幸いです。今後いっそう増加する倒産、給料の未払いに泣き寝入りしない争議としてぜひご注目・ご支援ください。(清水直子) *写真=「味の蔵八」のメニュー

20,000 Attend Anti-Nuclear Plant Rally Held by Zenroren

Some 20,000 people participated in “A Rally to Call for Zero Nuclear Plant” on July 2. The rally held in Tokyo’s Meiji Park was called for by Ikuro Anzai, Tetsuya Iida, Etsuko Ichihara, Toshie Negishi, Shuntaro Hida, Reiko Yukawa, as well as Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga. More than 70 farmers from Japan Family Farmers Movement “Nominren” of Fukushima Prefecture joined and called for support. Japan Communist Party Chairman Kazuo Shii addressed to the rally before the message from Social Democratic Party of Japan Chair Mizuho Fukushima was read out. We hope that the politicians and the people of Japan would join hands in the anti-nuclear plant movement beyond their political boundaries and ideologies. By K. See UStream video by JCJ.


Can Court Order People to Leave for Bringing in Mobile Phones?

Judge Tawada at Tokyo District Court opened a hearing for Shoji Otaka’s case by announcing that he would order people to leave the courtroom if they made any irregular statement or laughed. The five seats allocated for reporters remained unoccupied on July 1.
“The court order to leave the courtroom does not involve general public; therefore, it should not be treated as obstruction of public duties even if I, Shoji Otaka, ignored the order,” Otaka insisted. “It does not make sense to order me not to bring a mobile phone with a camera when others are permitted. I resisted because a bunch of court guards dragged me out after the court ordered me to leave. I had no mobile phones but I had no time to speak in defense.” Otaka continued to say that his human right was violated by the court by confining him for an extended period because the court feared that he would inform the public of what the court really does. The hearing ended up proving a platform for Otaka to reveal the court’s false accusation. By Johnny H. Illustration: July 1 Hearing

7月1日午後、東京地裁429号法廷で「裁判所前の男・大高さんの裁判」の本人尋問が行われた。多和田裁判長は「不規則発言だけでなく、笑った場合も退廷させる」と傍聴人達に脅しをかけてのスタートだった。また謎の「報道記者席5席」は空席にままだった。大高さんの一環した主張は以下の通り。「裁判所の管理規定による退去命令は一般市民に関わる法律ではないから、一般市民である私(大高さん)が抵抗しても公務執行妨害にはならない」「他の人に許されているカメラ付き携帯電話の持込を私だけに禁止するのはおかしい。しかも知人に預けてしまっていて、携帯電話を持っていない私に対して有無を言わせず、裁判所からの退去命令を出し、大勢の裁判所職員に引きずり出されたので抵抗した」「裁判所の実態を世間に公表されると都合が悪いという理由で、私を長期間拘留していることは人権侵害だ」。公判は大高さんの独壇場で、裁判所の虚偽をあばく場となった。(ジョニーH)  *イラスト=7/1の法廷

Monday, July 11, 2011

Power Industry Union sticks to pro-nukes position; Dismisses concerns of citizens’ group

About 40 members of the Emergency Action on the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis visited the Tokyo Electrical Power Company (TEPCO) Workers Union and the Federation of Electric Power Industry Related Workers Union of Japan (Denryoku-soren) on June 29 to ask the Union and Federation to stop promoting nuclear power plants and to support workers exposed to radiation. The TEPCO Workers Union refused to meet the citizens group. Denryoku-soren set three conditions for the meeting; 1, six members only; 2, no coverage by mass media; 3, no photos and no recording. The visiting group was welcomed by 10 union staff members who guarded the entrance and the reception by Uchida Atsushi, Secretary General of the Union was high-handed. “There is no feasible cheap and stable alternative energy that can replace nuclear power,” Uchida said. “We have to concentrate on settling the crisis at Fukushima now. As for the future of nuclear energy, we are observing the government’s decisions closely.” He disclaimed his responsibility for the accident and refused to change the union’s position of promoting nuclear energy. He seemed displeased with the request from the group and abruptly ended the meeting saying, “We are not a social organization and not in a position receive such a request. Don’t come again.” (M)
Photo: MATSUMOTO Chie, confronted by union staff, asks for interview.

「福島原発事故緊急会議」プロジェクトのメンバー約40名が、6月29日、東京田町にある東電労組・電力総連に対して「原発推進方針の撤回・被曝労働者の支援」などを求める要請行動を行なった。東電労組は門前払いで一切対応を拒否した。電力総連は、「代表6名にしぼること、マスコミの取材拒否、カメラ・録音は不可」という条件を付けてきた。建物入り口を10人弱の職員がガードする異常な対応で、話し合いも内田事務局長の高飛車な態度が目立った。内田氏は「原発に代わる安価で安定したエネルギーで、説得力のある話はない。とにかく今は事故の収束が第一。あとは政府の判断を注視する」と述べ、自らの主体的責任は放棄し、原発推進の姿勢は変わらなかった。また申入れされたことが極めて不愉快な様子で、「私たちは社会的団体ではない。申入れを受ける立場ではない。もう来ないでほしい」と最後は一方的に席を立ってしまった。(М)  *写真=職員のバリケードに抗議し取材許可を求める松元ちえさん(手前)

Cries for No Nukes prevail as 9,200 gather at TEPCO stockholders meeting

A general meeting of Stockholders of TEPCO was held on June 28 at the Park Tower Tokyo Hotel in Shiba-kouen, Tokyo. The meeting started at 10am, but the vicinity was crowded from 9am with queueing stockholders, news reporters, and security guards. A record high of 9,200 stockholders attended the meeting; the utility company had to prepare four more meeting rooms to accommodate them. Many stockholders raised their voices to ask each director to take responsibility for the nuclear accident. Insincere answers from the directors were greeted with roars of anger. 402 stockholders put forward a motion to abandon nuclear power which was well received from the floor, with an overwhelming cry of “No Nukes!” when the motion was voted. The chair, Katsumata, ruled that the motion failed, stating that he had letters of attorney from two major stockholders. The exceptionally long meeting -- well over 6 hours -- made clear that support for “no nukes” was spreading among the general investors. (M)
Ustream: Appeal action from Fukushima by MATSUMOTO ChiePhoto: Greenpeace at the meeting of stockholders

6月28日午前10時より、東京・芝公園のパークタワー東京ホテルで、東京電力株主総会が開かれた。公園周辺は、9時すぎから株主の行列と多数のメディアの取材、警備などでごったがえした。過去最高の9200人の株主が入場したため、メイン会場(3000人)以外に4つの会場が用意された。総会では、取締役一人ひとりに事故の責任を問う発言がつづき、不誠実な会社答弁に対しては、しばしば怒号が起きた。402名の株主から提案された「原発からの撤退」(定款変更)は、一般株主の反応は非常によく採決時も「脱原発」の声が会場を圧倒したものの、勝俣議長は大株主2通の委任状を盾に否決した。6時間をこえる異例の東電株主総会は、一般投資家の中に「脱原発」が広がっていることをはっきりと示した。(M) 報告(松元ちえ)・福島からのアピール行動(ユースト録画)  *写真=会場前で「最悪の汚染企業TEPCO」と訴えるグリーンピース

TEPCO should pay- for the disaster! 1000 march in rain at Fukushima

A meeting of the Fukushima Action Seikatsu Mura (Living Village) and a rally called a “Handkerchief Parade” was held in Fukushima city on June 26. In the morning 500 participants met to gather information and talk about their anxieties. It was a great success. From 1:30 pm, a rally was held in front of the Prefectural government office, succeeded by the handkerchief parade. 1000 people from throughout and Fukushima Prefecture and other prefectures gathered in spite of the heavy rain. The organizer of the rally, SASAKI Keiko said, “The responsibility of the Governor, SATO Yuhei, is heavy. So, it’s important to raise our voices in front of the Prefectural Government office.” AOKI Kazumasa from the Group Concerned about the Decrepit Fukushima Power Plant said, “ We are going to Tokyo on June 30 to talk directly with the Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters and ask the government for concrete measures to promote evacuation.” (YUMOTO Masanori)
You Tube:

6月26日、福島市内で福島アクション・生活村とハンカチパレードが開かれた。生活村は、午前10時から12時30分までAOZ(MAXふくしま4階)で開かれ500名以上が参加し、今抱えている不安を相談したり、情報を得たりすることができる場として大いに盛り上がった。午後は、13時30分から福島県庁前で集会とハンカチパレードが開催された(写真)。大雨の中でも、県内外から1000人が参加した。主催者の佐々木慶子さんは、「佐藤雄平県知事の責任は重大。県庁前で声をあげることは大きな意味がある」と発言、また「福島老朽原発を考える会」の青木一政さんは、「6月30日には東京で災害対策本部と直接交渉を行い、政府に避難促進策について具体的な措置を求めたい」と語った。(湯本雅典) ・動画(YouTube)

1000 people gather to demand free tuition for North Korean high schools

On June 23, a meeting to demand free tuition of North Korean high schools was held at Toshima-kokaido in Tokyo, drawing 1000 people. In April last year, tuition in public and private high schools was made free by the introduction of a “high school enrollment support fund” intended to provide better educational opportunities for high school students. North Korean High schools were the only schools excluded from the scheme. The government explains that the reason for the exclusion is the military conflict in the Korean Peninsula. But this explanation is in contradiction with the Ministry of Education’s policy of keeping foreign policy issues and educational policy separate- Speaking on behalf of the sponsor of the meeting, HASEGAWA Kazuo reported - that he has submitted 11 thousand signatures demanding free tuition to the Ministry of Education and called for the immediate application of free tuition to North Korean high schools. (OZAWA Kuniko)


Support for No Nukes builds among Labor; Zenrokyo sets up No Nukes Project

The left union network, Zenrokyo announced in its FAX bulletin of June 20 that it had set up a No Nukes Project to tackle the issue head-on. Zenroren, the Japan Communist Party aligned labor federation, has already made clear its No Nukes position, so the tide for No Nukes is spreading in the labor movement. The following is from the Zenrokyo Fax Bulletin. “Zenrokyo has decided at its Standing Committee to strengthen our activities for No Nukes, regarding the situation of the nuclear accident at Fukushima after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11. The Zenrokyo No Nukes Project was set up on June 16. We are going to hold seminars and symposia on the issue and attend No Nukes rallies.” Photo: Zenrokyo banners at the The Million People’s Action on No Nukes, June 11

全労協は6月20日付のFAX情報で「脱原発プロジェクト」を設置したことを発表し、本格的に運動に取り組むことを明らかにした。全労連も脱原発方針を明確にしており、労働界での脱原発の流れが広がってきた。以下、全労協FAX情報より。「3月11日の東日本大震災で事故を起こした東京電力福島原発の事故の実態や状況から、全労協はこれまで進めてきた反原発の闘いをより具体的に取り組むことを常任幹事会で決定しました。そのため6月16日に『全労協 脱原発プロジェクト』を発足させました。また取り組み内容も原発問題を中心に反原発集会の参加や学習会やシンポジウムなどの企画も準備して行くことを確認しました」 *写真=全労協の隊列(6.11デモ)

Friday, July 1, 2011

No Nukes Action Beats ~ Angry Youths Gather at Shinjuku

The Million People’s Action on No Nukes took place across Japan on June 11. Some 6,000 people gathered at Shiba Park with some labor unions and A-bomb survivors group while 1,500 people including the environmental groups at Yoyogi Park. Thousands of people who gathered in Shinjuku walked through the entertainment district with loud music blasting. When the march ended at Shinjuku Station, people began to form crowds at 6 p.m. Police tried to interrupt the event by dividing the crowd, but there were so many people that it finally became free space. A Fukushima citizen came up to tell hardships of life under radiation, and a French parliamentarian of the European Union sent a solidarity message during the rally. Musicians also continued to play Anti-Nuke songs and expressed anger. Hajime Matsumoto from Shiroto-no-ran (Ran of ordinary people) marked the end of the rally by saying, “We had 20,000 people out on the street today. With this power and energy, we will stop all nuclear power plants. We can definitely do that.” (By M) See 9-min video (Bilingual version on You Tube), Photo news (Shinjuku), Photos (Shiba Park, New York), Live Broadcast Site, Reports (Osaka, , New York), Video of Shinjuku (Our Planet-TV)

6月11日「脱原発100万人アクション」が全国各地で開催された。東京では、芝公園(原水禁・労組など)に6000人、環境団体が中心になった代々木公園には1500人集まった。新宿コースは若者による数千人規模のサウンドデモで繁華街を練り歩いた。午後6時、デモ解散地である新宿駅東口アルタ前には、デモを終えた人々が続々と集まってきた。警察官がロープを張って妨害しようとしたが、人の波が圧倒しアルタ前は文字通り「解放区」となった。マイクアピールでは、放射能汚染に苦しむ福島県民の訴えや、ヨーロッパからの連帯表明、怒りの反原発ライブなどが続いた。最後に「素人の乱」の松本哉さんがマイクを握った。「きょうは2万人が集まった。このパワーで原発をやめさせよう。きっとできる」と訴えると、地鳴りのような拍手と歓声が起きた。(M) 動画9分(YouTube・国際版) ・写真速報(新宿)  ・写真(芝公園)  ・完全ライブ中継サイト  ・報告(大阪)  ・報告(ニューヨーク)  ・新宿動画(OurPlanet-TV) 

We do not Allow Business Closure, Dismissal of ‘Hotel 101 Inn’

Workers at Hotel 101 Inn in eastern Tokyo formed a union under The National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu on May 23 to demand that the company annul dismissals due to business closure and make unpaid wages.
The company decided to close the business without consulting its workers and dismissed them without considering their lives or the right to live. Workers then decided on May 31 to run the hotel business on their own to demand their jobs back as well as protecting their workplace. The union calls for solidarity from the fellow brothers and sisters while they continue working at the hotel, where union flags are raised and fliers are distributed to inform clients about their struggle.(NUGW Tokyo Tobu)


Say No to Police Intervention of Internet ~ Danger of Computer Monitoring Bill

Computer monitoring bill is about to be forcibly passed amidst earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plants disasters. This dangerous bill would allow police or court to monitor communication history on anyone’s internet without a warrant. It would deprive us of free exchange of information via internet and lead to restriction of expression. The upper house passed the bill only within a few hours of discussion at the end of May, and the upper house was to start discussion on June 7 to vote on it. The parliament aims to quickly pass and establish the legislation. We need to inform the public of its danger and raise our voices. (By M) View HP, photo of a panel discussion on May 9. ※The bill passed the upper house on June 17 and is to be enacted in July.

「コンピュータ監視法」が「原発震災」のドサクサの中で、強行成立させられようとしている。これは危ない。この法律が通れば、警察が裁判所の令状なしに「通信履歴」の監視ができるようになる。自由なネット環境が奪われ、言論弾圧につながるものだ。先月末に数時間の審議で衆議院採決が強行され、6月7日から参議院で審議に入るが、早期の通過・成立が狙われている。今必要なことは、多くの人にこの法律の危険性を知らせ、反対の声を上げること。「盗聴法に反対する市民連絡会」は国会議員への働きかけと6/9院内集会への参加を呼びかけている。院内集会では、レイバーネット共同代表の安田幸弘氏も発言する。(M) ・市民連絡会HP *写真=コンピュータ監視法を考えるシンポジウム(5/9)

Osaka Prefectural Assembly Passes ‘Kimigayo’ Ordinance

Osaka Prefectural Assembly passed the “Kimigayo” ordinance, and it was enacted on June 3. The ordinance is to demand teachers of prefectural schools stand for the national anthem, known as Kimigayo. A citizens’ group released a protest letter to the local government, which said the reprimanding teachers who refuse to stand for and sing the national anthem, as well as threatening them by it, obstruct children’s right to know a diverse sense of value in society and people’s right to form their own personality. Treating teachers who refuse to stand up for the national anthem and reprimanding them would also hurt children. They would end up not making their own decisions and learning not to protest authorities without respecting their own ideas. The group announced that it would expand the protest action. Photo: rally held on May 26.

6月3日午後7時32分、大阪府議会本会議において「君が代」条例が可決・成立した。「日の丸・君が代」強制反対ホットライン大阪は、この暴挙に対してただちに抗議声明を発表した。声明では「教職員に対して罰則と恫喝によって起立・斉唱を強制することは、子どもたちが社会には多様な価値観が存在することを知り、自己の人格を自由に形成すること阻害します。また、不起立の教職員に対する“犯罪者”的な扱いと“処罰”は、子どもたちの心を傷つけ、事がらが正しいのか誤っているのかの判断を行わず、意に反してでも権力者に逆らわない子どもたちを育てることにつながります」と強調し、この違憲条例に対する反対運動を広げていくことを明らかにした。 *写真=5/26の緊急反対集会

Reporting on Workers Exposed to Radiation: Photojournalist Kenji Higuchi

“TEPCO is a liar,” Kenji Higuchi said live on Labornet TV on June 2. Higuchi is a photojournalist who reported on workers at nuclear power plants across Japan for more than 30 years. He delivered a powerful speech and stories about workers of subcontractors who were disposed of like old rags after being exposed to a large amount of radiation. Higuchi express anger toward electric companies, which never seemed to treat such workers as humans. His stories revealed that Tokyo Electric Power Company forced inhumane work under a few hundred mSv that is detrimental to human health. This is an ordinary work environment without any nuclear plants disaster. He also pointed out that TEPCO labor unions have had interest only to protect full-time TEPCO employees. An attempt to unionize temp workers in the past have also shed light to the importance of workers raising their voices. View archive (90 min). Photo: Kenji Higuchi (center)

隠された被ばく労働を追って~樋口健二さん レイバーネットTVで熱く語る
「東電は嘘つきだ」、レイバーネットTVで樋口健二さんは吠えた。6月2日のレイバーネットTV第14回放送は、原発労働者を30年以上追い続けてきたフォトジャーナリスト・樋口健二さんがゲスト。大量の放射能を浴びて雑巾のように捨てられていった下請け・孫請けの労働者への暖かいまなざしと、一方それをこき使った電力会社への怒りに満ちた発言で、スタジオを圧倒した。事故がなくても数百ミリシーベルトに及ぶ死の労働を下請け・孫請けに押しつけて成り立つ原発の非人道性が浮き彫りになった。また、正社員の労働組合が「自己保身」でしかなかったなかで、下請けの労働者たちが組合をつくった歴史が語られ、働く者が声を上げることの大事さが強調された。アーカイブでご覧ください。 アーカイブ視聴(90分) *写真=樋口健二さん(中央)