Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are you OK with oppression in society?~Opening of ‘the un-freedom of expression” exhibition

There is something going on in Japan right now. At museums, the planned exhibitions are cancelled, or displays are removed abruptly one after another only because “an objection is raised,” or because there is a possibility of it. At one community center, a haiku about Article 9 of the pacifist constitution, which was to be printed in the periodicals, was censored. What on earth is going on? In 2012, a photo exhibition of AHN Sehong, who documented the survivors of “comfort women” in China, was ordered to close for “a number of reasons.” The exhibition was to open at Shinjuku Nikon Salon, which was a yearning site for young photographers to present their works. His photos captured daily lives of those wounded women, whom he gazed deeply and calmly, and the photos were highly evaluated by judges and screened for the show by Nikon. (By NAGATA Kozo)
Photo: Poster of the Exibition on Non-freedom of Expression

い ま、日本社会であることが進行しています。美術館では、「抗議が行われる」もしくはその可能性があるというだけで、展示が決まっていたものが中止になった り、途中で撤去されることが相次いでいます。公民館では、憲法九条を詠んだ俳句が、定期刊行物に掲載されなくなりました。これはいったいなんなのでしょう か。2012年、中国に残された元日本軍「慰安婦」を記録した安世鴻さんの写真展が、突然「諸般の事情」という理由で中止の通告を受けるという事件が起き ました。安さんが写真展を開くことになっていたのは、新宿ニコンサロン。若手の写真家にとってあこがれの発表の場でした。写真は、戦争の傷をかかえる女性 たちの日常を静かに深く見つめるもので、審査員から高い評価を受け、ニコンの選定によって招待されたものでした。(永田浩三)

‘I’m Not a Fabricator’ ~Former Asahi Reporter Files Suit against Historical Revisionists

UEMURA Takashi , former Asahi Shimbun reporter, filed a defamation suit with the Tokyo District Court on Jan. 9 against a university professor and a publisher.  He had been criticized by  NISHIOKA Tsutomu, a professor of Korean studies at Tokyo Christian University, and Bungeishunju Ltd., which published the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun, as having fabricated newspaper articles on “comfort women.”  In the lawsuit, Uemura demands correction of the magazine article, an apology and compensation for being stigmatized as fabricator, losing public credibility and suffering personal attack. Some 170 lawyers formed a defense team and said, “This is not a personal problem of Uemura alone but a significant issue relating to democracy and freedom of speech in Japan.” After he filed the suit, he reported on the case at an event hall of the House of Councilors, and nearly 300 people participated. Uemura told the audience how he decided to bring the case to the court, sometimes with tears in his eyes. “I decided to file the suit to protect the rights of myself, my family, my friends and the colleagues at Hokusei University,” he said. When he finished, he received long applause of encouragement. (By M)  

植村隆さん提訴「私は捏造記者ではない」~ 歴史修正主義者への反撃はじまる
1 月9日、慰安婦捏造とバッシングを浴びていた元朝日記者・植村隆さんが東京地裁に「名誉毀損裁判」を起こした。植村さんは、「週刊文春」および西岡力氏に よって捏造記者とされ、社会的信用を傷つけられ、個人攻撃を浴びたとして、両者に記事の訂正・謝罪・損害賠償を求めている。弁護団は170名で「これは植 村個人の問題でなく、日本の民主主義・言論の自由がかかっている大問題」と全国の弁護士が結集した。提訴後の報告集会が参院議員会館講堂で開催された。た くさんの市民がかけつけ、会場を急遽変更したが、300人近い人が詰めかけた。「私の人権、家族・友人の人権、北星の仲間を守るために提訴した」。植村隆 さんは、提訴にいたった経緯と決意を時には涙を浮かべながら、じっくり語った。話おわると激励の拍手が鳴り止まなかった。(M)  


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Labor Festa 2014 cuts to the core of the global issues

What are young people and students up against today? The talk event featured at Labor Festa 2014 on Dec. 20, “No kidding!a society that leaves young people in poverty,” shocked the audience. According to the speakers, there are managers who put pressure on workers to serve as a slave laborer or quit, saying defiantly, “We cannot carry on a business if we abide by the law.” At convenience stores, restaurants and other businesses, part-time workers have become the indispensable workforce. Students who give priority to studying have a hard time landing a job even if they visit as many companies as possible. Even the term, “bai katsu (part-time job hunting),” has come about. TAKENOBU Mieko, Wako University professor, and JINBU Akai, president of Tokyo Youth Union, talked about how economic hardships parents suffered are now weighing heavily on their children and how the children end up having to work part-time and rely on student loans. What should we do to change the situations? they asked.  TSUCHIYA Tokachi’s film, “Don’t give in to the ‘evil part-time job system!’ Let’s learn work rules by answering quizzes,” was shown before the talk.  The film introduces illegal employment practices by evil companies such as providing green onions in lieu of overtime payment.  
Photo: Youths featured in the film by Tsuchiya

  12 月20日、東京・田町で開催された第13回のレイバーフェスタ2014は、世界と日本が直面する問題に切り込むイベントとなった。第二部は「冗談じゃない よ!若者貧困社会」「ブラックバイトに負けない!」上映。ジャーナリスト・和光大教授の竹信三恵子さん、首都圏青年ユニオンの神部紅、ブラックバイトで働 く当事者とのトークセッション。会場の平均年齢は高めだったこともあり(笑)、いまの学生たちのアルバイトの実態をはじめて聞く方も多かったようで、会場 は終始どよめいていた。メイン企画は「香港オキュパイがやってきた!」。現場からタムさん(独立系労組)とマルコさん(大学生・メディア活動家)が来日。 映像や写真を交えて報告を行った。(神部紅)
「ブ ラック企業」が学生まで襲っている。低賃金にもかかわらず、正社員なみの義務やノルマを課せられて酷使される「ブラックバイト」。土屋トカチ監督のドキュ メンタリー『ブラックバイトに負けない! クイズで学ぶしごとのルール』(2014年・38分・PARC発行)は、その実態を生々しく伝えるとともに、ブラックバイトの被害から若者を守ることを目 的に制作された。内容は、ドラマ仕立てのクイズ形式を交えながら、アルバイトをする際に最低限知っておくべき法律や知識を、専門家たちが解説する。中でも 収録されている、ブラックバイト体験談の数々が凄まじい。「残業代の代わりにネギ支給」なんていう会社もある。それに対してどうしたらいいのか、どんな権 利があるのか。このDVDは、若者だけなく大人の労働者が観ても役にたつもの。今の日本の労働問題を考えるうえで必見である。 詳細DVD予告編 *写真=DVDに登場する若者たち

Justice system says No! to despotic HASHIMOTO government〜Winning the lawsuit on rejecting tattoo check in Osaka

The Osaka District Court on Dec. 17 ruled in favor of the plaintiff in two cases sued by YASUDA Tadasu (photo; left), the Osaka Municipal Traffic Bureau worker. One is the lawsuit asking to annul the disciplinary measures enforced on him for rejecting the tattoo check. The other lawsuit is to cancel the forced job transfer from a bus driver to a desk clerk, which arose when he rejected the request from the Traffic Bureau chief to withdraw the suit.
 The district court’s ruling dominated news headlines describing them as “the judiciary repeatedly denies the despotic style of Mayor HASHIMOTO Toru” (YOMIURI Shimbun) and “the coercion of Hashimoto style is warned” (MAINICHI Shimbun).  In accordance with the district court decisions, Mayor Hashimoto should revoke the disciplinary measures of Yasuda and six others who also rejected the tattoo check.


  大 阪地裁(中垣内健治裁判長)は12月17日、交通局職員の安田匡さん(写真左)が起こした入れ墨調査を拒否して受けた懲戒処分の取り消し裁判、交通局長に 訴訟の取り下げを求められて拒否したためにバスの運転手から事務の仕事に配置転換させられたことの取り消し裁判で、いずれも原告勝訴の判決を下しました。 判決についてマスコミは大きく取り上げました。そして、「橋下流、司法が再三否定」(読売)「橋下流、強権にクギ」(毎日)と報じました。橋下市長は大阪 地裁判決に従い、安田さんへの処分を始め、入れ墨調査を拒否した6人の処分を取り消すべきです。

A 1980 note from a ministry's manager deprives single mothers of their welfare entitlements

An instruction issued by a manager of the welfare ministry in 1980 is preventing local governments from providing social welfare benefits to single mothers sharing a house with men, according to a recent media report. 
Tokyo Shinbum, a Tokyo-based daily, reported on Dec. 27, 2014 that Kunitachi City, Tokyo,suspended in November payment of child rearing allowances to a single mother sharing a house with a single man following the advise of the Tokyo Metropolitan government on the enforcement of a notice on de facto marriages issued in 1980 by a manager of then Ministry of Health and Welfare.
The Kunitachi City Council is opposed to this decision by the City government and the enforcement of the notice. In the resolution adopted on Dec. 18,the Council denounces it as irrational,lacking in pragmatic justification and detrimental to the welfare of children and demanding the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,the Tokyo Metropolitan government and the City government that the  be rectified, says the report.
According to the newspaper article, the notice by a welfare ministry's manager says that a single mother and a man living in the same house with her should be regarded, in principle, as being in de facto marriage and other factors than living together do not have to be taken into consideration in determining whether they are in de facto marriage relations or not.
On the basis of this, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a standard to deny a single mother who shares a house with an unrelated man the entitlements to child rearing allowances unless she produces objective proofs that her household account is separate from the man's.
The Kunitachi City Council resolution however refers to some single mothers have been regarded as married to men with whom they share houses and denied the benefits even if they produce lease contracts, utility bills or other proofs. "I do not doubt that the single mother is just sharing a shouse with a man, but we cannot do anything about it," a Kunitachi city official in charge of the social welfare is quoted to comment on the case.
In Japan, such extra-legislative "notices" and "announcements" issued by central government officials are usually regarded as legitimate bases of administrative practices of local governments.?

シングル・マザー 男性と家をシェアすると子どもへの手当て打ち切り

東京都は「異性と住所が同じなら、同一世帯ではないことが客観的に証明されないと受給対象から外れる」としているが、国立市の決議案は、「賃貸借契約書や光 熱費の請求書などの客観的証明がある場合においても、同一住所に親族以外の異性がいることによって「事実婚」と見なされ、支給が停止されるケースが発生している。