Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Run Away! Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education - 1,000 Supporters Gather at Rally for Principal Doi of Mitaka High School -

 On Jan. 31, about 1,000 people participated in a rally held at Suginami Public Hall in Tokyo to support Mitaka High School Principal Nobuo Doi, who objected to Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education's decision to ban vote by hand-raising. The event organizer introduced results of a survey subjected to high school teachers, which revealed totally the opposite voices to the board's research. While the board found teachers see "no problem" with the decision, the organizer's survey conveyed voices saying,"The number of teachers who raise voices (since the decision) at meetings has declined," "It has become more difficult to speak up" and "Negative impacts are seen inthe freedom of speech." "The board of education has been avoiding confrontation," Principal Doi said. "If there is anything that I did wrong, I will apologize. The board should come out to the public place and openly discuss the issue." (By Masanori Yumoto) See Video on Union Tube.

 1月31日、東京都教育委員会が出した職員会議での「挙手・採決禁止」通知へ異議を唱えた土肥信雄さん(都立三鷹高校校長・写真)を支える集会が、東京・杉並公会堂で開催された。集会には1000名が参加し、大きな盛り上がりをみせた。集会では、主催者が独自に実施した高校教員アンケートが紹介されたが、「職員会議の教員の発言数は減った」「発言しにくくなった」「言論の自由への悪影響があった」などの声が圧倒的で、都教委調査の「問題ない」とまったく逆の実態が明らかにされた。土肥校長は、「都教委はこれまで逃げてばかりいる。私に間違っている点があれば私は謝る。都教委は、公の場に出てきて討論すべきだ」と強く訴えた。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube)

Isuzu Motors Ltd. Should Take Responsibility for Employees! 300 People Protest at Headquarters

 About 300 supporters and workers from Zenzosen (All Japan Shipbuilding and Engineering Union) Isuzu Motors Branch/Shonan Union fiercely protested at Isuzu’s main headquarters in Tokyo's Omori area on Jan. 27. In cold wind, the unionists distributed fliers to employees reporting to the company and Union President Furohashi,through a microphone, accused of management of slashing employees without any second thoughts. After joining the union, 33 members are struggling in solidarity to take their jobs back. On Dec. 26, the company withdrew dismissal of seasonal workers amid escalating labor movement and heightened public criticis. But the automaker has not taken any measures for employment and housing for the temp workers except for extending rental contract of its dormitory. After the protest on this day, they held the 6th collective bargaining with the management in Fujisawa. (See Video on Union Tube)


Violent Execution of Forced Eviction at Keihin Hotel - Protesters at Picket Line Resist in Protection of Rightsto Life -

 In the morning of Jan. 25, police forced eviction of workers who took over the management of Keihin Hotel after the business went bankrupt. Having sensed the danger, the workers and a support union organized the defensive action overnight. Nearly 300 workers resisted by saying, "Don't deprive the rights to life of the employees of Keihin Hotel." Shortly after 9 a.m., the authorities ordered the riot police to attack the workers at the picket line (See photo). As the workers blocked the entry, the battle continued for 25 minutes. The raid police pulled the unionists one by one, and by 9:30 a.m. it forced entry to the hotel. "Is this the Japanese law? The police who is supposed to protect citizens should never be forgiven for taking such an action against them. We will not yield. We will spring back," said the union representative Kanamoto(photo), who fell to the ground in angry tears. (By M. See video clips on UnionTube and YouTube filmed by nikepolitics.)

 1月25日早朝、ついに倒産解雇で自主営業を続けていた京品ホテルに明け渡しの強制執行が行われた。危険を察知した当該と支援労組は、前日から徹夜で防衛態勢をとり、300人近い労働者が「京品ホテル従業員の生存権を奪うな」と訴えた。午前9時すぎ、執行官は機動隊を引き連れ、ホテル前のピケ隊に襲いかかった(写真)。ピケ隊は体を張って抵抗し、25分間も壮絶な押し合いが続いた。機動隊は一人ずつ「ゴボウ抜き」を繰り返し、ついに9時30分ホテルに突入した。当該支部の金本委員長(写真)は「これが日本の法律か。人を守るための警察がこんなことをして許されるか。このまま負けない。必ず戻ってきます」と語ると、怒りで泣き崩れた。(M) 動画2本 UnionTubeYouTube版・nikepoliticsさんの動画

Toru Hasuike Talks about Abduction Issue - Negotiation As the Only Way Out

 On Jan. 24, Asia Press Club held a lecture by Toru Hasuike(former deputy director of abductees’ families network/ photo). About 250 people packed the venue at Bunkyo Kumin Center. They listened attentively as if trying not to miss a word of the stories behind the scenes of negotiations on the abductees. Hasuike severely criticized former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi for settling the negotiation with returns of the five abductees and the deaths of eight others upon visiting North Korea on Sept. 17, 2002. Attempts to resolve through political channel have failed three times there after. “The current government and mass media have completely failed to think. We can’t resolve this issue just by blaming the North for being evil. I was considered a hardliner, but I didn’t have enough time to think about it, but now I believe negotiations are the only way out,” Hasuike said. The lecture has made audience think about the abduction issue. Photo by Asia Press Club homepage

 蓮池透さんが拉致事件を語る -「話し合いしか活路はない」
 1月24日、アジア記者クラブ主催の蓮池透さん(拉致被害者家族連絡会元副代表・写真)の講演会があった。会場の東京・文京区民センターには250人が集まり超満員。弟の拉致事件の発端から交渉の舞台裏に至る生々しい話に、観客は一言も漏らすまいと耳を傾けた。蓮池さんは、02年9月17日小泉訪朝時の「5人生存・8人死亡」という政治決着は「日本政府と北朝鮮による謀略」と厳しく批判した。その後3回にわたる政治決着はすべて失敗。「現在の政府とマスコミは思考停止になっている。北が悪いと言っているだけでは解決しない。私は強硬派といわれていたが、当時はじっくり考える余裕がなかった。今は北と話し合って活路を見いだすしかないと思っている」と語った。拉致問題に一石を投じる蓮池講演だった。 全体写真・アジア記者クラブHP 

Say No to Israel’s Occupation, Blockade - Mari Oka Lectures

 In the afternoon of Jan. 18, more than 260 people gathered at Tokyo’s Rapasu Hall for the rally to protest attack on the Gaza Strip. The movie “Rainbow” was shown and Mari Oka (photo) lectured on what we can do to help. Oka talked about persecution of Palestinians after the establishment of Israel as a nation 60 years ago and how Palestinians became refugees, as well as Israel’s occupation of the west bank of River Jordan and the Gaza Strip. She then talked about the history of blockade of the Gaza Strip three years ago, and she also said that we have allowed the genocide by overlooking tragedy of Palestinians as other peoples’matter. “The root of the problem is Israel’soccupation and blockade,” she said. “Silence means you approve. While we are at cease-fire, we should raise our voices to stop occupation and blockage.” (By Yumi Sasaki)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tent City for Jobless (movie with English title)

Tent City for Jobless over the New Years Period was opened at Hibiya Park in Tokyo. Many temp workers who were laid off gathered. Produced by Video Press. Subtitled by Internationl division of Labor Net Japan.


東京・日比谷公園で行なわれた「年越し派遣村」の記録です。この英語字幕版は、2月4 日の外国特派員協会記者会見で上映された。制作=ビデオプレス、字幕翻訳=レイバーネ ット日本国際部。