Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My eighth dismissal, this time at the year-end -- Examples of email consultations on dismissal

 Case 1. I am a worker suffering from developmental disorder I received a sudden notification of dismissal at the end of the year. My employer said,” We don’t regard you as a worker with a handicap.” But, they concluded “We have no job to assign you.” That was the eighth dismissal that I had experienced. At every work place I ended up getting a dismissal notice. My appearance does not tell I have developmental disorders. I want to keep working for a long period of time.

Case 2. I am a female factory worker on a temporary contract. I have been continually bullied at the workplace. One staff member kept making insulting remarks toward me, such as “You are disgusting. An ugly old woman like you deserves to die.” In response to such a bullying, my peer workers and regular workers do nothing but laugh at me together. I brought myself to report such an incident to my boss, only to see no measures taken by the boss. Later on, I got a notice of employment termination.

Case 3. I am a nurse with15 years’ career. Last year I got transferred to the operation room from the hospital ward, where I have worked for many years. Since I was not accustomed to the new job, I had difficulty attaining the skills needed there. All of a sudden, I was ordered to become “a nursing assistant”, saying “You have no choice but quit the job unless you accept the task of a nursing assistant.”

Case 4. I am an office worker on regular employment basis as a clerical staff in a sale’s department. Our boss made a serious mistake in a transaction, making a huge loss. The boss passed the buck to one female clerk, compelling her to resign. Now the boss is trying to kick me out of the office, since he noticed that I was suspicious of his deeds.  (NPO Labor Consultation Center)
Photo: "Sudden termination after renewing the contract for 14 years"

8回目、年末の解雇通告!〜職場に吹き荒れる「首切り・ 雇い止め」

1、発達障害者。年末の解雇を通告されました。会社は私に「あなたを障害者扱いしません」と言い、結局 「あなたのできる仕事がない」と解雇されました。行く先々で解雇され今回で8回目です。発達障害は見た目ではわかりません。長く働きたいです。
2、工場。女性契約社員。ある担当社員から「キ モイ」「ババア」「死ね」と罵倒されるなど、いじめにあい続けていました。他の同僚も社員も見て笑っています。上司に訴えても動 いてくれないばかりか、雇い止めされました。
3、看護師。15年勤 続。昨年、長年勤めた病棟勤務から手術室へ異動させられました が、はじめての仕事で中々習得できませんでした。突然「看護助 手」を命ぜられ、「(看護助手が)できないなら退職しかない」 と通告されました。
4、営業事務で正社員。まじめに勤めてきまし たが、上司のミスで莫大な損失を生じたのに、上司はその責任を一 人の事務の女性のせいにして終わらせました。その女性は結局退 職しました。私が不審をもっていることに気が付くと今度は私を やめさせようとしてきています。(NPO法人 労働相談センター)

Friday, December 22, 2017

Okinawan Anti-Base Protest Leader Talks on Present and Future of Okinawa

A rally to update concerned citizens on the criminal case against YAMSHIRO Hiroji , a prominent anti-base activist in Okinawa, was held at the upper house members' office building in Tokyo in the evening of Dec. 12 with the attendance of the accused himself. Yamashiro had been actively protesting the construction of the new U.S. military base in Henoko, Nago City and helipads for new transport aircrafts Osprey at the Camp Gonsalves in Takae, Higashi-son until he was arrested in October 2016 on suspicion of destruction of property by just cutting one barbed wire of the fence surrounding the helipads construction site.  Two more charges were added after the arrest: causing bodily injury to a defense bureau officer at the helipad construction site in Takae while protesting and forcibly obstructing business at the Camp Schwab while protesting the new base construction in Henoko.  Yamashiro had  been detained for 5 months for these minor charges for which the prosecutors demanded on Dec. 4 imprisonment for 2 years and 6 months at the Naha District Court.
The rally was organized by a group of citizens and parliamentarians supporting Yamashiro. The court decision is expected on March 14,2018 (By MIYUKI Emi) 
 Photo: Yamashiro and Mizuho Fukushima, Upper House member


12月12日夜、東京・参議院会館で「山城裁判を知ろう!山城博治が語る沖縄の現状とこれから」院内集会がひらかれた。 沖縄で、辺野古新基地建設や高江のヘリパットに抗議活動をしていた山城博治さんは、去年10月に有刺鉄線をわずか1本切ったことで「器物損壊」容疑で逮捕された。その後、高江ヘリパットに対する抗議行動に伴う「傷害」、辺野古新基地建設に対する抗議行動での「威力業務妨害」容疑が加わり、3つの罪で起訴された。不当な拘留は5か月にも及んだ。そして、今年12月に懲役2年6か月の求刑をうけた。こうした状況のなか「市民と議員の実行委員会」が呼びかけ、院内集会がひらかれた。参議院議員・社民党の福島みずほさんは「来年3月に判決予定です。何としても無罪を勝ちとりたい」と呼びかけた。沖縄平和運動センター議長の山城博治さんが、壇上に立ち歌を歌うと会場は盛り上がり熱気であふれた。(見雪恵美)