Thursday, September 25, 2014

12th anniversary of the Pyongyang Declaration for diplomatic normalization between Japan and North Korea: Shocking realities of “comfort women”

On September 13, 2014, there was a meeting to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the Japan-DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) Pyongyang Declaration for normalizing diplomatic relations between the two countries in central Tokyo, participated by 160 people. A report of NISHINO Rumiko, the co-leader of the VAWW RAC (Violence Against Women in War Research Action Center), on former “comfort women” in North Korea was very shocking. In 1993, 131 women declared as victims of comfort women as a result of a survey in North Korea on them. The number increased to 218 in 2000 and, according to Nishino, 43 women among them testified publicly. Photos of cuts and burns of cigarette, which they suffered when they resisted the Japanese rulers, were displayed. (OZAWA Kuniko)

* Photo: Nore-no-kai chorus group of Korean songs

日朝平壌宣言12周年 国交正常化求める集会~衝撃的だった「慰安婦」被害実態

913日、「日朝平壌宣言12周年 動き出した日朝交渉―今こそ国交正常化へ!9.13集会」が東京の文京区民センターで開かれ、約160名が参加しました。VAWWRAC共同代表の西野瑠美子さんの「在朝鮮“慰安婦”被害者の実態」報告は衝撃でした。1993年に発表された共和国の被害者の調査報告では、当時131名が「慰安婦」被害者として申告しました。その後2000年頃には申告者は218名となり、43名が公開証言を行うようになったそうです。被害事例として、連行され抵抗した時に切り付けられた傷跡や、押し付けられたタバコの火での火傷跡などの写真が映し出されました。(尾澤邦子)

3 years for justice: Defend the “Tent City”!

The “Occupy the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)” tent has continued for three years for a nuke-free society. The world’s longest-lasting “Occupy” tent has been a place for free speech for people demanding denuclearization and peace. There have been harassment and intimidation by right wingers, the police and the METI itself, but approximately 800 people came to the tent to reconfirm that they have continued the “Tent City”, which is a symbol against nukes, and will never allow the restart of a nuclear power plant in the future. The gathering was also joined by YOSHIZAWA Masami, who continues to manage a dairy farm in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture despite the danger of exposure, and others from nuclear disaster-stricken areas. The tent has stood for three years in front of the powerful METI. KAMATA Satoshi, a nonfiction writer, called this struggle for democracy a “great and historical struggle”. (MATSUMOTO Chie)



Yamada Denki “won” the Most Evil Corporation of the Year Award: Lawlessness spreads to workplaces in all around Japan

On September 6, 2014, the “Most Evil Corporation of the Year Award Ceremony” was held in central Tokyo. Among 11 nominated companies and workplaces, Yamada Denki, one of the biggest mass retailers of electric appliances in Japan, “won” the grand prize. Despite that many store managers have committed suicide due to overwork and still many others are on the brink of karoshi, death of overwork, Yamada Denki has not shown any remorse for this terrible situation. The Industry Prize was “awarded” to A1-Pictures and Fuji Beauty (Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic). The Special Prize was “awarded” to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly for insufficient measures against sexual harassment. The “More Effort Needed” Prize was “awarded” to Zensho Holdings that manages Sukiya beef bowl restaurant chain. KAWAZOE Makoto, an executive committee member of the ceremony, commented, “It was very difficult to select relevant companies. Any of them was eligible for the grand prize. This shows the Labor Standards Act is widely violated and many companies are becoming more and more evil in Japan. The power of public opinion and trade unions is absolutely necessary to halt this negative tendency”. (M)
* Photo: “Yamada Denki”, the “winner”. Award received by an understudy