Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Union members urge Japan Post, an evil company, to settle all disputes

Staff with poor sales records are forced to stand on a stage to be bullied by managers in front of all the colleagues in office meetings; the sales quotas imposed on employees are unrealistically high; managers threaten staff by yelling at them all the time: These are examples of manifestation of the extraordinary workforce management in Japan Post, one of the largest evil employers in Japan, that have driven some of its employees into suicide from overwork. One out of six board members of the company are aged 65 or above, but 13000 non-regular workers of those ages were terminated the employment because, according to the company, “workers older than 65 are inferior to younger ones in terms of capability and tend to cause accidents.” The company is currently involved in nearly 20 cases of labor disputes and law suits. Meanwhile, the company is planning to list on the stock market in fall this year. Workers of the Japan Post started a campaign on June 17 to demand settlement of all the labor disputes before the stock listing. More than 100 workers and supporters participated in the sit-in in front of the main office, but the company fueled the anger of them by refusing the demand statement from them. In the rally held on the day, it was revealed that the chief of a post office in Koga, Ibaraki Prefecture, had threatened the collection and delivery staff by saying “I have killed a staff member working for me before.” The chief named Sukegawa is the manager who was supervising the worker of a post office in Saitama who committed suicide from overwork in 2010. Workplaces in the Japan Post are indeed abnormal. by M 

 見 せしめのお立ち台、営業ノルマ、怒鳴りあげる管理者。異常な労務管理のもとで、過労自死が起きている日本郵政の職場。役員の6人が1人が65歳以上にもか かわらず、「65歳 を超えると能力が劣り事故が増える」という理由で、非正規社員13000人 を「65歳雇い止め解雇」した日本郵政。いまや20近くの争 議・裁判が起きている労働者使い捨て企業だ。こんななか会社は今秋に株式上場を計画している。郵政労働者は、「株式上場などとんでもない。まずは全争議を解決せ よ」と迫るキャンペーンを617日 に開始した。本社前には100人以上がズラリと座りこんだ。会社は要請書 さえ受け取りを拒否する態度で、改めて参加者 の怒りを買った。またこの日の集会で、さいたまの「過労自死」に関係していた助川・古河郵便局長が「俺は一人殺したことがある」と集配職員を脅迫したこと が明らかにされた。異常な職場である。(M 

Mass demonstrations by youths: thousands gather for rally and march in Tokyo

As 25000 gathered for the rally at the Diet on June 14, 1600 attended a rally organized by the Constitution Youth Projects. In the rally held in western Tokyo, IZUTSU Takao, an ex-Ranger of the ground self-defense force, talked of the reality of armed conflicts.The participants moved to central Tokyo and made a public appeal to overturn the Abe administration and oppose to the war legislation. 3500 people, mostly the young, marched through the streets of Shibuya, a commercial district popular among youth, chanting “Step down, Abe, now, now!” and “No war, absolutely!” The march with colorful signs; rhythmic calls; drums, guitars and other music instruments; and, above all, enthusiastic appeals with smile was warmly received by the passers-by with supportive applause and responding chants. written by Johnny H, photo by Mkimpo)
  Video (5min., nosubtitles)  Photos by Mkimpo

 6 14日、国会包囲集会に25000人 が集結していた頃、東京・世田谷で行われた若者憲法集会に1600人が参 加し、元自衛隊レンジャー隊員の井筒高雄さ んが「戦争のリアリティー」について講演した。その後、「安倍政権打倒」と「戦争法反対」のアピールは、場所を変えてまだまだ続いた。渋谷の宮下公園に若 者中心に3500人が集まり、宮益坂から道玄坂そしてハチ公前のスクラン ブル交差点を抜け、神宮通り公園までを「安倍はやめろ、すぐさまやめろ」「戦争反 対、絶対反対」のシュプレヒコールを上げた。色とりどりのプラカード、リズミカルなコール、ドラムやギターなどの鳴り物、そして何よりみんなが笑顔ともに 必死に訴えるに、沿道から応援の拍手と「アベはヤメロ」のコールレスポンスが響いた。(ジョニーH
 動画(5分) *写真=ムキンポさん 

25000 surround the Diet in opposition to war legislation

An unprecedented number of people participated in the Human Chain Action to Stop War Legislation in the afternoon of June 14. The huge crowd flooding out from the exits of three subway stations near the Diet were mostly composed of middle-aged and older people, but youths and families were also found. ”Prime Minister Abe is so terrible that I couldn’t help but coming to do something,” said a woman with a sign saying “Don’t destroy the country, PM Abe!” in her hands. In the rally held in front of the main gate, speakers expressed their anger at the administration’s explanation and answers to questions in the parliamentary debate over the collective self defense right. Among them was a university student from Okinawa. ”The society will change if we, the young, speak out. I am determined to defend the article 9 of the constitution. I will never allow them to build a new U.S. military base in Henoko. Let’s change the society of this country together!” Her speech was received with a thunderous applause. All the people taking part in the action were able to hear the speeches made in front of the main gate, thanks to the 57 amplifiers that the organizer placed around the Diet building. “No war legislation!””Resign, Abe!” Some 25000 participants chanted together bearing the same desire in mind. by M


国会周辺の3つある地下鉄駅出口は人並みであふれた。6月14日午後「とめよう!戦争法案 国会包囲行動」には、かつてない規模の人々がやってきた。中高年の層が目立つが、若い人や家族連れもいた。「安倍首相!この国を壊すな!」のプラカードを 持った女性は、「安倍のひどさに何とかしなくてはという思いで来た」という。正門前集会では、この間の集団的自衛権をめぐる安倍政権の答弁・対応に怒りの 発言が続いた。沖縄の学生が登壇。「若い人が声を上げれば社会は変わる。九条を絶対に守る。辺野古に基地を絶対につくらせない。一緒に日本社会をどうにか していきましょう」と訴えると大きな拍手が起きた。この日は57個のスピーカーを国会周辺に配置したため、集会の声はすべてに行き渡った。約2万5千人の 参加者は心を一つにして「戦争法案反対」「安倍はやめろ」の声を上げた。(M) 
写真速報動画(5分52秒)写真報告(shinya)TBSニュース朝日新聞見聞録(牧子嘉丸)動画(沖縄学生の訴え 7分34秒)写真(堀切さとみ)