Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vigil held in front of the Diet to stop the revision of the three point principle on arms export

In the evening of November 30, 60 people from citizen’s groups gathered in front of the Diet and held a candlelight vigil to protest the New Basic Defense Program and the revision of the three point principle on arms export carried out by the DPJ. The Party Head of SDP, Fukushima attended the action. The representative of the No Campaign to the Nuclear Missile Defense spoke to the attendants; ”The three point principle on arms export is a national credo. If the government wants to change it, they should ask the people. A section of the DPJ is carrying out the revision process unilaterally, but this is a violation of democracy and we are not letting it go. The US is using war robots and unmanned air crafts in Afghanistan and Japan will be forced to be an accomplice, if the principle is reviewed”. TAKADA Ken spoke at the end of the meeting; ”We have to let more people know of the facts. Let’s gather at the in-house meeting on December 7 to stop the cabinet decision on December 10”. (M)


Toyo Gas, stop keeping workers in debts! Protest actions to the President’s house and Nichi-gas

Toyo Gas Local of the National Union of General Workers, Tokyo Tobu organizes propane gas cylinder delivery workers at Toyo Gas, which is a subcontracting company of Nichi-gas Co. The workers have formed a union to stop the company from deducting truck lease and gasoline fees from their wages and keeping them in debts to the company. The company replied by refusing to give work to union members. To protest this unfair labor practice, the union members went to the house of the company president, SAKAYORI Tatsuo on November 20. On November 22, the union members went to the main office of Nichi-gas Co., hoping that the company might pressure Toyo Gas to stop the unfair labor practice. But the company closed its doors and stopped the elevators. The union members were furious at the company’s denial to meet them. (NUGW Tokyo Tobu)
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 ニチガスの協力会社「東陽ガス」における前時代的な「借金漬け労働」をなくすため、立ち上がった全国一般東京東部労組東陽ガス支部。これに対し会社は、組合員の一切の業務を取り上げるという「配信停止」という不当労働行為を行ってきました。このような露骨な不当労働行為に抗議するため、東陽ガス支部は11月20日、東陽ガス坂寄達夫社長宅への抗議申し入れ行動(写真)、22日には東陽ガスを指導することを求め、ニチガス本社(東京・八丁堀)への要請行動を行いました。ニチガスの対応はまったくの不誠実なものでした。協力会社の配送員が要請に来たにもかかわらず、エレベーターを止め、階段に通じるドアを施錠し、一切の対応を事実上拒否してきたのです。東陽ガス支部組合員の怒りは頂点に達しました。(東部労組) ・動画(UnionTube)

Suicide case of KIMURA Yuriko Her mother meets the Fund for the first time

On November 16, a news program on the Asahi TV network “Hodo Station” made a special 15 minutes program on the death of KIMURA Yuriko, who had started to work as a newly-hired teacher at an elementary school in Iwata City, Shiuzoka Prefecture and had to kill herself five month later.
Since the news was broadcasted nationwide, the Government and the Local Government Employees’ Accident Compensation Fund cannot ignore the harsh working conditions in public schools any more. On November 19, plaintiffs and their family members of Karoshi cases gathered in Tokyo and held negotiations with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and with Local Government Employees’ Accident Compensation Fund. KIMURA’s mother, KIMURA Kazuko, spoke to the Fund for the first time and strongly demanded “ to admit the case as an occupational accident and that will change the situation at schools”.(YUMOTO Masanori)
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 静岡県磐田市立の小学校に新規採用されたその年の9月に自ら命を絶った木村百合子さんの自死事件は、11月16日、報道ステーション(テレビ朝日系列)が15分の特集を組み、全国報道した。事件がメディアを通じて公になったことで、国も「地方公務員災害補償基金」も学校現場の劣悪な労働環境を無視できない状況が、生まれつつあると言える。こうしたなか、19日、全国の「過労死訴訟」を闘っている家族、原告が上京し、厚生労働省と「基金」への要請を一斉に行なった。木村百合子さんの母・和子さん(写真)も、初めて「基金」に対し直接要請を行い「公務災害を認めてほしい。公務災害が認められれば、学校は変わる」と強く訴えた。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube) 

Ginza hostess files a labor dispute determination case

A hostess working in a nightclub in Ginza filed a case to the labor dispute determination committee. She owed money to the club, because customers’ debts were deducted from her wages. She came to the Part-timer, Arbeiter, Freeter & Foreigner Worker Union for labor counseling and spoke up at a press interview; “I have been working for over six months, but most of my wages are taken as penalty and customers’debts”. The interview can be seen on the Union’s blog.
(SHIMIZU Naoko, Part-timer, Arbeiter, Freeter and Foreigner Worker Union)
Photo: Attorney NATSUME Ichiro and FUSE Eriko, Executive Committee Member of the Part-timer, Arbeiter, Freeter & Foreigner Worker Union at the Press Club of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on November 11.

 フリーター全般労働組合、自由と生存の家実行委員会などで活動している清水直子です。客の売掛金が給与から天引きされ、借金を背負わされている銀座のホステスが労働審判の申し立てをしました。記者会見の模様をフリーター全般労働組合組合員ブログ、YouTubeにアップしました。「罰金やお客の売掛金の返済で半年働いても給料はほとんどもらえず、300万のバンズ(前借り)があるためお店も辞められません・・・」。フリーター全般労働組合に相談に訪れた銀座で働くホステスのAさんは、こう訴えました。 つづき *写真=棗一郎弁護士と布施えり子執行委員(11月11日・厚労省記者クラブ)

Bovrisse testifies with anger on the Labornet TV

LaborNet TV No.5 was broadcasted on November 16. Rina Bovrisse from the Fashion Business Union appeared on its “The Labor Dispute” corner and gave a testimony on Prada Japan,where she worked as a sales manager before her dismissal. “Woman employees are being demoted on the grounds of ‘age, body shape, teeth alignment, hair style, looks and height’. One women worker with 15 years of service was suddenly demoted and transferred to an outlet shop in Gottanda, whose employees are mainly senior workers. Due to bad sales, employees are forced to buy Prada goods, making their livelihood even harder”. Bovrisse exposed the realities of sexual and power harassment rampant in the fashion industry and urged the worker to raise their voices.
Photo: Rina Bovrisse on the right and MATSUMOTO Chie, the caster, on the left
See Labornet TV Archives

「老けた 体型悪い 歯並び悪い」で降格異動!~里奈さん レイバーネットTVで怒りの証言
 11月16日、レイバーネットTV第5号が放送された。「ザ争議」のコーナーに登場したプラダを解雇された同社元部長・ボヴリース里奈さん(ファッション業界ユニオン)が怒りの証言をした。「女性というだけで、“老けた、体型が悪い、歯並びが悪い、髪型が気に入らない、顔がへん、背が高い”という理由で降格され、15年も勤めた人がある日突然、五反田のアウトレット店に異動される。そこは“うば捨て山”とも呼ばれていた。また不景気ということでプラダの商品を買わされ、社員の生活がますます苦しくなった」。里奈さんはファッション業界に蔓延するパワハラとセクハラの実態を語り、声をあげようと訴えた。そのほか各コーナーとも充実した内容の第5号放送となった。 ・アーカイブ視聴ページ  *写真右=ボヴリース里奈さん、左はキャスターの松元千枝さん

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

“Down with APEC!” Bravely protesting despite 21,000 policemen

The “No! APEC Yokohama People’s Forum” held a street appeal and a demonstration in Yokohama in the afternoon of November 13, 2010 against the summit. The rally began at a square in front of Sakuragicho Railway Station from 13:30 and the march started an hour later. Despite 21,000 policemen, approximately 500 demonstrators reached as close as possible to the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference) site, chanting such slogans as “Down with APEC!” and “Give the world back to the people” in any way they wanted. They completed the two-hour march bravely. (Y) Mkimpo Photo Gallery. AFP (Obama puppet to the world). Video (Kanagawa Shimbun)

 APECに反対して現地横浜で開催されている「いらない!APEC 横浜民衆フォーラム」が11月13日午後、街頭アピールとデモ行進を行なった。1時30分から桜木町駅前広場で集会を開催し、2時30分きっかりにデモに出発した。約500人の参加者は、「APECは失敗しろ!」「世界を民衆の手に取り戻せ」などと訴えながら、思い思いのパフォーマンスを繰り広げ、警備陣21000人の厳戒態勢に屈せず、会場の最短地点まで肉薄。約2時間の道のりを最後まで果敢に歩きとおした。(Y) ・ムキンポ写真館動画(神奈川新聞)

Don’t be disappointed: “Japan-Korea People’s Music Exchange Live” is held

On November 12, 2010, the “Japan-Korea People’s Music Exchange Live” was held at the Monnaka Tenjo Hall in downtown Tokyo. Two South Korean singers performing in labor events, Yeon Yeong-seok (photo) and Ji Min-ju, joined the live as guests. Performers from Japan included Johnny H, Nore no Kai singing group that has introduced many Korean labor songs, HOWS Singing Fellows and Ikuta Manji. Youngsok’s songs expressed weakness, pains and anger of workers, quietly moving the audience. On the other hand, Minju fascinated them with upbeat rhythm. In the finale, everyone sang a popular Korean labor song “Don’t Be Disappointed. You’re Not Alone. Always with Friends” for solidarity. The live was also joined by members of the “Korea Citizen Union”, who were in Japan to protest the headquarters of the watch manufacturer. The union members performed “yuldong” rhythmic dance. (M) Video (UnionTube)

 11月12日、東京・門仲天井ホールで「日韓民衆歌謡交流ライブ」が開催された。韓国の労働現場で歌っているヨン・ヨンソクさん(写真)とチ・ミンジュさんがゲスト。日本からは、ジョニーH・ノレの会・HOWSうたの仲間・生田卍らが出演した。ヨンソクさんの歌は、労働者の弱さや悩み、怒りなどを表現して静かに感動を拡げた。一方ミンジュさんは、ノリノリの韓国パワーのリズムで観客を魅了した。最後は、全員で「そんな顔しちゃだめさ ひとりぼっちじゃないさ 仲間がいるよ」という韓国労働歌謡のヒット曲を歌い、交流を深めた。また日本に遠征闘争中の「韓国シチズン」のメンバーも参加し、ユルトン(踊り)を披露した。(M)・動画(UnionTube)

South Korea: Don’t pass the buck of economic crisis – No to G20! 6,000 gathered international people’s joint action

The G20 summit gathered by national leaders around the world started in the evening of November 11, 2010 in Seoul. In protest against the G20 summit, an international rally was held at the square of Seoul Railway Station from 15:00 on the same day. The large gathering, with the title “People first! Down with G20 passing the buck of economic crisis! International People’s Joint Action”, strongly sent a message not to pass the buck of the crisis to workers and people. The protest was joined by not only South Korean workers, farmers, urban poor and students but also representatives from the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. South Korea’s National Industrial Metal Union went on strike for four hours on this day, and the union members from the Gyeonggi and Chungcheong regions participated in the international rally, protesting the G20 summit and demanding the guarantee of basic labor rights. A joint declaration, “Move toward a fair society through solidarity of social movements in the world”, was adopted at the gathering.

韓国 : 経済危機の責任転嫁をするな~G20反対!国際民衆共同行動に6000人
 世界の首脳が総集結したG20会合が、11月11日夕方ソウルで開幕した。それに対抗して午後3時からソウル駅広場でG20に反対する国際的な大集会が開かれた。このイベントは「人が優先だ!経済危機責任転嫁のG20糾弾!国際民衆共同行動」と題したもので、経済危機の責任転嫁を労働者・庶民にするな、と強く訴えた。参加者は、韓国の労働者・農民・都市貧民・学生だけでなく、米国・メキシコ・ブラジル・日本の代表も参加した。特に全国産業金属労組はこの日、4時間ストライキをしてソウル京畿圏、忠清圏 の組合員が国際民衆行動に参加、G20反対とともに労働基本権を保証しろと要求した。集会では「世界社会運動の連帯を通じ、公正な社会に向かって進もう」との共同宣言を発表した。

Female employee of “Toyoko Inn” sexually assaulted: Collective bargaining offered

A female receptionist of “Toyoko Inn”, one of Japan’s nationwide economy hotel chains, was sexually assaulted by a male customer. We, the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu, offered collective bargaining to the hotel chain’s president Sawada Munehisa on November 8, 2010 after she joined us. Soon after we sent the president a request for collective bargaining by postal mail, the receptionist, her mother and union staffs held a press conference at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (photo). This case was caused by the company’s neglect of duty of attention to safety for employees, as seen in its insufficient system to prevent a crime. The receptionist and we will demand the hotel chain management to apologize, compensate, and take preventive measures. (Suda Mitsuteru, National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu)


Misdelivery of only one item resulting in dismissal: Down with managers violating labor laws

“I was forced to quit a convenience store voluntarily due to my first misdelivery of only one item during its route delivery”. This is one of “Reasons for firing” reported in September 2010. Article 16 of the Labor Contract Act says, “A dismissal shall be invalid as being abuse of a right for it when it lacks an objective and rational ground and is not regarded as being appropriate under normal social conventions”. Article 17 of the same law says, “An employer cannot dismiss an employee until the termination of a contract of employment with fixed term unless there is an inevitable reason”. Such clauses need to be publicized more widely, and managers who shamelessly violate a law have to be condemned socially largely and strongly. (Kanno, National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu). Image of struggle for withdrawal of dismissal at Japan Communications Inc. * Photo: National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu protesting Japan Communications

「コンビニのルート配送で、品物を初めて一つだけ誤配をしてしまった事を理由に自主退職させられた」。シリーズ「解雇理由」の2010年9月分です。労働契約法第16条では「解雇は、客観的に合理的な理由を欠き、社会通念上相当であると認められない場合は、その権利を濫用したものとして、無効とする」とあり、同17条では「使用者は、期間の定めのある労働契約について、やむを得ない事由がある場合でなければ、その契約期間が満了するまでの間において、労働者を解雇することはできない」とあります。これらの法律をもっともっと宣伝しないといけませんし、平然と違反する経営者を、社会的に大きく・厳しく糾弾する必要があります。(東部労組・菅野)・日本通信解雇撤回闘争の動画 *写真=日本通信に抗議する東部労組

Monday, November 29, 2010

"Forced to work at the age of 13 with no pay - Still untolerable". - Harumonis' Sit-in in front of Fujikoshi Headquarters.

In the afternoon of October 18, aged Korean women (harumoni) and their supporters conducted a sit-in in front of the Fujikoshi Headquarters in Shiodome area. An 81-year-old Korean woman (photo, left) recalled, "When they forced me to work between 1943 and 1944, I was only 13 years old. Nothing paid. Only harsh memories are left. No word of apologies from them, and no compensation paid. I filed a lawsuit; however, I lost at the High Court in March. I came here to speak with those who are in charge of the case because I don't expect the Supreme Court to reverse the high court's decision. Nevertheless, nobody even takes his or her time to see me. They have no sense of repentance at all. I, however, have made up my mind to continue demanding Fujikoshi apologies even if it takes my grandchildren's generation."

「13歳で強制労働 いまも許せず」~ハルモニたち不二越前で座りこみ
 10月18日午後から、不二越東京本社前(汐留住友ビル)で、韓国のハルモニたちと支援者による座りこみが行われた。81歳になるハルモニ(写真左)はインタビューに応えてこう語った。「私は1943~44年に不二越の工場で強制労働させられた。13歳だった。給料も払われず、本当に辛い思い出しか残っていない。それに対して一言の謝罪も補償もなく許せない気持ちだった。裁判を起こしたが今年3月に高裁で負けた。最高裁にも期待できないので、こうして直接会社に申し入れに来たが、会ってもくれない。不二越はいっさい反省がない。私は、孫の世代までかかっても謝罪を求めていくつもりだ」。 写真1・写真2・ロビーで不二越に抗議(19日)・動画(UnionTube) ・不二越訴訟HP・写真報告:富山本社抗議行動 ・10.22の報告

Rebuilding the society, people!

On Saturday, October 16th, 1,200 people participated in the anti-poverty rally at Meiji Park in Tokyo under the clear blue sky. The campaign mainly featured live music and discussions, along with various kinds of booths and group talks on diverse interests. Participants enjoyed the festive mood. Among all the groups, the one that exposed the brutality of Sumida Ward caught visitors' attention. The ward office has prohibited homeless people from collecting recycle cans to make a few bucks for their food. In addition, our first attempt to broadcast the rally with USTREAM (in cooperation with OurPlanet TV and PARC TV) showed segments such as "Tell Me, Mister" and "Anti-Poverty Honest Talk." The program gave an opportunity to the public to think over a number of social issues. The participants went on to a demonstration after the rally, along with well-known activists, including Karin Amamiya and Hajime Matsumoto, in Tokyo's Harajuku shopping district. They chanted phrases, such as "The poor are angry!" and "Give us money!"

 10月16日、晴れ上がった東京・明治公園で反貧困大集会が開催され1200人が集まった。音楽・トークを中心に出展ブース、分科会など全員参加型のお祭りスタイルで盛り上がった。なかでも墨田区による迫害を訴えた「空き缶パフォーマンス」のブースが注目を浴びていた。また今回初めての試みである反貧困TV(レイバーネットTV・OurPlanet-TV・PARC TVで構成)では、「教えておじさん」「反貧困本音トーク」があり、楽しくかつ問題を深める場となった。パレードでは、雨宮処凛さん、松本哉さんのシュプレヒコールが炸裂、「貧乏人は怒っているぞ!」「金よこせ!」の声を上げながら、原宿周辺を練り歩いた。(M) 写真速報・反貧困TV(アーカイブ視聴)・永瀬ユキのビデオ*写真=全員によるパフォーマンス

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

March in downtown Shinjuku - Don’t trample Okinawa! Obama wins “Nobel War Prize”

Approximately 150 demonstrators joined the fifth “March in Downtown Shinjuku” in central Tokyo, demanding the solution of the issue of the Futemma Base of the United States Marines in Okinawa from 3 PM on October 10, 2010. The demonstrators were surrounded by policemen in uniform and plainclothes ones who far outnumbered them at first, but they drove away the “abnormal” atmosphere with their big voice and sound. Many played the trumpets, drums and vuvuzelas and were costume-clad in a happy atmosphere, and the march went through the downtown Shinjuku with the chant of anger, “Don’t trample Okinawa!” In particular, US President Obama’s “Nobel War Prize” (photo) got a lot of reaction from passers-by who were taking photos and waving their hands with smiles. At a rally, the organizers also focused on the issue of Japan’s Self Defense Forces, saying, “This is not only the issue of the US Army. The Japanese Government is fanning the flames of the Senkaku crisis to strengthen the forces and trample Okinawa”. (M)  Mkinpo Photo Gallery, image by Nagase Yuki, some photos by Ohki Seiko

10月10日午後3時より、5回目の沖縄・普天間問題を訴える「新宿ど真ん中デモ」が約150人の参加で行われた。最初は、参加者の数倍の制服・私服警察官に囲まれた「異常」な雰囲気だったが、デモ隊は大きな声と音でそれをはね返した。トランペット、ドラム、ブブゼラなどの音楽・仮装・鳴り物入りの楽しい行進と、「沖縄を踏みにじるな」の怒りのコールを交えながら新宿繁華街を練り歩いた。とりわけオバマ大統領の「ノーベル戦争賞」(写真)は大受けで、通行人が写真を撮ったり、笑顔で手を振ったりの光景が見られた。マイクアピールでは、「これは米軍だけの問題でない。日本政府は、尖閣の危機を煽って自衛隊を増強し、沖縄を踏みにじろうとしている」と自衛隊問題を強く訴えた。(M)・ムキンポ写真館 ・動画(永瀬ユキ)大木晴子さんの写真

Victorious reconciliation! “Only-in-name managers” lawsuit against staffing company “Goodwill”

On October 5, 2010, the Tokyo Young Contingent Workers' Union held a press conference on a victorious reconciliation in a lawsuit against a major staffing company Goodwill at the press club of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The seventeen plaintiffs demanded the company pay unpaid wages including overtime (Goodwill disbanded during the lawsuit), and a reconciliation was reached in the lawsuit on the payment of settlement money to all of the plaintiffs on September 29 at Civil Affairs Section 11, the Tokyo District Court. The amount of the settlement was acceptable for all of them. Goodwill insisted that the plaintiffs who were branch managers “fall under the category of supervisors in terms of the Labor Standards Act and have no back wages”. However, the settlement amount reflected hours worked that were calculated based on evidence brought by the plaintiffs to a certain extent. (Takeda Atsushi)


Don’t steal our work! Demonstration against bylaws prohibiting taking cans and old newspapers away

A demonstration against bylaws that prohibits taking cans and old newspapers away ended in success with many participants on October 3, 2010. More than 130 demonstrators, who were the homeless and their supporters, joined the march. We would like to thank all the participants. It was a very important mass demonstration to show that great many people oppose the revision of the bylaws in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, robbing the homeless of their livelihoods. The revised bylaws have been enforced since October 1, but we would like to continue our various efforts to keep them from being arbitrarily operated, such as field activities and demonstrations against, for example, photography without prior consent. (San'ya Welfare Center for Day-Laborers' Association) San’ya Blog

10月3日の空き缶・新聞持ち去り条例反対デモは、多くの方の参加により、成功裏に終了しました。野宿当事者、応援の人含め130人以上の結集でした。来てくださった方、どうもありがとうございました。今回の墨田区の条例改悪に反対する人がこれだけいるんだ、ということを大衆的な行動ではじめて示したという意味で、非常に重要なデモだったと思います。10月1日から改悪された条例が施行されていますが、現場での取り組みやデモなど、様々な方向からの働きかけで、条例を好き勝手に運用させない(無断での写真撮影など)ための取り組みを、これからも行っていきたいと思います。(山谷労働者福祉会館) 山谷ブログ

Struggle against closure of Seven’s Cleaner factory won! – With better conditions

The Seven’s Cleaner division of the Davenroy local, affiliated with the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu, which had struggled against the closure of the Misato Factory of a cleaning company Seven’s Cleaner Co., Ltd. in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, concluded an agreement with the company management. It is impossible for us to disclose the details of the agreement here due to its confidentiality clause. However, the obtained conditions are much better than those that were originally proposed by the management, enough to protect the employment and life of members who belong to the division to a certain extent. This is thanks to support from other trade unions and organizations, and individuals. Their support is very highly appreciated. (Suda Mitsuteru) * Photo: Fellows in Seven’s Cleaner (shot in June 2010)


Harsh postwar history behind “Korean boom” – Film “A Brand New Life” released

Many of South Korean dramas depict the “secret of birth”. Behind this is its tumultuous postwar history that is characterized by the Korean War, the subsequent division between the North and the South, and the sharp economic growth after the pro-democracy movement. There, some enjoyed fruits of the growth and the others were unable to do it. In particular, war orphans, half-breeds whose fathers are US soldiers having been stationed in South Korea, and children of poor families were in misery. The military regime at that time encouraged their “international adoption” in order to alleviate the problem. The number of the adoptees was said to reach 200,000. For example, in a TV series “Hotelier”, a cool and hard-hearted entrepreneur from the US, played by Bae Yongjun, a South Korean actor, was abandoned by his father and adopted overseas while his younger sister was adopted by another family overseas. Harsh history lies even behind a luxurious hotel. I recommend you to watch the French-Korean film “A Brand New Life”, which is directed by Ounie Lecomte and will be released soon. (Kinoshita Masaaki) * Film’s official site


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unfair verdict on harassment against anti-restructuring move! ~court ignores important evidence~

The Tokyo District Court handed down rulings on Sept. 30, which only supported the Labor Bureau’s decision to abandon its responsibility of arbitration. “The verdict is full of evil intentions against the union,” Hiroshi Matsuzawa, the union president (photo center), said with an anger at a press conference. “The court seems to hate labor unions, and that shows in the unfair verdict.” The lawsuit was filed in 1994 against the Labor Bureau after Matsuzawa was laid off for establishing an independent union from the company union of Fujisankei Communications Group. A former employee submitted a testimony to court that revealed the company’s cruel control, but the court failed to take it into account in handing down the ruling. By M (See homepage on the Union against restructuring at Fujisankei Communications Group)

9月30日「反リストラ産経労」に対する組合つぶし事件で東京地裁は、労働者救済責任を放棄した中労委(被告)の言い分のみを採用した不当判決を出した。松沢委員長(写真中央)は「判決文は組合に対する悪意に満ちている。裁判所は労働組合がお嫌いのようで、頭からシッポまで不当判決」と記者会見で激しい怒りをぶつけた。この事件は1994年にフジサンケイグループで「超御用路線」をとる産経労組に代わるまともな組合として「反リストラ産経労」を結成したが、それに対して会社側が松沢委員長を懲戒解雇してきたもの。裁判では、元社員が初めて産経職場の「残酷支配」の実態を陳述する新証拠を提出したが、裁判所は一顧だにしなかった。(M) ・当該HP 

Court orders Hankyu Travel Support make overtime payment, approves overtime work

The Tokyo District Court handed down a ruling on Sept. 29 that Hankyu Travel Support (HTS) make overtime payment to its travel agents. The six plaintiffs, who filed the lawsuit in May 2008, claimed that the company failed to calculate the overtime hours because of the nature of their work and demanded it pay overtime hours for the past two years. HTS claimed that overtime hours were counted in their required work hours and overtime pay in their salary. The judge, Kazuhiro Murata, ordered the company pay all six plaintiffs their overtime hours and the same amount of fines as the overtime payment. However, the judge approved of the company’s claim that salaries include overtime hours. By Sugano of NUGW Tokyo Tobu. Photo: Plaintiffs at the press conference after the verdict.

9月29日、添乗員「偽装みなし労働」撤廃を求める不払い残業代請求訴訟の判決がありました。この裁判は、東部労組HTS支部の組合員6名が2008年5月、阪急トラベルサポートを相手に、「偽装みなし労働」の是非を問うために提起し、過去2年分の不払い残業代を請求したものです。HTS支部、本部スタッフ、東部労組各支部、支援の仲間が法廷を埋め尽くす中、東京地裁民事19部・村田一広裁判官は判決主文において、被告阪急トラベルサポートに対し原告6名それぞれに不払い残業代、およびそれと同額の「付加金」(ペナルティ)の支払いを命じました。しかし、一方判決文において、村田裁判官は「偽装みなし労働」の適用を認めたのです。(東部労組・菅野) *写真=判決後の記者会見

We love our schools~1,500 people rally in protest of discrimination against North Korean schools

A rally was held in Tokyo on Sept. 26 to protest against the Japanese government’s decision to exclude North Korean schools from the policy to make all high schools free of tuition. Some 1,500 people filled the venue at Shakai Bunka Kaikan. Representatives from nine out of 10 North Korean schools in Japan attended the rally. The last one could not attend the rally due to the sports festival. “We had some scary experiences when we received threatening letters and a paper knife. But we love our school. This is the place where our parents were educated and is the place of learning for those of the next generation,” the school official from Kobe North Korean school said in a speech. By Masanobu Yumoto. See video on UnionTube. Photo: Participants march after the rally.

9月26日、都内で「高校無償化からの朝鮮学校排除に反対する全国集会」が開かれた。会場となった社会文化会館には、1500名が集まり参加者が場内に入りきれない状況であった。またこの集会には全国の朝鮮高校の代表(10校中9校が参加。1校は「体育祭」のため参加できず)が参加し、全員が壇上で発言した。神戸朝鮮高級学校の代表は、「学校に脅迫状とカッターナイフが送られてくるなど、とても恐ろしい思いをしました。でも私たちはウリハッキョ(私たちの学校)が好きです。ウリハッキョはお父さん、お母さんが学んできた場所であり、私たちの次の世代の人たちも学ぶ場所だからです」と語った。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube)*写真=集会後のデモ

Is it right to sell out public park to private corporation? ~Execution of government order at Miyashita Park

The government order was executed to remove tents and personal belongings of those who refused to obey the government orders to vacate the Miyashita Park in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district on Sept. 24. A few hundred riot police and plain-clothed cops filled the park. Some 60 citizens who opposed the government’s decision to turn the park into Nike Park conducted a sit-in at the entrance gate from 10 a.m. in an attempt to stop execution of the government order. While the press closely monitored the ordeal, they continued with a protest action. “Is it right to sell people’s park to a private company like Nike?” they made protest speeches in anger against the local government. As soon as guards and riot police began forcibly removing the protestors around 2 p.m., the park turned into a chaotic scene (see photo). “Stop the brutality,” “We refuse to hand over the park,” the protestors furiously resisted. The government’s order was eventually executed, but the protest at least helped reveal Shibuya Ward’s selling out of people’s park via media reports in and outside of Japan. A demonstration was held on Sept. 26 in protest to the government’s brutal and forced action to close Miyashita Park, which participants surrounded in a human chain. The calls to demand the park back to the people echoed throughout the city. By M. See video on UnionTube, YouTube, OurPlanetTV and SoundDemo.

9月24日、東京・渋谷区の宮下公園で反対派のテントや私物を撤去する「行政代執行」が行われた。公園周辺は、数百人の機動隊・私服警官が動員される異常な状態。「公園のナイキ化」に反対する人たち約60名は、午前10時より代執行を阻止すべく通用門に座りこみ、マスコミ注視のなか抗議行動を続けた。「みんなの公園を一私企業のナイキに売り飛ばしていいのか」、渋谷区に対する怒りのアピールが続いた。午後2時、突然ガードマンと機動隊が座りこみの強制排除に乗りだすと、現場は怒号に包まれた(写真)。「暴力はやめろ」「公園は渡さないぞ」反対派の必死の抵抗が続いた。結局代執行は強行されたが、メディアを通して、これまで隠されてきた渋谷区の公園売り飛ばしの実態が国内外に知られることになった。9月26日、渋谷区による宮下公園封鎖の暴挙に抗議して、同公園を包囲する緊急デモが行われ、「公園返せ」「とんでもナイキ」―リズミカルな叫びが、街中に響きわたった。(M) ・動画(UnionTube・YouTube)動画(OurPlanetTV)動画(サウンドデモ)

World campaign against Toyota~fight against Toyota’s human rights violation with international solidarity

Toyota Motors Philippine Corporation Workers Association President Ed Cubelo and Vice President Wenecito Urgel visited Japan on Sept. 19 to tour Nagoya, Toyoda and other cities in Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo for the fifth World Campaign against Toyota. Toyota dismissed four union members including the vice president in March, when ILO handed the Filipino government recommendations to resolve the disputes at an earlier date and the Philippines Department of Labor began arbitration. About 70 people from TMPCWA Support Group gathered in front of Toyota’s Tokyo headquarters and submitted a protest letter on the last day of the campaign on Sept. 22. After the solidarity day action, President Cubelo declared at a rally to build international solidarity to fight against Toyota and its neglect of human rights.WEB site of TMCPWA By T.M.

フィリピントヨタ労組(TMPCWA)のエド委員長とウェニー副委員長が来日して9月19日から名古屋、豊田市、神奈川、そして東京と第5回反トヨタ世界キャンペーンをくりひろげた。3月にILOがフィリピン政府に早期解決を勧告し、フィリピン雇用省が調停に始めたその時に、トヨタは8月2日ウェニー副委員長を含む4名の組合員を解雇した。キャンペーン最終日の22日、東京飯田橋のトヨタ東京本社前にTMPCWAを支援する会のメンバーら約70名が集まり、トヨタに抗議の申し入れを行った。この後近くのSK会館で連帯集会が開かれ、エド委員長は「トヨタの人権無視を労働者の国際連帯で跳ね返そう」と宣言した。(T.M) ・フィリピントヨタ労組(TMPCWA)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hundreds of women workers on strike at Brother Ltd’s China plant

September 7, the president-director of Brother Industry Ltd. KOIKE Toshikazu visited its subsidiary in Shenzhen, China. All the workers of the plant, who were complaining low wage and overtime pay, change of shifts, speed of the assembly line, harsh quotas and heavy workload, asked the president-director improvement of the situation. But the company postponed answering, so the workers went on a strike. They blockaded the main and back gate of the plant, causing traffic jam. The police blocked the area. (From website information) Photo: The president-director’s car being blocked by the workers

 9月7日、ブラザー工業株式会社の小池利和・代表取締役社長が中国・深センのブラザー工業の視察に訪れた際、賃金・残業代のあまりの低さ、休みの入れ替え、生産ラインの速度の速さ、厳しいノルマ、立ちくらみするほどの業務負担などに不満を持つ全工場の労働者が改善を求めたが、会社側は回答を先延ばしにしたので、ストライキに突入した。労働者たちは正面ゲートと裏門を封鎖したので、交通が一時混乱し、警察などが封鎖線をはった。(インターネットの情報から) 現地紙の詳報・続報 *写真=足止めされるブラザー小池社長の車

Union Mie: Four dispatched workers take JTEKT Co. to the court

Four ex-employees of JTEKT Co., a parts supply maker for Toyota, filed a suit to the Tsu District Court, claiming unfair dismissal. These four workers are members of Union Mie, a community union based on individual affiliation, which is an affiliate of the Japan Community Federation affiliated to Rengo and were employed with a fixed term but were in fact employed under disguised contracting. The company refused the demand by the workers to reinstate, so they went to court. One of the plaintiffs is also demanding compensation for mental damages inflicted by disclosure of his HIV infection to other employees, on which he reported to the company on entering the company.(SAKAI Touru)Photo: Plaintiffs at Tsu District Court

ユニオンみえ : 元派遣労働者4人がジェイテクトを提訴

Down with Poverty: Big Issue Hope Film Festival held in Shibuya

“Hope Film Festival – Down with Poverty!”, commemorating the seventh anniversary of the publication of Big Issue Japanese edition, will be held at Shibuya Upling from September 11, It will be a good opportunity to think about poverty and hope, with its showing of 9 movies including “The Cats of Milikitani”, ”Homeles World Cup”, ” Versailles” and special talk show with a variety of guests. Also a photo gallery called “A world-wide social enterprise- the Big Issue” is being held at the Shibuya Uplink Gallery until September 13, free of admission. (Uplink)

 ホームレスが街頭で販売する雑誌ビッグイシュー日本版の創刊7年目を記念した「貧困を越えよう!希望映画祭」が、9月11日から渋谷アップリンクで開催される。ホームレスを主人公にした『ミリキタニの猫』、『ホームレス・ワールドカップ』、『ベルサイユの子』など全9作品の映画上映に加え、多彩なゲストを招いてのスペシャルトークショーを通じて、「貧困」そして「希望」について考えるまたとない機会だ。また、映画祭に併せて、現在渋谷UPLINK GALLERYにて『世界に広がる社会的企業、ビッグイシュー展』(写真・ギャラリーの入場は無料)を9月13日(月)まで開催中である。(アップリンク

Hot discussion on twitter - Musashino,Mitataka Mediafest

“Musashino Mitaka Mediafest 2010”was held in Seikei University, Tokyo in September 4 and 5, with 742 participants. In the symposium named“The past, present and future of citizens’media”on September 5, a pioneer in twitter, TSUDA Daisuke made the following remark as one of the panelists. “The usage of the internet up to now have been stock-type, i.e. the information is just piled up. But twitter is flow-type, i.e. the information flows real-time. It is similar to telop in the TV. Meeting events can be directly expanded outside real-time. We should acquire IT technology and utilize it.” In the discussion, there were voices such as “I’m too busy to twitter”, but hot debate took place around the issue of “New digital age and the citizens’ media”. (M) Photo: Plenary meeting on September 5

 9月4~5日、東京・成蹊大学で「武蔵野・三鷹メディフェス2010」が開催され、延べ742人の参加でにぎわった。5日のシンポジウム「市民メディアの過去・現在・未来」では、ツイッターの先駆者・津田大介さんがパネリストとして発言。「これまでのインターネットは情報をためておく“ストック型”だったが、ツイッターはリアルタイムに情報を流す“フロー型”。テレビでいえば画面の速報テロップである。市民運動では、集会などのイベントをそのままリアルタイムで外に拡張することができる。IT技術を身につけてもっと活用すべきでは」と問題提起した。討論では、「忙しくてツイッターまでやってられない」という声も出たり、“新たなデジタル時代と市民メディア”をめぐって熱いやりとりが続いた。(M) *写真=5日夕方の全体集会

Dismissed for suffering depression after 100 hours overtime per month

Here are some of the dismissal cases sent to the Email dismissal consultation held by the NPO Labor Consultation Center and Tokyo Tobu Union, General Workers’ Union in May and June. “Worked overtime for 100 hours per month and suffered depression and took sick leave for one day in a month. I was dismissed the day after I was absent without notice. (catering part-timer)””Dismissed for refusing a relocation order.(security worker with 8 years seniority)””Dismissed for asking the dispatching company to change my status to a regular worker after 4 years experience as a dispatched worker”. The management and pro-management scholars are crying for “More freedom of dismissal!”, but in fact there are already abundant abuses of the right to dismiss. (Sugano, Tokyo Tobu Union) Photo: Action against dismissal on July 14


Thursday, September 30, 2010

700 gather for candle-night demonstration at Yasukuni Shrine - Not bothered by right-wingers

The 5th Light the Peace Torch, Light the Darkness of Yasukuni! Candle Night Demonstration was held on August 14 at Tokyo’s Shakai Bunka Kaikan Hall, with about 700 people participating. Tokyo University Professor Tetsuya Takahashi criticized that Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan only implied South Korea and ignored North Korea in his talk to commemorate the centennial of the Two Koreas during a discussion event on colonial rule and the Yasukuni Shrine. The rally featured music, poem reading, victims’ testimonials and others, followed by a candle-light vigil. The demonstration was disturbed by right-wingers’ propaganda vans but continued shouting, “No War! No Yasukuni!” With the police and right-wingers present, the demonstration drew lots of attention from the passersby. (By M) See flash news with photos, view video on YouTube, Mkinbo Photos.

 今年で5回目を迎えた「平和の灯を!ヤスクニの闇へ キャンドル行動」が8月14日、東京・社会文化会館で行われ、デモを含めて約700名が参加した。「植民地支配とヤスクニ」をテーマにしたシンポジウムで、高橋哲哉東大教授は「韓国併合100年の菅談話は、韓国だけを相手にしたもので、北朝鮮をまったく無視している。談話は“落第”といわざるを得ない」と批判した。集会では、コンサート・詩朗読・被害者等証言などを通して、ヤスクニの闇を照らし出した。午後7時からはキャンドルデモ。途中、右翼が街宣車で突っ込んで来るなど妨害行為が続いたが、デモ隊は「戦争NO! ヤスクニNO!」のシュプレヒコールではね返した。警察や右翼が入り乱れる騒然とした雰囲気に、街行く人々の注目度は高かった。(M)・8・14動画(YouTube)・ムキンポ写真館  ・8・15反「靖国」デモ(YouTube) *写真=8・14キャンドルデモ

Struggles of people in 70s --Tour to Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant

Some 50 people went on a tour to Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant on August 5 as a part of 65th anniversary campaign to eradicate A- and H-bomb World Conference. The struggle against Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture continues for 28 years mainly with the people on Iwai Island, about 4 kilometers from the building location of the power plant. The average age of the island population of 500 has reached 70. But they never get tired. They continue surveillance and sit-ins day and night at the building location. The support has spread across Japan, and more than 850,000 signatures were collected for the petition. At the reception, Sadao Yamado, a committee chair, reported that there Is an active fault in the building location and the island. The information is significant for the protest. (By Masanori Yumoto) View video on Union Tube. Photo: Tour participants cheer delegation of the building location.

 8月5日、被爆65周年原水禁世界大会広島大会の一環として上関(かみのせき)原発現地交流ツアーが取り組まれ、全国から50名が参加した。山口県上関原発反対の闘いは、原発立地予定地からわずか4キロ対岸の祝島の島民(人口500名)を中心に、1982年から28年間の長期に渡って続けられてきた。島民の平均年齢は70歳を超えた。しかし、建設予定地での島民の体を張った監視・座り込みが連日行われ、支援の輪も全国に広がり原発建設反対署名も85万以上が集まった。交流会では、祝島島民の会代表運営委員の山戸貞夫さんから「祝島と原発建設予定地の間に、活断層があることが判明した」など、現在の闘いの局面を知る上での重要な状況説明があった。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube) *写真=現地監視団を激励するツアー参加者

More than a month-long general strike by cement industry in Osaka!

The cement industry in Osaka Prefecture has been on a general strike for more than a month by now. Due to the strike, construction around Osaka Station has been suspended. The strike was launched by about 1,000 owners of small to medium-size companies, and workers and members of cement industry trade union, All Dock Workers Union, Japan Construction and Transport Industry Workers Solidarity Union, and other related unions. They demanded raising the price of one square meter of cement to 18,000 yen. They launched a strike for an unlimited term. Part of the industry already accepts the new price as appropriate, but a collective bargaining continues with trading companies for cement, workers cooperatives and general contractors. The strike was expected to last for a while. Photo by BS Japan News, Kansai Cement Branch website.

 去る7月2日より始まった大阪府内の生コン業者によるゼネラルストライキは、1ヵ月を突破した。このストにより、大阪駅周辺の再開発工事など主要な現場は操業停止状態にある。ストを行っているのは、生コン産労(*)・全港湾・全日建連帯ユニオンなどの各関連労働組合、生コン会社の中小企業経営者など約1千人。ゼネコンと価格交渉を行える生コン共同組合に対し、生コン業者の営業存続が可能な納入価格1リューベ(立方メーター)あたり1万8000円への値上げを要求。無期限ゼネストに突入した。一部現場では「新価格=適正価格」による生コンの納入も始まってはいるが、生コン商社、生コン協同組合、ゼネコン間での交渉は続いていて、ストは長期戦も否めない状況にある。 *写真はBSジャパンニュースより 関生支部サイト

Monday, September 27, 2010

No to Ishihara and Tokyo Metropolitan Education Board! 150 join march in Shinjuku

Our “August 28 Action to Siege the Tokyo Metropolitan Education Board” made a success with 150 participants despite scorching heat! We started appealing and collecting petition signatures at the west and east entrances of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo from 2 PM, and marching the downtown area from 3:15 PM. We walked through 2.3 kilometers in the extreme heat, making our messages reach passers-by. Masunaga Sumiko, an 86-year old antiwar activist, also made it through the whole demonstration. Almost all of the participants carried fans with such slogans as “Ishihara out!” and “Don’t coerce Hinomaru and Kimigayo (Japan’s controversial national flag and anthem)”. Various groups showed their flags, bibs and banners, and some performed Japanese drums for solidarity. (Watanabe Hidekiyo) Mkimpo Photo Gallery. Video (UnionTube)

 全国の仲間の皆さん! 28日の「8・28都教委包囲行動」は猛暑の中、150名の参加で成功しました。午後2時より新宿駅西口と東口で街頭宣伝と署名活動を行い、3時15分より新宿繁華街デモをやりました。炎天下、約2・3キロを、沿道の市民にシュプレヒコールで訴えながら、練り歩きました。86歳の益永スミコさんも全行程自力で歩かれました。今回は「石原やめろ」「日の丸・君が代強制反対」の文字が入ったウチワを参加者のほとんど全員が持ち歩きました。他にも、いろいろな団体の旗やぜっけん、横断幕、さらには太鼓、鳴り物もあり、それなりに賑やかでした。(渡部秀清)・ムキンポ写真館動画(UnionTube)

Tokyo Young Contingent Workers' Union: Victory over “Sukiya” at trial and Central Labor Relations Commission!

A lawsuit in which part-time employees (members of the Tokyo Young Contingent Workers' Union) of a beef bawl restaurant chain “Sukiya” sued Zensho, which manages the chain, for its failure to pay for overtime ended with a victory for the plaintiffs. The management of the company accepted their claims. At the same time, the Central Labor Relations Commission issued an order totally in favor of the union about Zensho’s refusal of collective bargaining with it. Non-regular workers joined a trade union and raised their voice against unfair treatment by a company, resulting in their total victory. It is important never to give up. the Tokyo Young Contingent Workers' Union

首都圏青年ユニオン : 「すき家」に裁判でも中労委命令でも勝利!
 牛丼「すき家」を経営するゼンショーを、「すき家」アルバイト従業員(首都圏青年ユニオン組合員)が残業代未払い等で訴えていた裁判で、アルバイト従業員側の主張を会社側が認め裁判が勝利的に終結した。また、同じく、首都圏青年ユニオンからの団交申し入れに対してゼンショーが団交拒否している件について、組合側全面勝利の中労委命令が出た。非正規労働者が会社の不当なあつかいに抵抗して労働組合に加入して声をあげ全面勝利した。あきらめないことが大切だ。 首都圏青年ユニオン

Don’t close down the factory! Don’t fire! Joint strike action by Davenroy and Seven’s Cleaner workers

“Don’t close down the factory! Don’t fire!” Energetic chants covered the Omori Factory of Davenroy, a cleaning company based in Ota City, Tokyo. On August 26, 2010, the Davenroy local and the Seven’s Cleaner division of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu went on a joint strike in scorching heat. The Misato factory of Seven’s Cleaner in Saitama Prefecture was going to be unilaterally closed down by the management on September 20, and factory employees received a threatening letter on August 25, saying, “You will be fired if you do not voluntarily leave”. The Omori factory is also in danger of being closed down and relocated on the ground of aging. The management remained evasive in the collective bargaining on August 26. The one-day action led to stronger anger of the workers against Davenroy that did not care their employment at all. (M) Video (UnionTube) *Photo: Part-timers for Misato factory

「工場閉鎖をやめろ!解雇をするな!」。元気いっぱいのシュプレヒコールがデイベンロイ大森工場(東京大田区・クリーニング業)を包んだ。8月26日、猛暑のなか東京東部労組デイベンロイ支部とセブンズクリーナー分会は合同ストライキを決行した。セブンズクリーナー三郷工場は9月20日にも閉鎖が強行されようとしており、従業員には「退職に応じなければ解雇」という脅しの文書が8月25日に配布されている。大森工場もまた、老朽化を理由に移転・閉鎖が危惧されている。この日の団交でも会社側はノラリクラリ。労働者の雇用をまったく顧みないデイベンロイ資本に対して、怒りが爆発した1日行動だった。(M) ・動画(UnionTube) *写真=三郷工場のパート労働者たち 

For settling colonialism and discrimination issues – 1,000 gather in Japan Convention for Japan-Korea Citizens’ Joint Declaration

In the afternoon of August 22, 2010, the “100th Anniversary of Japan’s Annexation of Korea: Japan Convention for Japan-Korea Citizens’ Joint Declaration” was held at Toshima Kokaido Hall in Tokyo. Despite right-wingers’ harassment with loud sound outside the venue, approximately 1,000 people participated in the event. Ito Naruhiko, co-representative of the declaration, reaffirmed, “Prime Minister Kan’s statement on this issue does not lead to the settlement of the past. Today’s ‘Japan-Korea Citizens’ Joint Declaration’ created with joint work between Japanese and Korean citizens is the guideline for the future”. The meeting continued for over four hours, and it clearly showed through images, lectures, testimonies and music that “colonialism and discrimination” are not things of the past and are still deep-rooted in Japan. Twenty items of policy demands to the Japanese Government, such as a resolution of the reality of Japan’s colonial rules, and Japan’s apology and compensation for them, were clarified in the declaration. (M) * Photo: Finale

 8月22日午後、東京・豊島公会堂で「韓国強制併合100年・日韓市民共同宣言日本大会」が開催された。会場周辺では、右翼の街宣車が大音響で嫌がらせを繰り返したが、それをはね返す約1000名の市民で会場はあふれた。共同代表の伊藤成彦さんは、「菅談話では過去の清算にならない。日韓の市民の共同作業でつくった本日の“日韓市民共同宣言”こそが、これからの指針である」ときっぱり述べた。集会は4時間をこえたが、映像・講演・証言・音楽を通して「植民地支配・差別」が過去の問題ではなく、現在も根強く続いていることが浮き彫りにされた。また日本政府に対して、植民地支配の実態の解明、謝罪と補償など20項目の政策要求を明確にした。(M) *写真=フィナーレの舞台