Sunday, December 28, 2008

ISUZU MOTORS LIMITED Accepts Union's Demand for "Continued Use of Company Dwelling Facilities"

To counter ISUZU MOTORS' plan to dismiss 1,400 fixed-term or agency-dispatched temporary employees as of December 26, collective bargaining was held with ISUZU on December 15, jointly organized by the Kanto Regional Council of the All Japan Shipbuilding and Engineering Union (ZENZOSEN), ISUZU MOTORS Chapter and Shonan Union. Unionists demanded that the cancellation of contracts be revoked, work on the ISUZU factory's premises be secured, assistance services be given for finding job openings and the permission to dwell in company housing units and dormitories be extended. The company responded as follows:
(1) It is not possible to revoke contract termination.
(2) An employment assistance office for assisting outgoing employees has been launched on the factory premises to start operation on December 9.
(3) Company dormitory residents among fixed-term employees may continue to use their rooms free of charge up to the date when the initial contracts would expire or until they find a new job or dwelling.
Photo: Flier distribution at a station (December 17)


いすゞ自動車が期間従業員・派遣従業員1,400人を12月26日で解雇しようとしている問題で、全造船機械労働組合関東地方協議会・いすゞ自動車分会、湘南ユニオンは合同で12月15日、いすゞ自動車との団体交渉を開催した。組合側の契約解除の撤回、構内への仕事確保、就業の斡旋、社宅・寮居住の延期などの要求に対し会社側は、(1)撤回には応じられない (2)就業斡旋は12月9日より工場内に再就職支援室を設置した (3)期間従業員の寮入居者は再就職・新たな住居が見つかるまで、当初の契約満了まで無料で提供する、と回答してきた。 詳細 *写真=駅頭チラシまき(12/17)

Amusing and Inspiring - Labor Festa OSAKA

The annual Labor Festa OSAKA took place on December 14 in the south wing of L-Osaka (Osaka Prefecture Labor Center). This arena of cultural expressions attracted 140 participants with a cinema "Floating Crab Cannery" and rakugo talks as well as "three-minute video clips" featuring labor-related or other social issues. Among those three-minute video clips, 14 were entries by residents of the Kansai district, including excellent entries expressing an essence of labor and life from applicants who joined the short video screening for the first time this year such as "Portraits of the Family 2008" on life of a couple and their child and "My Struggle Back to the Classroom" summarizing the participant's four-year long struggle against dismissal as punishment. Fifty-eight responses were turned in for the questionnaire, many of which gave free comments such as "It has made me feel confident that even I could make a three-minute video clip as good as any of those I saw at the Kansai festa" (Wow!) and "Next year, I would like to attend the video production seminar." The Labor Festa was amusing and inspiring while helping us to develop our thoughts. (Osahito KOYAMA)



A Big One Has Come.

Tornado Depression (upper)
Dismissal notice (middle)
Capitalism (botom)

Ichi Hana Hana

でかいのが来た  漫画 : 壱花花

No Way to Tolerate On-the-Fly Dismissal - Workers Approach Canon Headquarters, Oita

On December 10, the Canon Chapter of Gaten-kei Rentai (Japan Construction and Transport Industry Workers Solidarity Union) visited the Canon headquarters in Oita to make request concerning the downsizing in a scale over 1100. Union Chapter President Shuhei KATO (Photo on the left, a temporary worker of an employment agency) sharply demanded a response saying, "Do you know about what is happening to us? We are told to leave the very day we get a dismissal notice and leave the dormitory on that day as well." The unionists' letter of request includes priority appointment of current sub-contracted employees as fixed-term regular employees of the company and permission for dwelling in the dormitory until new employment is found among other things. The photo on the right is General Affairs officers that would not receive the letter of request. (Tokachi TSUCHIYA)



Tokyo East Union under National Union of General Workers Holds Collective Bargaining with THE JAPAN GENERAL ESTATE on Withdrawn Employment Offers

Concerning the withdrawal of 53 employment offers by THE JAPAN GENERAL ESTATE, we at the NUGW Tokyo East Union held collective bargaining with the company in Tokyo. At the beginning of the meeting, representatives of the company bowed their head in apology, saying "We are sorry that we have caused trouble for you by withdrawing employment offers." To this, we responded, "Why is President Makoto NISHIMARU absent?" and "The company should appologize at a press conference." The company representatives had offered financial compensation of \420,000 per person (two-month salaries on a basis of the initial basic monthly wage of \210,000). However, after the students concerned joined the union and took action including a press conference, they raised the sum to one million yen. (SUDA at Tokyo Tobu Union) (Refer to the related blog.) Photo: Meeting before the collective bargaining


日本綜合地所が53人の採用内定を取り消した問題で、私たち全国一般東京東部労組は12月9日、会社との団体交渉を都内の会議室で開催しました。交渉の冒頭で会社側の出席者は立ち上がって「内定取り消しでご迷惑をおかけしたことをお詫びいたします」と頭を下げました。これに対して、私たちは「西丸誠社長がなぜ出席していないのか」「マスコミを前に謝罪するべきだ」と追及しました。会社側は内定取り消し後、1人42万円(初任給の基本給21万円×2ヶ月)を金銭補償として学生たちに提示していましたが、学生が組合に加入し記者会見などをやった後に1人100万円に増額しました。(東部労組・須田) 詳細(当該ブログ)*写真=団交前の打合せ

Dispatched Workers Are Humans, Not Items - More Than 2000 Gather at December 4 Hibiya Rally

On December 4 evening, a rally was held in the Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall, Tokyo, for drastic revision of the Worker Dispatching Law, with about 2,000 participants virtually occupying all seats. In response to a call by fifteen individuals including Satoshi KAMATA, a broad range of unionists gathered across party lines from National Union, Zenrokyo, Zenroren, Zennikken, Zenkowan, Kokuro, Doro Chiba, and small and middle-sized enterprise unions as well as political party representatives from the Democratic Party of Japan, Japan Communist Party, Social Democratic Party and the People's New Party, who extended messages. Temporary workers in the midst of struggles against ISUZU, Canon, Panasonic, tour escorts dispatching agencies and Goodwill received greatest applause when they stood on the stage, carrying a sign "Dispatched Workers Are Humans, not Items." The rally was full of enthusiasm to unite all voices that no bill for false improvement of the Worker Dispatching Law would be tolerated.



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anti-war and Resistance Festival Demonstration with Loud Music

Photos by Mukimbo (On Nov. 30/ At Shibuya)  Mukimbo Photo Museum  ・“Anti-war and Resistance Festival” Blog


 写真撮影=ムキンポさん(11月30日・渋谷) ムキンポ写真館 ・「反戦と抵抗の祭」ブログ 

Protest Against Revoking of Job Offers ~ Students Stand Up, Unionize

On Nov. 28, the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu held a press conference at Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry for 53 university senior students whose job offers were revoked. (See photo) They were to start work at The Japan General Estate Co next spring. We announced to the press that some of the students joined the Tokyo Tobu and decided to resolve the case through collective bargaining with the company. The Tokyo Tobu and non-profit organization Labor Consultation Center have been receiving an increasing number of calls from university students about cancellation of job offers amid the global financial crisis. At the time jobs are unofficially offered, the relationship between labor and management is already established. Annulment of the offers without compensation should not be forgiven. The students who joined the Tokyo Tobu said they were able to encourage others who are experiencing the same struggle because they decided to stand up for their rights. (By Ari Sugano, Tokyo Tobu)


History and Beauty of Satirical Cartoons ~ MediR Workshop Opens

From Nov. 29-30, MediR held a series of seminar, “Let’s laugh off authorities! Workshop on satirical cartoon,” at Waseda University and welcomed a South Korean satirical cartoon researcher, Lee Kijin, as a lecturer. The workshop discussed a wide range of issues such as how Japanese and South Korean satirical cartoons are regarded nowadays, how Japanese artists supported war during World War II, and on the Muhammad satirical cartoon case and freedom of expression in cartoons. On the last day of the workshop, Lee taught how to draw satirical cartoons (Lee Kijin, photo right), and participants critiqued each other’s work. The workshop helped convey the beauty of satirical cartoons and reaffirmed the art as one of media with which citizens can express themselves. (By Ichihanahana)



Behind Coercion of “Kimigayo” ~ Evening with Film “I Will Not Give Up,” Lecture

On Nov. 26, about 200 people gathered at Tokyo’s Nakano Zero Hall to see a documentary, “I Will Not Give Up – Resistance to Stand for Kimigayo National Anthem,” and hear political scientist, Osamu Watanabe, speak for an hour on neo-liberalistic educational reform, which, he sees, lies behind the government’s coercion to stand up for Kimigayo. “What the financial sector wants is to change schools into places where they raise elites and obedient workers necessary for corporations by brining market fundamentalism. Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara suppressed teachers’ resistance force by holding teachers’ conferences only for formality, and enforcing teachers to stand up for the national anthem because he needed to control them for his reforms,” Watanabe said. In order to protest, we must “begin reconstructing unions and bring together comrades.” Watanabe’s lecture was thought-provoking for the future struggle. (M)



Stop Dispatch of Troops, Refueling Mission! ~ 6th Rally at Diet

As deliberations are about to end at extraordinary parliamentary session on extension of Japan’s anti-terrorism special law that allows dispatch of Japanese troops and refueling mission, the 6th protest rally was held from 12:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at upper house parliamentarians hall on Nov. 18. Protesters from citizens’ groups and labor unions, including an organization for making good use of the Constitution for daily life and Zenrokyo (the national conference of labor unions), demanded that the parliament continue interrogation of former Air Self-Defense Force (ASDF) General Toshio Tamogami on his essay, which justified Japan’s wartime aggression, and dissolve to ask public opinion before passing the law. Members of a group to stop revision of Article 9 also carried out a sit-in protest against extension of refueling mission in the Indian Ocean and making the SDF dispatch a permanent law. (By Minoru Daichi; Photo by group to protect Article 9)

派兵給油新法延長するな! 第6波国会前集会が行われる
 臨時国会で新テロ特措法(派兵給油新法)の延長の審議が大詰めを迎えているなか、「派兵給油新法延長反対!第6波国会前集会」が、11月18日の12.30~13.30まで参議院議員会館前路上で行われた。呼びかけは「憲法を生かす会」「全労協」など市民・労働団体で、「田母神前・航空幕僚長のとんでもない論文問題をわずか一度の参考人喚問で終わらせるな。重要法案の強行をする前に国会は解散して民意を問うべき」などと訴えた。また9条改憲阻止の会の人たちも「インド洋給油延長反対! アフガン派兵反対! 自衛隊海外派兵恒久法の制定を許すな!」のスローガンの横断幕と共に、粘り強く座り込み抗議活動を続けていた。(大地実) 写真(9条改憲阻止の会)

Osaka Government to Dismiss 346 Teachers on Non-Regular Contract in March

The Osaka prefectural government plans to dismiss 346 teachers on non-regular contract next spring. They assist regular, full-time teachers with home-economics and science labs at Osaka public schools, as well as making copies. They have been employed and laid off by semester, but they were proud of being a part of educational institution for years even on poor working conditions. Now, schools are about to dismiss them. A mass layoff of all of them would bring chaos to the place of education. This is not something the government should push through even if it is considered an employment reform. We ask you to watch footages of non-regular teachers who stood up for their rights (Photo taken at Danketsu Solidarity Festival), and we ask for your support in this struggle. (By Nakama Union member, Keiichi Idekubo) Non-regular teachers demand. (Video) See clips on UnionTube.

来年3月 大阪府が学校非正規職員346人を首切り!

 大阪府は、家庭科や理科の実習助手やプリント印刷を一手に引き受ける教務補助員として大阪府立学校で働いている非正規職員346人を、来年3月で一斉に解雇します。数ヶ月単位で採用と解雇を繰り返す「学期雇用」、年収105万円という劣悪な労働条件でも、教育活動の一環を担っているという誇りを持って何十年も働いて来た労働者を解雇しようというのです。全員解雇となれば教育現場の混乱は必至です。雇用政策として考えても行政がやることではありません。声を上げた非正規職員の皆さんの映像(写真・団結まつり)をぜひご覧いただき、ご支援お願いします。(なかまユニオン・井手窪啓一) 非正規職員の訴え(動画)