Saturday, October 21, 2017

Make Okinawa US military bases an issue in the general election! ~ press conference of citizen supporters on the day after the US military helicopter accident in Okinawa

A press conference, “Urgent appeal from citizen supporters ~ make Futemma and Henoko bases an issue in the general election!”, was held on Oct. 12 at the Hall of House of Councilors in Tokyo. The atmosphere was tense because a US military helicopter had crashed in a farm of Takae in Higashison, Okinawa, just the day before. In front of the Diet Building, there were people sitting with the “Okinawa Times” in their hands with reports of the helicopter accident. One, who was visibly angry, told us, “While the consumption tax becomes the point of election campaign, no discussion is made on how much we spend for military expenses or how much we waste for the riot police to construct the US military helipad at Takae. We would be able to manage without raising the consumption tax rate.” At the conference, KAWANA Mari, a member of the group “Citizens Against Anti-Okinawa Media”, announced, “Yesterday, we submitted to the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan a request asking them to take on the review of the construction of a new US military base in Henoko.”    (MIYUKI Emi)



At No Nukes Rally in Hokkaido, October 9th Severe criticism of forces in favor of revising the Constitution

On October 8-9, 2017, I took part in a rally calling for “No Nukes in Hokkaido,” which was held in Odori street, Sapporo.
Under a clear autumn sky, participants numbered 2,200 (according to the organizers).
In the rally, ONO Yugo, a professor emeritus at Hokkaido University, reported on the current situation of the controversial Tomari Nuclear Power Station. Referring to the fact that the Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan (NRC) has finally acknowledged  that the faults found near the nuclear plant could be active, the professor explained the development of the issue. ”Now that the NRC has turned down the argument by Hokkaido Electric Power Co. Ltd, that is, that the fault in question is not active, I firmly believe the nuclear plant will never be restarted.”
  NISHIO Masamichi, Honorary Director of Hokkaido Cancer Center joined in the criticism, saying the “Party of Hope (led by Tokyo Gov. Koike) is a Party of Despair. It is, after all, a Koike faction in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.”
ASADA Shinji, Chief Director of Hokkaido Consumers’ Cooperative, provided covering fire. “I denounce the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets, the Security Acts, and the Conspiracy Act, and I  call for the abolition of the Major Crops Seed Law, which can threaten our food safety but has received  little attention from the public. Prime Minister Abe calls for military provocation against North Korea, and he is holding a snap election in the name of dispelling the national crisis. But the truth is that the national crisis was created by Prime Minister Abe himself.” (Kurogane Ko)

厳しい改憲勢力批判「希望は絶望の党、国難は安倍」~10.9 さようなら原発北海道集会