Tuesday, September 20, 2016

World-famous Tsukiji Fish Market comes to the studio! – “Labornet TV”

There are many reports and articles on the scheduled “relocation of the Tsukiji Fish Market to Toyosu” every day, which cover such problems as contaminated soil and insufficient embankment at the latter. A Labornet TV program on September 14, 2016 with the title “Why not Tsukiji?” was very timely. From this program, guests tried something new and interesting to make the issue known to as many people as possible. KAMURO Tetsu, one of the guests, started with the following comment, “International tourists to Japan know more about the danger of the relocation. I saw it was introduced in their tourist guidebooks. This is an issue not only of Japan but of the whole world”. The main guests were NAKAZAWA Makoto, the leader of the trade union of the Tsukiji Market who has continued to oppose the relocation since ten years ago, and MORIYAMA Takashi, a construction economist who has criticized the relocation from the viewpoint of an expert. They enthusiastically answered our questions and request, “Could you say what you cannot in the corporate media? Who decided such a stupid thing? Who is the real evil?” (M)
* Photo: Guests


土壌汚染、盛り土問題など、連日マスコミを賑わせている「築地移転問題」。そんな超グッドタイミングで、914日レイバーネットTV「築地でええじゃないか!」が放送された。この日は「レイバーネットTVリニューアル」の最初の試みでもあり、出演者が「イカ、タコ、フグ、カニ」の仮装で登場したり、楽しい工夫に溢れていた。オープニングでいきなり登場したのは、かむろテツさん。「外国人観光客のほうが築地移転の危険性を知っている。観光ガイドブックに載っているのを見せてもらった。この問題は世界の問題」の口上ではじまった。メインゲストは、10年前から反対の声を上げてきた築地市場労組委員長の中澤誠さん、そして専門家の眼から批判してきた建築エコノミスト森山高至さんだった。「マスコミでは言えないことを言ってください。誰がこんなデタラメを決めたのですか? 本当のワルはだれですか?」との注文に、話はどんどん発展していった。(M

Anti-nuke tent returns! – The protest continues

When I came to the space where there used to be the anti-nuke tent in front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in the afternoon of September 11, 2016, the atmosphere there never changed at all. Someone prepared drinks and various kinds of delicious steamed potatoes for visitors there. Anti-nuke tent goods, such as badges and fans, were also available. I was able to see many familiar faces. Some of them came from afar, like Fukushima. On the other hand, there were many people I saw for the first time. At the special stage, HASHIMOTO Mika, the leader of the Seifuku Kojo Iinkai (Better School Uniform Project) performance group, was singing anti-nuke songs. (KASAHARA Mayumi) * Photo: Demonstration in the Hibiya district in central Tokyo (shinya)


雨模様の911日午後、私が行かないと雨になっちゃう(究極の晴れ女)と危機感を持って、それなのに15時の開始に 遅れること1時間以上、テントひろばに到着すると、「アレ? テントってなくなったんじゃなかったのかな」と思えるほどのいつもと変わらないテントひろば!!! 飲み物も、さつま芋、じゃが芋、里芋の蒸かしたてを振るまっている。ホクホクでどれもおいしい。もちろんバッチや扇子などのグッズもある。そして、なんといってもいつもの人たちに加えて、いつもの福島など遠方からの人たちや友人・仲間たち、ここで顔見知りになった人たちがそろっていてうれしい。もちろん、初めてお会いする方たちも大勢いらっしゃる。経産省正門前の特設ステージでは、「制服向上委員会」 のお姉さん橋本美香さんが、その透明な声を響かせて、反原発の歌を唄っている。(笠原眞弓) 報告・シャワリンのレポート *写真=日比谷デモ(shinya

Female workers protest against abuse of power – “Feel encouraged”

Seven female office clerks who were yelled or suffered from sexually-abusive verbal harassment formed a trade union in May this year and joined the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu. They work for the “New Tokyo Branch, Greater Tokyo Privately-Owned Taxi Cooperative Society”, which handles clerical work for 440 individually-owned taxi drivers in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. Both of branch director MORI and assistant branch director MIYAGUCHI denied sexual harassment or abuse of power without showing any remorse and continued to intimidate the union members. Finally, the union decided to go on strike on September 5, when there was a “special seminar” at a local community center for all the individually-owned tax drivers in the district. The strike there was a great opportunity for making the union members’ voice heard. However, this was the first strike for all of them, and NAKAMURA Mio, the union leader, said, “I had a stomachache, was unable to sleep, and was very nervous”. All the other union members were obviously nervous and tense. (M) 
video (11 minutes)

パワハラにはストライキ!~女性たち決起 「強くなれた気がする」