Sunday, November 25, 2012

“Thanks for running for the Tokyo gubernatorial election” - 1,400 join the kickoff meeting to support the liberal candidate

On November 14, 2012, a “kickoff meeting to change Tokyo” was held at the Nakano Zero Grand Hall in Tokyo in support of UTSUNOMIYA Kenji, a liberal candidate for the Tokyo governor. Despite short notice, the hall was full with 1,400 people. Utsunomiya came up to the podium after a comedian’s satirical performance. He said, “I joined the November 11 action against nukes in front of the Diet Building. Many demonstrators told me, ‘Thanks for running for the gubernatorial election’. I was really moved by them, and they made me feel even more strongly that we have a nuclear-free Tokyo”. Utsunomiya enthusiastically talked about denuclearization, antipoverty, education for children, and antidiscrimination, advocating, “A peaceful Tokyo with the Japanese Constitution being respected”. Every comment of him was applauded. The hall was filled with enthusiasm to change Tokyo together with Mr. Utsunomiya, saying farewell to the previous administration of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which was very authoritarian and discriminatory. (M)


11 14日、都知事選に出馬する宇都宮けんじさんを応援する「東京を変えるキックオフ集会」が、東京・なかのZERO大ホールで開かれた。わずかな準備期間 にもかかわらず1400人が詰めかけ満席となった。コメディアンの松元ヒロさんの痛快な風刺で沸いたあと、宇都宮さんが登壇。「私は1111日の国会前脱原発行動に参加した。その時多くの市民から“出馬してくれてありがとう”の声をもらった。それを聞いて胸が一杯になった。こうした一人ひとりの思いを受 けて、脱原発の東京を作らなくてはという気持ちが一層強くなった」。宇都宮さんは、脱原発・反貧困・子どものための教育・反差別を熱く語り「憲法が守られる平和な東京をつくっていこう」と訴えた。その一言ひとことに会場からは割れんばかりの拍手。強者と差別の政治・石原都政と決別し、宇都宮さんとともに東 京を変えようという熱気が会場を包んだ。(M  

300 join the inaugural meeting of the “Network for Exposed Workers”

On November 9, 2012, the inaugural meeting of the “Network for Exposed Workers” was held in Tokyo with nearly 300 participants. Since the 3.11 when the Great East Japan Earthquake caused the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, no end has been in sight for the nuclear disaster. Various efforts to protect safety and health of workers exposed to radiation and improve their working conditions have been made all around Japan and are now formally realized as a network. The meeting was called by union activists, medical doctors and lawyers. The venue, Kameido Bunka Center in Koto Ward, Tokyo, was filled with many people even before the start of the meeting. (Y)


11 月9日、「被ばく労働を考えるネットワーク」設立集会が都内で開かれ、300人近い参加者が集った。「311」以降、福島第一原発では先の見えない収束 作業が続いている。被ばく労働に従事する人々の安全と健康を守り、待遇改善をめざすべく全国各地で続けられてきたさまざまな取り組みが、約1年の準備期間 を経てこの日、正式にネットワークで結ばれた。労組活動家や医師、弁護士らが呼びかけた。会場となった東京・江東区の亀戸文