Monday, February 28, 2011

I want to clear my name! An appeal court for the Anti Restructuring Union in Fuji Sankei starts

“A company which ignores fabrication of reports dismisses a worker for forming a union. This is outrageous and in-excusable!” Hiroshi Matsuzawa, the President of the Union Against Restructuring in the Fuji-Sankei Communication Group, raised his voice in front of the Tokyo High Court on February 8. Matsuzawa set up an independent union in January 1994 to oppose the yellow union at Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (Business & Technology Daily News), one of the Fuji-Sankei group companies and was dismissed as a disciplinary measure. He has been fighting unsuccessfully for 17 years in the Labor Commission and the courts. This was the first hearing of the appeal court. A robot showed up for the support, gathering much attention and Matsuzawa made the opening statement in tears saying, “I want to clear my name for the sake of my infant children.” (M)

「記事のねつ造があっても、全く不問に付して何の処分もしない会社が、組合をつくったということだけで“懲戒解雇”。こんなバカなことは絶対に認められない」。反リストラ産経労の松沢弘委員長は、2月8日午後、東京高裁前でマイクを握り声を張り上げた(写真)。松沢さんは、1994年1月にフジサンケイグループの日本工業新聞社で労使癒着の産経労組に異を唱え、新組合(反リストラ産経労)を立ち上げたが“懲戒解雇”された。その撤回を求めて17年間の争議。しかし労働委員会・地裁では敗訴し、この日は「起死回生」を賭けた控訴審初日だった。支援のロボット人形も登場して注目を集めるなか、法廷で松沢さんは「幼い子供のためにも汚名を晴らしたい」と涙の冒頭陳述を行った。(M) 動画(UnionTube)  ・写真(ロボットがビラまき)・反リストラ産経労HP 

210 gathered to protest against the coercion of Hinomaru Kimigayo

On February 6, a protest rally against the coercion of Hinomaru Kimigayo was held at the Tokyo Shigoto Center. Right-wing groups gathered twelve sound trucks in front of the venue to thunder out the Imperial Rescript on Education and jeer at the meeting repeatedly. Despite the obstruction from the rightist groups, 210 people attended the meeting, which was packed and successful. There were 18 speakers, excluding those who gave the main speech, singing, resolution and action proposal. All the speeches were exposing concrete facts on what is happening and how absurd the situation has become. (Hidekiyo Watabe)

2月6日、「日の丸・君が代強制反対 2・6総決起集会」が開かれました。すでに開場前から、東京しごとセンター前の道路に右翼の該当宣伝カーが12台ほど来て、大音響で「教育勅語」を流したり、私たちに対する罵声を繰り返していました。こうした右翼の動きにもかかわらず、主催者の予想を上回る210名の参加で、会場も超満員となり、集会は成功しました。集会では、基調報告、歌、講演、集会決議、行動提起を除き、計18人が発言しました。いずれも、現在起きている具体的な問題を暴露するもので、私たちを取り巻く情勢が、いかに理不尽なものになってきているかを物語るものばかりでした。(渡部秀清)

Emergency action at the Egyptian Embassy – Criticism for Maehara remarks

February 5 was a day of solidarity for the Egyptian people. In the afternoon, an emergency action was held in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Meguro-ku. 35 people attended the meeting and took up the microphone to speak in turns. There was a report of the meeting and parade of the Egyptian students in Japan, held on the same day. The participants criticized the remarks of Maehara, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, casting doubts on the immediate resignation of Mubarak, accused the US and Japan for supporting dictatorial regimes and expressed fear for further Israeli suppression of the Palestinian people. The meeting received a solidarity message from a Tunisian expatriate in Japan and concluded the meeting by chanting to the Embassy. Interests for the Egyptian people’s movement have spread through Twitter and Al Jezeera, so we hope to strengthen our voice of solidarity. ( Hiroshi Sugihara)


DVD “Iraq Veterans Speaking Up” depicts current situation of the US peace movement

Last year, three leading activists of the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) visited Japan. They were the former chair, Geoffery Millard, the executive director Jose Vasquez and the new chair Garret Reppenhagen. The new DVD by the IVAW features the current activities of IVAW and the expectations of the three for the peace movement in Japan. It is the sixth DVD in the Iraq Veteran series by the Mabui Cine Coop. Eight years have passed since the US occupation of Iraq. Please see this DVD and get to know the recent trends in the US peace movement. (Osamu Kimura)
Website of Mabui Cine Coop

昨年、反戦イラク帰還兵の会(IVAW)の三人の中心的活動家が来日しました。前議長のジェフリー・ミラード、事務局長のホゼ・バスクェズ、そして新議長となったギャレツト・レパンヘーガンでした。このDVDは、IVAWが今どういう運動をしているのか、そして三人の日本の平和運動への期待をクローズ・アツプした内容となっています。マブイシネコープの「イラク帰還兵」シリーズはこれで五作目となりました。米軍によるイラク占領八周年の今、アメリカ反戦運動の最新の動向の一端を知ってほしいと思います。ぜひご活用ください。(木村修) マブイシネコープHP 

Reinstate President Shiota -- Victorious order for the Hankyu Travel Support Case

“Reinstate Shiota as a tour conductor”, this was the order of the Tokyo Labor Commission on February 4. It was a complete victory for the Hankyu Travel Support Local of the National Union of General Workers’ Tokyo Tobu. Temporary tour conductors at HTS including Takuji Shiota formed the union in January 2007 to improve the harsh working conditions of long working hours and low wages. Alarmed by the unionization, the company and the travel agency industry set up a company union and took away work assignments from Shiota. The company claimed that the interview Shiota gave to the “Weekly Kinyobi” on February 20, 2009 constituted defamation to the company’s reputation and virtually dismissed him. After two years’ hearings, the Tokyo Labor Commission admitted the union busting by the company and ordered reinstatement and back-pay. Shiota, the President of the local, said “I just wanted public acknowledgement that I did the right thing.” at the press conference at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. (M)
Reports on the Uniontube and blog of the unionPhoto; Shiota gets victorious orders (Feb.4)

「主文 塩田を添乗業務に復帰させること」。2月4日、東京都労働委員会は組合側全面勝利の命令を出した。塩田卓嗣さんたち「阪急トラベルサポート(HTS)」の派遣添乗員は、2007年1月東京東部労組HTS支部を結成し、長時間・低賃金・過酷な労働を改善する運動を開始した。これに驚愕した旅行業界・会社側は、第2組合を育成しただけでなく「週刊金曜日」(2009年2月20日号)の塩田インタビュー記事を「名誉毀損」だとして、塩田さんの仕事を奪い、事実上の解雇を強行した。2年にわたる審理を経て、都労委は、会社の組合つぶしの意図を明確に認定し「職場復帰」とバックペイの支払いを命じた。塩田委員長は厚労省の記者会見で「自分が正しかったことを公に認めてほしかった」とたたかいを貫いた思いを語った。(M) 報告・動画(UnionTube)  ・当該ブログ   *写真=勝利命令をかちとった塩田さん(2/4 厚労省前)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Worst Possible Verdict ~ Tokyo High Court Upsets Lower-Court’s Ruling

Tokyo High Court turned over the lower-court’s verdict on the singing of “Kimigayo” national anthem on Jan. 28. The lower court ruled on Sept. 21, 2006, that freedom of thought and conscience is granted to educators and there should be no obligation to sing the national anthem. It also ruled that the coercion by the Tokyo Metropolitan education board was against constitution. It was a landmark verdict and encouraging to the teachers who tried to believe in their conscientiousness. But the verdict at Tokyo High Court turned out miserable. Expressions on the faces of about 200 plaintiffs and supporters stiffened when they heard the report in front of the court house. “The judge made the decision even before he considered our plea and claims. It was the worst verdict we could think of,” the head of the plaintiffs, Miyamura, said in a microphone. “The Japanese court is dead!” By M. See UnionTube *Photo: Lawyer (center) reporting a verdict to plaintiffs and supporters, and leading plaintiff, Miyamura (right).

 1月28日午後1時すぎ、東京高裁(民事24部・都築弘裁判長)で「君が代」強制をめぐる裁判の判決があった。原告は都の教職員395人。一審の難波判決(2006年9月21日)は、「教員には思想信条の自由があり国歌斉唱義務はない。都教委の強制は憲法違反」という画期的なもので、良心を貫く教員を鼓舞したものだった。しかし、この日の控訴審判決は無残なものだった。判決が伝えられると、裁判所前で待っていた約200人の原告・支援者の顔がこわばった。宮村原告団長はマイクを握り「すべて門前払いの内容。考えられる中で最悪の判決だ」と震える声で語った。ある支援者は裁判所に向かって「日本の裁判所は死んだのか!」と叫び続けた。(M) ・動画(UnionTube) *写真=報告する弁護士(中央)と宮村原告団長(右)

Freelancers Stand Up to Get Unpaid Salary when Magazine Going Out

The world-renowned fashion magazine, “Harper’s Bazaar,” ended its publication of Japanese edition in December. Writers, editors and page designers who were involved in publishing the magazine have not been paid. The company refused to hold collective bargaining sessions with “Shuppan Nets,” a labor union for freelancers. The Shuppan Nets filed a complaint at Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Council for unfair labor practice and held a press conference at the Labor Ministry on Jan. 27 (see photo). “I worked as a freelance writer for more than 10 years, and I was proud of my work, but I feel sad that things of such nature happened. I am confused,” a writer said. (By TA)

出版ネッツ: フリーランスが雑誌休刊による代金未払いに立ち上がる

Irresponsible! Company Revived Old JAL Logo ~ 300 Protest at Headquarters in Anger

About 300 people gathered in front of Japan Airlines headquarters in Tokyo’s Tennozu Isle to protest against a mass layoff on Jan. 25 with more than 50 union flags raised.
Leading plaintiff, Taeko Uchida (flight attendant), shouted at the executive office in JAL building. “You spent 8.6 billion yen to revive the crane logo,” Uchida said. “This reminds all of us of the major JAL accident. If the management fails to think about it, that by itself proves the company is irresponsible.” Another leading plaintiff, Yamaguchi (cabin crew), said, “I am going to the unemployment office tomorrow. Chairman Kazuo Inamori told us last January that he would make an effort to make all the employees happy. Is this the happiness you were talking about, to send your workers to the unemployment office?” JAL members expressed anger one after another. (By M) See video clips of Uchida’s speech, interview with a flight attendant. Cabin Crew Union HP

 1月25日午後3時から、整理解雇後初の社前抗議行動が取り組まれた。東京・天王洲アイルのJALビルの前には50以上の組合旗がたなびき、約300人が集まった。内田原告団長(客室乗務員)は、JALビルの役員室に向かって声をふりしぼる。「あなたたちは86億円もかけて鶴丸ロゴを復活させた。あのロゴは日航事故の歴史を思い出させるロゴでもあるんです。そうした気持ちに心を馳せることのできない経営者は、それだけでも失格です!」。山口原告団長(運航乗務員)は「私は明日ハローワークに行く。稲盛会長は昨年1月に社員の幸せのために努力する、と言った。あなたの幸せとは社員をハローワークに送り込むことか!」。発言は「怒り、怒り」の連続だった。(M) ・動画(内田団長の訴え) ・動画(客室乗務員インタビュー) ・キャビンクルーユニオンHP 

Do Not Reprimand for ‘Kimigayo’ ~ Kimiko Nezu, others protest at Tokyo Govt Office

As March approaches, Tokyo educators begin to show anxiety and frustration. That’s because teachers will be forced to stand up and sing Kimigayo national anthem. To fight off the negative feeling, 21 members of a group to stop Tokyo government from dismissing teachers for refusing to comply with Kimigayo order protested at Tokyo Government Office on Jan. 24. Kimiko Nezu (photo), who was suspended for six months at three different times in the past but still decided to refuse to stand up for the national anthem, spoke through a microphone. “I would never be able to support a government that tries to mold children to be its tools,” she said. The group ended up distributing 850 leaflets with political satire on Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, who is known for his rightist views. In seven years of Ishihara administration, 430 teachers were reprimanded. In the end, no teacher could say his/her opinion, and schools in Tokyo are almost being suffocated by his rule. The group plans to fortify its actions until March. (By M) The group HP

 3月が近づくと都の教職員の不安・イライラが募ってくる。卒業式でまた「君が代」強制が行われるからだ。そんなムードを吹き飛ばすように、1月24日午前8時、「君が代」解雇をさせない会メンバー21人は、都庁前で元気に街頭宣伝を行なった。過去に停職6月処分を3回受け、今年も「不起立」を決意した根津公子さん(写真)がマイクを握り、「子どもたちを国家の具にすることには加担できない」と訴える。石原都知事を風刺した漫画入りチラシの受け取りはよく、850枚を撒ききった。石原都教委のもと7年間で、430名という大量の教職員が処分された。その結果、もの言う教員がいなくなり、学校は管理教育で「窒息寸前」の状態になっている。「解雇させない会」は、3月にむけていっそう運動を強めていく予定だ。(M) 解雇させない会HP   

Long Way to US Embassy ~ Protest Letter on Helicopter Plant in Takae, Okinawa

The United States Embassy in Tokyo refused to accept a protest letter on a helicopter plant in Takae, Okinawa prefecture, on Jan. 16. We told the people of the embassy on the phone that we are going in a group, and they told us that they would receive us even on weekend.
So then, we went on Jan. 19 in a group of six during the day on a weekday when the embassy is open to hand protest letters from many of our brothers and sisters.
As we were walking around the US Embassy around 4:15 p.m. before the appointment, police surrounded us (see photo). Some embassy staff came out and said they will meet us on condition that there were only three of us. They allowed no pictures. The staff left after telling us just that. The police remained stuck to us. Finally only three of us went to the main gate of the US Embassy to hand the protest letters. We handed them to a guard. (By Ryota Sono) Video of Jan. 19 (You Tube) Video of Jan. 16 (You Tube) Demonstration at US Embassy on Feb. 20

 1月16日の「沖縄・高江の米軍ヘリパッド工事に抗議する申し入れ」に対して、アメリカ大使館は「土日は受け取らない」と言って受け取りを拒否。アポイントの電話ではみんなで行くことを伝え、「土日も受け取る」と言われたのに。そこでみなさんから預かった申し入れ文を確実に渡すために向こうの不当な条件に完全に合わせて、1月19日「大使館が開館してる平日昼・6人だけ」で行きました! アポのとおり、16:15から申し入れを行なおうとアメ大近くの道路を歩いていた所、またも警察が集合して私たちを封鎖(写真)。そこにアメリカ大使館側の職員がいきなりやってきて、「代表3名のみ・撮影無し通行可」という条件を告げていきなり帰ってしまった。警察もそれに固執して譲らずに膠着状態。申し入れ書を確実に渡すために、3名だけ・撮影無しでアメリカ大使館正門前へ行き、警備員に手渡ししました。(園良太) ・19日の映像(YouTube)16日の映像(YouTube)  ・2/20アメリカ大使館デモ

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stay alert – Don’t underestimate Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s discriminatory remarks against lesbians and gays

When I heard Ishihara make such remarks, I felt some kind of resignation rather than anger. I was angry, of course, but I also had such a feeling as “It’s him again” at the same time. Supposedly I became insensitive to what he said, because I was tired of his discriminatory remarks many times, considering his term ending this April. However, as time went by, I thought it was too dangerous to ignore this affair as very few criticized Ishihara’s hate speeches. Dangerous is this Japanese society that tolerates discrimination and xenophobia, rather than Ishihara himself. (Ichihanahana)* Photo: Meeting to question “Ishihara’s discriminatory remarks” joined by 357 (Nakano, Tokyo on January 14, 2011)

 今回の石原発言を聞いた直後は、「また!」という怒りよりも、「またか」という諦めに近い感情を抱いてしまった。怒りの感情を持ったことはもちろんのことであるが、同時に「ああ、またコイツ言っているよ」というキワモノ扱いをして終わりにしようとする自分がいた。どうせ4月に任期が終るのだから、と。石原の言動には何度も傷つけられてきたから、感覚が麻痺してしまったのかもしれない。しかし日が経つにつれて、あまりにも石原発言への批判の世論が小さいのを見て、これはまずいのではないかと思えてきた。石原個人がまずいというよりも、差別・排外主義者を通すこの社会が。(壱花花)  *写真=357人が参加した「石原発言」集会(1/14・東京中野)

Victorious reconciliation in Akashi Shoten: Assistant union local leader returns to work

On December 28, 2010, we Akashi Shoten Publication Union (Tokyo Union Akashi Shoten Local) succeeded in winning reconciliation in favor of us in our claim for remedies, which was made to the Tokyo Labor Relations Commission against the publisher’s discrimination against the union and union busting, or unfair labor practice. Both of the labor and management of the publication company agreed to strive for establishing their healthy relationship in the future. Remarkable were that Mr. Sagawa, assistant leader of the local, had his suspension repealed and returned to work, and that the management paid 3 million yen (36,500 US dollars) to him in the settlement and virtually admitted its unfair labor practice against him. We really appreciate your warm-hearted support for us to settle this issue. (Akashi Shoten Publication Union) – Relevant blog * Photo: Protest action on April 23, 2010

 2010年12月28日、私たち明石書店労働組合(東京ユニオン明石書店支部)が東京都労働委員会に行っていた一連の組合差別・組合つぶし(不当労働行為)の救済申し立てが、組合側の勝利的和解で一括解決。労使双方が今後健全な関係確立に努力することに協定しました。特筆すべきは、佐川副支部長の雇止め撤回・原職復帰、さらには会社側が組合に対して解決金300万円を支払い、過去の不当労働行為を事実上認めたことです。今回の解決にあたり、みなさんからのあたたかいご声援・ご支援、ほんとうにありがとうございました。(明石書店労組) ・当該ブログ *写真=2010年4月23日の抗議デモ

Settlement reached for dismissal of 8 Brazilian workers at Otsu District Court

On January 11, 2011, a settlement was reached for the firing of eight Brazilian workers at Otsu District Court in Shiga Prefecture, western part of Japan. Although the details cannot be disclosed, the plaintiffs are happy with the settlement. We were moved by a comment made by one of the Brazilian union members at a press conference, “It would have been impossible for us to reach such reconciliation without the assistance of the defense team and the union”. The Brazilian workers have changed considerably in their struggle. Great many temporary and subcontract workers in the manufacturing industry have been fired since the financial crisis in Japan, including Shiga Prefecture. One characteristic in the prefecture is that many of the dismissed are migrant workers like Brazilians. (Idekubo Keiichi, Nakama Union) * Photo: Defense team and plaintiffs at press conference at Otsu District Court, far right

 1月11日、大津地裁でブラジル人労働者8名解雇事件が和解成立しました。内容は公表できませんが、原告は、今回の和解を喜んでいます。記者会見で、「弁護団と組合の協力がなかったら、自分たちだけでは、こんな解決はできなかった」とブラジル人組合員が語っていたのには、感激。彼らも闘いの中で、ずいぶん変わりました。リーマンショック後、製造業の派遣・下請け労働者が大量に解雇されましたが、滋賀県でも同様な事態が発生し、大量の非正規労働者が雇い止め・解雇されました。その多くがブラジル人などの外国人だったことが、滋賀県の特徴でした。(なかまユニオン・井手窪啓一) *写真=大津地裁で会見する弁護団と原告(右端)

This is the “Reality of haken dispatched workers”! – Furious about “Facts of haken dispatched work” issued by Japan Staffing Services Association

On January 8, 2011, a rally called “Do women want temporary work? No!” and “This is the Reality of haken dispatched workers” was held in Tokyo (photo). This meeting was hosted by a working team of the Action Center for Working Women (AWC2). The Worker Dispatching Act remains under deliberation in Japan’s parliamentary session, but dispatched work-related problems, such as the termination of contracts and illegal dispatch, still continue. Dispatched workers do not want further labor market deregulation and are furious about being used for labor supply and demand adjustment or treated as a disposable. A booklet disclosed by the Japan Staffing Services Association called “Facts of haken dispatched work” has too many distortions, making anger of dispatched workers reach the boiling point. To counter the booklet, the action center created its booklet called “Reality of haken dispatched workers” in order to disseminate the real situations about dispatched work and workers. (Ozawa Kuniko)


“Most Evil Corporation of the Year” Award for 2010 – Nominations wanted!

The Asia Pacific Resource Center (PARC) is going to offer the “Most Evil Corporation of the Year” Award for 2010. The nominees include Zensho that runs Sukiya beef bowl restaurant chain, which the Tokyo Young Contingent Workers' Union protests. Other evil companies are shown on the PARC web page. The web site says, “We are waiting for ‘nominees’ from you through Twitter. Please send us any evil company name(s) for you but make sure to write the reason(s). Our Twitter account is @parc_jp. Or you can access for posting. Web posting starts from around January 20, 2011, and the award for 2010 will be announced in February!” (Yamada Shingo) * Photo: Campaign logo

 アジア太平洋資料センター(PARC)がブラック企業大賞2010というのをやっています。首都圏青年ユニオンが闘うゼンショー・すき家もエントリーされています。他にもブラック企業はあるので、思い当たる方はサイトを見てください。以下、サイトから。「現在、ツイッターにて皆様から“ノミネート企業”を募集中です。“この企業こそがブラック!”と思う企業名と、その理由・根拠を必ず書いて、投稿してください。投稿先のツイッター・アカウント名は @parc_jp です。あるいは からどうぞ。WEB投票は、2011年1月20日頃からで、2月中に2010年の“ブラック企業大賞”を大公開!します」(山田真吾)  *写真=キャンペーンロゴ