Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"'Low Price Is Love.' ― Really?" Video Screening in Protest against Seiyu's Low-price Competition Strategy

On December 23, in front of the Seiyu Sangenjaya store, the DHL Union (a chapter of the Japan Construction and Transport Industry Workers Solidarity Union) staged a protest action by means of video screening. The DHL Union organizes truck drivers exclusively contracted for Seiyu Ltd., a major supermarket chain, and Seiyu is the first player in the retail business to operate "24 hours a day, 365 days a year" as well as to employ a low-price strategy with products such as "298-yen lunch" and "850-yen jeans." Their price reduction policy is squeezing those who actually sweat at their work. Severe cost reduction is resulting in frequent occurrences of occupational injuries including bone fractures, ligament damages and head injuries, with which DHL or Seiyu has not coped properly. The DHL Union plans to take protest action in front of the shop during the Christmas and New Year sales campaigns.
(Tokachi Tsuchiya, Solidarity Union)


Cabaret and Nightclub Union Formed for Nightspot Workers! 

All Freeters Union (Part-timer, Arbeiter, Freeter & Foreign Worker Union) formed a union, Cabaret/Club Union, for people working in the liquor business, followed by a press release on December 22, starting at 14:00 p.m. at the reporters club at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to announce the foundation of the union (see the photo). This union aims to eliminate discrimination and prejudice toward "the liquor business" (entertaining and catering business) as well as to correct illegal labor practices such as penal systems imposing large amounts of penalties, checking off and others forced upon workers as "nightspot norms." On December 27, they will launch a cabaret/club hot line for providing consultation to workers in the business. (From 12:00 to 22:00 on 27th at 03-3373-0180) Also, they plan to hold intensive consultation sessions after the New Year Day. Before despairing at the outrageousness of the liquor business, I hope people will visit the Cabaret and Nightclub Union for consultation.
A Cabaret and Nightclub Union supporter, Yu Negoro

水商売で働く人々のための組合 「キャバクラユニオン」結成!
フリーター全般労働組合は水商売で働く人々のための労働組合「キャバクラユニオン」を結成し、12月22日14時から厚生労働省記者クラブにて結成記者会見を行なった(写真)。この組合は、「水商売」(接待飲食業)で働く人々に向けられてきた差別や偏見を廃し、多額の罰金制度や天引きなど「夜の常識」として強いられている違法な労働慣行を是正するためにつくられた。今月27日には、同業種で働く人々の相談にのる「キャバクラホットライン」を開設する(27日12時から22時まで:03-3373-0180)。また、年明けには集中相談会なども行う予定。水商売の理不尽さにあきらめる前に、是非キャバクラユニオンに相談をして欲しい。(キャバクラユニオンサポーター 根来祐)

Seeing, Listening and Being Moved ― 220 Gather at Labor Festa

The Labor Festa 2009 was held on December 19, lively with a theme, "To Create, to Change and to Enjoy." The Women's Plaza in Shibuya, Tokyo, hosted 220 participants, who fully enjoyed the workers' festival. Held as an event marking the end of the year, the Festa in 2009 was its eighth session. This time, particular efforts were put into the music project entitled "Let's Create and Sing Labor Songs" as well as the presentation of senryu, or satirical version of haiku, attracting attention since the previous year, that were submitted by senryu lovers among the general participants. Literary arts, music and images ― each of those works exhibited that day was as fine as any others. I am appreciating the impression anew that we have so many talented people among brothers and sisters fighting together. "Struggle creates culture, and culture gives strength to struggle." Exactly as a leaflet sold at the site says, I had a fulfilling day with deep realization of the infinite potential of workers and citizens. (Y) Photo flash * Photo: Awards being announced for excellent senryu pieces

「つくる・変える・楽しむ」をテーマに2009年の「レイバーフェスタ」が12月19日にぎやかに開催された。東京・渋谷のウイメンズプラザに220人が集い、働くものの祭典を存分に楽しんだ。一年の締めくくりを飾るこのイベントも今回で8度目。今年は、昨年来注目を浴びつつある川柳の公募作品の発表と「レイバーソングをつくろう・歌おう」と題した音楽企画に、特に力を入れた。文芸、楽曲、そして映像。この日披露された作品は、どれも甲乙つけがたい素晴らしいものばかりだった。こんなに才能あふれる人々が、闘う仲間のなかにまだまだたくさんいるんだと、私は感動を新たにした。「闘いは文化を生み、文化は闘いを進める」、会場で新発売された冊子にある言葉そのとおりの、労働者・市民の無限の可能性を実感した、充実した一日だった。(Y) 写真速報  *写真=川柳賞の発表風景

Unjust Ruling by Supreme Court ― In the Lawsuit against Disguised Contracting of Matsushita Plasma Display

On the December 18 afternoon, the Second Petty Bench of the Supreme Court (chaired by Chief Justice Yukio Takeuchi) gave an unjust ruling rejecting all items in Mr. Tsutomu Yoshioka's petition except for the one for compensation for harassment toward Mr. Yoshioka (Mobile cell phone flash by Ko Kurogane).
Unjustly dismissed after accusing Matsushita Plasma Display for its disguised contracting practices, Mr. Tsutomu won a complete victory on April 25 at the Osaka High Court when the court ordered that the dismissal be revoked. The epoch-making significance of the High Court ruling lies in that the disguised contracting Mr. Yoshioka was forced to be engaged in was tried under the Article 6 of the Labor Standards Law banning intermediate exploitation as well as Article 44 of the Employment Security Law banning the worker brokering business, which ruling gave hope to non-regular workers. The recent ruling of the Supreme Court absolutely denied the High Court decision. A reporting rally will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Employment Service Center in the evening. (Yoshioka-kai)

松下プラズマディスプレイの偽装請負を告発し、不当解雇された吉岡力さんは08年4月25日、大阪高裁で解雇撤回の全面勝利を手にしていた。高裁判決の画期的意義は、吉岡さんが強いられた偽装請負を、労働者供給事業を禁じた職業安定法44条と中間搾取を禁じた労働基準法6条を根拠に裁いたことにあり、非正規労働者に希望を与えるものだった。今回の最高裁判決はこの高裁判決をまっこうから否定するものになった。夜には東京しごとセンターで報告集会が開かれる。(M) 吉岡会

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cheering Migrant Workers&Refugees ~ Angry Demonstration at Tokyo Immigration Bureau

On Dec. 14, friends of detainees demonstrated at Tokyo Immigration Bureau at Shinagawa in support of migrant workers and refugees who are detained temporarily and in protest against human rights violation. As we shouted slogans through a megaphone at the immigration bureau, migrant workers who came to the bureau for paper works joined our calls and thanked us for the support (See photo). Among foreigners and their Japanese families or friends, I noticed one woman who seemed to be listening to our calls attentively with tears in her eyes. The friends of the detainees are planning to continue demonstrations in the future. By Wattan (See video)

 12月14日、収容者友人有志は品川の東京入国管理局「収容施設」に一時収監されている外国籍の移民労働者・難民たちを激励すると同時に、あまりにも酷い入国管理局の人権侵害の現状に抗議するために品川現地で情宣・ビラ配り、怒りの情宣アクションを行なった。入管施設前の歩道からメガホンで訴えかける私たち(写真)に、申請等で入管を来訪した外国人労働者たちからも声援や感謝を表明していただく一幕もあり、また、この建物を訪れるのは外国人ばかりではなく、家族や友人となった日本人らも多く、そのうちの一人の女性が目に涙を浮かべて聞き入っている姿は印象的だった。この行動は、今後も続けていくと企画主体の『収容者友人有志一同』のメンバーは語っている。(わったん) 動画

Big Success--220 Participants at Osaka Labor Festa

Osaka Labor Festa ended in the biggest success of all times with 220 people enjoying the event on Dec. 13 (See photo). With the movie, “Weebak,” received positive previews and the two women visiting from South Korea, the event drew interests from all walks of life. Three-minute videos from Tokyo were also received well, especially with “Tour to meet automakers presidents” produced by Tokachi Tsuchiya, which drew laughs from audience. We had Chie Matsumoto and Yukihiro Yasuda from Tokyo, who gave us the solidarity message. Good luck on Tokyo Labor Festa. By Osahito Koyama

大阪レイバーフェスタ 220人集まり、かつてない盛り上がり
 12月13日の大阪レイバーフェスタは、220名の参加という、かつてない盛り上がりを見せ、無事終了しました(写真)。今回は映画「外泊」の前評判がよく、韓国から映画に出演している 女性労働者を2人を招いたこともあって、各方面の関心を集めたようです。東京のビデオ映像も好評で、とくに土屋トカチさんの「自動車会社の社長さんに会いたい!ツアー」では、会場が笑いに包まれました。東京からは、松元千枝さんと安田幸弘さんが参加し、連帯の挨拶をしてくれました。東京フェスタの成功を祈ります。(小山帥人)

Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Shintaro Ishihara’s Sloppy Politics Unveiled~Citizens Assembly on Tokyo’s Education System

In the afternoon of Dec. 13, teachers, parents and citizens assembled to think about the present state and the future of education. Participants discussed Governor Ishihara’s sloppy politics with Yuko Baba (Tokyo assemblywoman, Democratic Party of Japan), Tomoko Oyama (Tokyo assemblywoman, Communist Party), Mitsuko Nishizaki (Tokyo assemblywoman, Seikatsu Network Mirai) and Masazumi Atsumi (policy research, Jichi Shimin ’93), along with Atsushi Okamoto, editor of magazine “World (Sekai).” They reported various examples of Ishihara politics, including the one about teachers and principals who are asking to be demoted after they were forced into middle management amidst unusual education politics. One issue all the speakers agreed was to oust Ishihara politics. By Johnny H


Scoop Broadcast by OurPlanet TV~Behind the Scenes of Nike-ized Miyashita Park

OurPlanet TV began airing the latest show “Miyashita Park ~ Tokyo/ Shibuya” on the Internet. Shibuya Ward Office drew a naming rights contract of Miyashita Park, which is located near Shibuya Station, with Nike Japan August 2007. In April, the park will be renamed Miyashita Nike Park. Nike would shoulder the cost to renovate the park entirely into an athletic field. The ward office has said the renovation was “requested by the ward citizens.” However, OurPlanet TV’s investigation revealed that a skateboard manufacturer, which is affiliated with Nike, gathered the petition of 1,000 people. The report also found that a ward assemblyman also wrote a request for a rock-climbing facility on his own. The program reports the procedures of Nike-ized Miyashita Park that have been very little known. (By Takagi at OurPlanet TV)

 OurPlanet-TVが最新番組「宮下公園~TOKYO/SHIBUYA」をネット配信中だ。渋谷駅に一番近い公園・宮下公園。去年8月、渋谷区はナイキ・ジャパンとネーミングライツ契約を結び、来年4月に「宮下ナイキパーク」と名前が変わる。公園はナイキ側の負担で全面改修されスポーツ公園に変わる予定だ。これまで渋谷区は、宮下公園のスポーツ公園化は“区民の要望を受けたもの”と説明。しかし、OurPlanet-TVの取材によると、1000筆集まったとされる署名は、ナイキと関係の深いスケートボードメーカーが集めたことが判明。また、ロッククライミングの要望書は区議会議員自身が作成し提出していたことが分かった。これまで、ほとんど明らかになってこなかった宮下公園ナイキ化計画のプロセスを取材した。(OurPlanet-TV・高木) アワプラニュース

‘Where There is No Culture, There is No Struggle! Labornet’ Goes on Sale on Dec. 13

Culture isn’t just there; it’s something that we create. It’s not some entertainment that saves us from boredom as cultural columns in newspapers or magazines or television programs. The culture is born out of struggles of workers such as Hayato Nakamura, who continued to run a marathon every day around the Diet building. A marathon is not only competing on a set route, but it is a way to express own determination to appeal to the public unfairness and inhumane deeds of the politicians who pretend to know nothing for 23 years after having unfairly dismissed workers, and to get reinstated after decades. The struggle bears energy and culture, and Labornet informs to a wide range of audience of the news as it is everyone else’s concerns. This is the Labornet culture. As part of our culture, we published a booklet, which illustrates what we have done as a labor movement and what we plan to do in the future. The booklet “Where there is no culture, there is no struggle! Labornet” is an A5-size, 72-page booklet, priced at 500 yen. A DVD with 14 three-minute videos also goes on sale. By Masaaki Kinoshita.

『文化のないたたかいなんてありえない! レイバーネット』12/13発売
 文化は「ある」ものではなく「つくる」ものです。それは新聞や雑誌などの「文化欄」での慰みものの記事やテレビの退屈しのぎのショーではありません。たとえば、連日、国会をぐるりと走りつづける中野勇人(なかのはやと)さんのマラソンは労働者のたたかいであり、文化なのです。決まったコースを競走しあうだけがマラソンではありません。国家権力の中枢で、23年も不当に首を切って知らん顔している連中に、その不当性・非人間性を走ることで訴え、何十年たとうと職場復帰をめざす、その意思表示であります。これが労働者の文化をつくりだすエネルギーとなるものです。そしてレイバーネットはそれを我がことの問題として広める。これこそレイバーネットの文化なのです。その一環としてわたしたちは一冊のブックレットをつくりました。ここにはわたしたちの運動の「これまで」と「これから」の歩みもみられます。(木下昌明)A5版 72ページ 定価500円 同時に3分ビデオセレクションDVD(14本)も発売