Thursday, October 15, 2009

Labor Film Festa 2009 Makes a Great Success with Record High 220 Viewers

On September 26, Labor Film Festa 2009 was held at Zensuido Kaikan Hall in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, in its third year. In the face of the storm of new liberalism in today's world, eight films were screened, condemning the harsh working environment through on-the-ground reporting. Viewers of the day totaled to 220, making a record for the Festa. Although the program was so tough that there was no break between films, visitors appreciated it, unanimously saying, "Time has gone by before I know it." After the Festa was over, some of the participants joined the staff members as they had a celebration in a small park near the venue with rice balls, oolong tea and beer from a shop. Blown in the wind across the Kanda River below, they enjoyed singing, exchanging senryu (17-syllable satirical or humorous poems) and discussing the films screened. The outdoor interaction party lasted until deep into the night in gaiety with encounters with new people.(Y at Reporting Section)


Observe the Constitution and Protect Human Rights! - Appeal to the Court with Talks, Senryu and Likenesses

On September 25, teachers and citizens furious about a series of unjust rulings trampling down the Constitution staged a protest, "Action for No More Outrageous Act of Court" in front of the Tokyo District Court building. As color-printed fliers with likeliness of the eight incompetent judges, including chief Judge Shigeru Nakanishi, were distributed around the court building, 1400 copies were willingly received. With baloons on the sound car, about 100 participants made it a lively appeal action. Ms. Kimiko Nezu, Ms. Ikuko Masuda and others talked in a speech relay, followed by a satirical song featuring judges by Johnny H, they visited the court, Zenshiho (all judicial workers) union and the reporters club to appeal with a call, "Observe the Constitution and protect human rights! Change for the court, too!" At the and of the action, there was a seal-putting vote for best senryu (17-syllable satirical or humorous poems). The on ereceiving the most seals by far was "Just you wait, Judges. You'd better be prepared for we will judge you some day". The runner-up was "What do judges do? They do everything but read, listen or think, I'd say", followed by "Siding with power and capital, Screaming Court, not Supreme, it is." (M) Photo flash and animation (UnionTube).

憲法を踏みにじる不当判決の連発に怒った教員・市民は、9月25日、東京裁判所前で「おかしすぎるぞ!裁判所アクション」を展開した。中西茂裁判長など8人の不適格裁判官の似顔絵カラーチラシが、裁判所周辺で配布されたが、受け取りはよく1400枚が配られた。アクションの参加者は約100名、宣伝カーにはバルーンが上がり賑やかな要請行動になった。根津公子・増田都子さんら原告のリレートーク・ジョニーHさんの裁判官風刺ソングのあと、午後から裁判所・全司法労組・記者クラブの3ヶ所に「裁判所は憲法と人権を守れ。裁判所もチェンジを」と訴えた。最後に川柳シール投票の結果が発表された。ダントツの一番人気は「裁判官 裁いてやるぞ いつの日か」、続いて「裁判官 読まない聞かない 考えない」「権力と 財界守る 最低裁」だった。(M) 写真速報動画(UnionTube)

President Ed of the Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA) and Others Protest Toyota Headquarters Day after Day, Carryin

In 2001, Toyota Motor Corporation dismissed 233 unionists including the union president, aiming to bust the labor union of its subsidiary in the Philippines. Since then, TMPCWA has been struggling for eight years. Its President Ed Cubelo and Vice President Wenecito (Wenny) came over to Japan on September 15 in order to participate in the fourth world campaign against Toyota and have been attending protest rallies around Japan. On 20 and 21 September, protest action took place toward Toyota's headquarters located in Nagoya City and the main office in Toyota City. On 20th, starting at 2:00 p.m., 80 supporters joined in street appeal action in front of the main office building of Toyota Nagoya in front of Nagoya Station. In the evening, they had a national exchange meeting. On 21st, at 7:00 a.m., they started distributing fliers while appealing to the public in front of the main office and the plant that were operating even though it was one of the consecutive bank holidays. At 9:00 a.m., they started a protest rally, followed by a visit to the office by the action representative to convey protest. On September 23, an ILO investigation team will start on-the-spot investigation in the Philippines. It is no longer allowed for Toyota to evade responsibility. Photos by Takes hi Mori: Action in front of Nagoya Station, the solidarity rally, and the action at the headquarters. * Photo: President Ed Cube lo and Vice President Winny in front of the Toyota headquarters

トヨタ自動車は2001年フィリピンの子会社の労働組合を潰すために委員長ら233名を解雇した。それ以来8年間闘い続けるフィリピントヨタ労組のエド・クベロ委員長とウエニー副委員長は、第4回反トヨタ世界キャンペーンンのために今年も9月15日から来日し、各地でトヨタ抗議の集会を開いている。20日と21日、トヨタの本拠地名古屋市と豊田市の本社に抗議行動を行った。20日午後2時から80人が名古屋駅前のトヨタ名古屋本社前で街頭宣伝を行った。夜豊田市で全国交流会を持った。そして、21日午前7時から連休にもかかわらず操業中の本社・工場等でビラまき・情宣を行い、9時から本社前で抗議集会を開き、代表者が申し入れを行った。フィリピンではILOが9月23日から現地調査団を派遣する。トヨタ本社はもはや責任逃れを許されない。・森彪の写真:名古屋駅頭:連帯交流集会:本社行動 *写真=トヨタ本社前のエド委員長とウエニー副委員長

Winter Soldiers, Rick and Adam, Visit Okinawa - Developing Solidarity with Okinawans

On September 18, in Naha, an emergency rally was organized in the wake of the "administration change". People of Okinawa moved to clearly represent their will to urge the Democratic Party of Japan to keep their words in their election pledge that they would have Futenma Airbase transferred to outside the prefecture. (About 600 people participated. See the photo.) Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, Rick Reyes and Adam Kokesh said they "wanted to see the rally". On the site, they found a rally taking place orderly, showing deep resolve. While listening to background explanation, it appeared a strong feeling of solidarity emerged in them. The organizer of the rally welcomed the two and introduced them to the rally participants as "veterans going around Japan to let people know that the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are crimes", which invited big applause. (After the rally, they marched to demand the return of Futenma and scrapping of the new base construction plan.) (Masumi Mukai, on tour with the two) Visit, and


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No More Tolerating of Massive Dismissals of "Non-Regular Workers"! -- Postal Workers Union going out on a full-day strike

On September 18, the Postal Workers Union went out on a full-day strike at three strongholds of the union chapters in the Kanto district. Among them, the Funabashi Branch of Japan Post Service Chiba attracted a total of more than 100 union members and supporters from early in the morning as they held the strike declaration rally (see the photo), virtually conquering the area in front of the main gate for more than two hours. The rally was conducted by overwhelming a team of ten plus company officials coming out for surveillance. Our strike this time was aimed at stopping massive dismissals of non-regular postal workers and drastically disadvantageous changes of the working condition that might accompany the integration of postal and door-to-door delivery services initially scheduled on October 1. We are determined to continue this struggle against firing of "non-regular workers" in the postal operations. (S at Postal Workers Union)