Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vigil held in front of the Diet to stop the revision of the three point principle on arms export

In the evening of November 30, 60 people from citizen’s groups gathered in front of the Diet and held a candlelight vigil to protest the New Basic Defense Program and the revision of the three point principle on arms export carried out by the DPJ. The Party Head of SDP, Fukushima attended the action. The representative of the No Campaign to the Nuclear Missile Defense spoke to the attendants; ”The three point principle on arms export is a national credo. If the government wants to change it, they should ask the people. A section of the DPJ is carrying out the revision process unilaterally, but this is a violation of democracy and we are not letting it go. The US is using war robots and unmanned air crafts in Afghanistan and Japan will be forced to be an accomplice, if the principle is reviewed”. TAKADA Ken spoke at the end of the meeting; ”We have to let more people know of the facts. Let’s gather at the in-house meeting on December 7 to stop the cabinet decision on December 10”. (M)


Toyo Gas, stop keeping workers in debts! Protest actions to the President’s house and Nichi-gas

Toyo Gas Local of the National Union of General Workers, Tokyo Tobu organizes propane gas cylinder delivery workers at Toyo Gas, which is a subcontracting company of Nichi-gas Co. The workers have formed a union to stop the company from deducting truck lease and gasoline fees from their wages and keeping them in debts to the company. The company replied by refusing to give work to union members. To protest this unfair labor practice, the union members went to the house of the company president, SAKAYORI Tatsuo on November 20. On November 22, the union members went to the main office of Nichi-gas Co., hoping that the company might pressure Toyo Gas to stop the unfair labor practice. But the company closed its doors and stopped the elevators. The union members were furious at the company’s denial to meet them. (NUGW Tokyo Tobu)
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 ニチガスの協力会社「東陽ガス」における前時代的な「借金漬け労働」をなくすため、立ち上がった全国一般東京東部労組東陽ガス支部。これに対し会社は、組合員の一切の業務を取り上げるという「配信停止」という不当労働行為を行ってきました。このような露骨な不当労働行為に抗議するため、東陽ガス支部は11月20日、東陽ガス坂寄達夫社長宅への抗議申し入れ行動(写真)、22日には東陽ガスを指導することを求め、ニチガス本社(東京・八丁堀)への要請行動を行いました。ニチガスの対応はまったくの不誠実なものでした。協力会社の配送員が要請に来たにもかかわらず、エレベーターを止め、階段に通じるドアを施錠し、一切の対応を事実上拒否してきたのです。東陽ガス支部組合員の怒りは頂点に達しました。(東部労組) ・動画(UnionTube)

Suicide case of KIMURA Yuriko Her mother meets the Fund for the first time

On November 16, a news program on the Asahi TV network “Hodo Station” made a special 15 minutes program on the death of KIMURA Yuriko, who had started to work as a newly-hired teacher at an elementary school in Iwata City, Shiuzoka Prefecture and had to kill herself five month later.
Since the news was broadcasted nationwide, the Government and the Local Government Employees’ Accident Compensation Fund cannot ignore the harsh working conditions in public schools any more. On November 19, plaintiffs and their family members of Karoshi cases gathered in Tokyo and held negotiations with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and with Local Government Employees’ Accident Compensation Fund. KIMURA’s mother, KIMURA Kazuko, spoke to the Fund for the first time and strongly demanded “ to admit the case as an occupational accident and that will change the situation at schools”.(YUMOTO Masanori)
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 静岡県磐田市立の小学校に新規採用されたその年の9月に自ら命を絶った木村百合子さんの自死事件は、11月16日、報道ステーション(テレビ朝日系列)が15分の特集を組み、全国報道した。事件がメディアを通じて公になったことで、国も「地方公務員災害補償基金」も学校現場の劣悪な労働環境を無視できない状況が、生まれつつあると言える。こうしたなか、19日、全国の「過労死訴訟」を闘っている家族、原告が上京し、厚生労働省と「基金」への要請を一斉に行なった。木村百合子さんの母・和子さん(写真)も、初めて「基金」に対し直接要請を行い「公務災害を認めてほしい。公務災害が認められれば、学校は変わる」と強く訴えた。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube) 

Ginza hostess files a labor dispute determination case

A hostess working in a nightclub in Ginza filed a case to the labor dispute determination committee. She owed money to the club, because customers’ debts were deducted from her wages. She came to the Part-timer, Arbeiter, Freeter & Foreigner Worker Union for labor counseling and spoke up at a press interview; “I have been working for over six months, but most of my wages are taken as penalty and customers’debts”. The interview can be seen on the Union’s blog.
(SHIMIZU Naoko, Part-timer, Arbeiter, Freeter and Foreigner Worker Union)
Photo: Attorney NATSUME Ichiro and FUSE Eriko, Executive Committee Member of the Part-timer, Arbeiter, Freeter & Foreigner Worker Union at the Press Club of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on November 11.

 フリーター全般労働組合、自由と生存の家実行委員会などで活動している清水直子です。客の売掛金が給与から天引きされ、借金を背負わされている銀座のホステスが労働審判の申し立てをしました。記者会見の模様をフリーター全般労働組合組合員ブログ、YouTubeにアップしました。「罰金やお客の売掛金の返済で半年働いても給料はほとんどもらえず、300万のバンズ(前借り)があるためお店も辞められません・・・」。フリーター全般労働組合に相談に訪れた銀座で働くホステスのAさんは、こう訴えました。 つづき *写真=棗一郎弁護士と布施えり子執行委員(11月11日・厚労省記者クラブ)

Bovrisse testifies with anger on the Labornet TV

LaborNet TV No.5 was broadcasted on November 16. Rina Bovrisse from the Fashion Business Union appeared on its “The Labor Dispute” corner and gave a testimony on Prada Japan,where she worked as a sales manager before her dismissal. “Woman employees are being demoted on the grounds of ‘age, body shape, teeth alignment, hair style, looks and height’. One women worker with 15 years of service was suddenly demoted and transferred to an outlet shop in Gottanda, whose employees are mainly senior workers. Due to bad sales, employees are forced to buy Prada goods, making their livelihood even harder”. Bovrisse exposed the realities of sexual and power harassment rampant in the fashion industry and urged the worker to raise their voices.
Photo: Rina Bovrisse on the right and MATSUMOTO Chie, the caster, on the left
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「老けた 体型悪い 歯並び悪い」で降格異動!~里奈さん レイバーネットTVで怒りの証言
 11月16日、レイバーネットTV第5号が放送された。「ザ争議」のコーナーに登場したプラダを解雇された同社元部長・ボヴリース里奈さん(ファッション業界ユニオン)が怒りの証言をした。「女性というだけで、“老けた、体型が悪い、歯並びが悪い、髪型が気に入らない、顔がへん、背が高い”という理由で降格され、15年も勤めた人がある日突然、五反田のアウトレット店に異動される。そこは“うば捨て山”とも呼ばれていた。また不景気ということでプラダの商品を買わされ、社員の生活がますます苦しくなった」。里奈さんはファッション業界に蔓延するパワハラとセクハラの実態を語り、声をあげようと訴えた。そのほか各コーナーとも充実した内容の第5号放送となった。 ・アーカイブ視聴ページ  *写真右=ボヴリース里奈さん、左はキャスターの松元千枝さん

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

“Down with APEC!” Bravely protesting despite 21,000 policemen

The “No! APEC Yokohama People’s Forum” held a street appeal and a demonstration in Yokohama in the afternoon of November 13, 2010 against the summit. The rally began at a square in front of Sakuragicho Railway Station from 13:30 and the march started an hour later. Despite 21,000 policemen, approximately 500 demonstrators reached as close as possible to the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference) site, chanting such slogans as “Down with APEC!” and “Give the world back to the people” in any way they wanted. They completed the two-hour march bravely. (Y) Mkimpo Photo Gallery. AFP (Obama puppet to the world). Video (Kanagawa Shimbun)

 APECに反対して現地横浜で開催されている「いらない!APEC 横浜民衆フォーラム」が11月13日午後、街頭アピールとデモ行進を行なった。1時30分から桜木町駅前広場で集会を開催し、2時30分きっかりにデモに出発した。約500人の参加者は、「APECは失敗しろ!」「世界を民衆の手に取り戻せ」などと訴えながら、思い思いのパフォーマンスを繰り広げ、警備陣21000人の厳戒態勢に屈せず、会場の最短地点まで肉薄。約2時間の道のりを最後まで果敢に歩きとおした。(Y) ・ムキンポ写真館動画(神奈川新聞)

Don’t be disappointed: “Japan-Korea People’s Music Exchange Live” is held

On November 12, 2010, the “Japan-Korea People’s Music Exchange Live” was held at the Monnaka Tenjo Hall in downtown Tokyo. Two South Korean singers performing in labor events, Yeon Yeong-seok (photo) and Ji Min-ju, joined the live as guests. Performers from Japan included Johnny H, Nore no Kai singing group that has introduced many Korean labor songs, HOWS Singing Fellows and Ikuta Manji. Youngsok’s songs expressed weakness, pains and anger of workers, quietly moving the audience. On the other hand, Minju fascinated them with upbeat rhythm. In the finale, everyone sang a popular Korean labor song “Don’t Be Disappointed. You’re Not Alone. Always with Friends” for solidarity. The live was also joined by members of the “Korea Citizen Union”, who were in Japan to protest the headquarters of the watch manufacturer. The union members performed “yuldong” rhythmic dance. (M) Video (UnionTube)

 11月12日、東京・門仲天井ホールで「日韓民衆歌謡交流ライブ」が開催された。韓国の労働現場で歌っているヨン・ヨンソクさん(写真)とチ・ミンジュさんがゲスト。日本からは、ジョニーH・ノレの会・HOWSうたの仲間・生田卍らが出演した。ヨンソクさんの歌は、労働者の弱さや悩み、怒りなどを表現して静かに感動を拡げた。一方ミンジュさんは、ノリノリの韓国パワーのリズムで観客を魅了した。最後は、全員で「そんな顔しちゃだめさ ひとりぼっちじゃないさ 仲間がいるよ」という韓国労働歌謡のヒット曲を歌い、交流を深めた。また日本に遠征闘争中の「韓国シチズン」のメンバーも参加し、ユルトン(踊り)を披露した。(M)・動画(UnionTube)

South Korea: Don’t pass the buck of economic crisis – No to G20! 6,000 gathered international people’s joint action

The G20 summit gathered by national leaders around the world started in the evening of November 11, 2010 in Seoul. In protest against the G20 summit, an international rally was held at the square of Seoul Railway Station from 15:00 on the same day. The large gathering, with the title “People first! Down with G20 passing the buck of economic crisis! International People’s Joint Action”, strongly sent a message not to pass the buck of the crisis to workers and people. The protest was joined by not only South Korean workers, farmers, urban poor and students but also representatives from the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Japan. South Korea’s National Industrial Metal Union went on strike for four hours on this day, and the union members from the Gyeonggi and Chungcheong regions participated in the international rally, protesting the G20 summit and demanding the guarantee of basic labor rights. A joint declaration, “Move toward a fair society through solidarity of social movements in the world”, was adopted at the gathering.

韓国 : 経済危機の責任転嫁をするな~G20反対!国際民衆共同行動に6000人
 世界の首脳が総集結したG20会合が、11月11日夕方ソウルで開幕した。それに対抗して午後3時からソウル駅広場でG20に反対する国際的な大集会が開かれた。このイベントは「人が優先だ!経済危機責任転嫁のG20糾弾!国際民衆共同行動」と題したもので、経済危機の責任転嫁を労働者・庶民にするな、と強く訴えた。参加者は、韓国の労働者・農民・都市貧民・学生だけでなく、米国・メキシコ・ブラジル・日本の代表も参加した。特に全国産業金属労組はこの日、4時間ストライキをしてソウル京畿圏、忠清圏 の組合員が国際民衆行動に参加、G20反対とともに労働基本権を保証しろと要求した。集会では「世界社会運動の連帯を通じ、公正な社会に向かって進もう」との共同宣言を発表した。

Female employee of “Toyoko Inn” sexually assaulted: Collective bargaining offered

A female receptionist of “Toyoko Inn”, one of Japan’s nationwide economy hotel chains, was sexually assaulted by a male customer. We, the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu, offered collective bargaining to the hotel chain’s president Sawada Munehisa on November 8, 2010 after she joined us. Soon after we sent the president a request for collective bargaining by postal mail, the receptionist, her mother and union staffs held a press conference at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (photo). This case was caused by the company’s neglect of duty of attention to safety for employees, as seen in its insufficient system to prevent a crime. The receptionist and we will demand the hotel chain management to apologize, compensate, and take preventive measures. (Suda Mitsuteru, National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu)


Misdelivery of only one item resulting in dismissal: Down with managers violating labor laws

“I was forced to quit a convenience store voluntarily due to my first misdelivery of only one item during its route delivery”. This is one of “Reasons for firing” reported in September 2010. Article 16 of the Labor Contract Act says, “A dismissal shall be invalid as being abuse of a right for it when it lacks an objective and rational ground and is not regarded as being appropriate under normal social conventions”. Article 17 of the same law says, “An employer cannot dismiss an employee until the termination of a contract of employment with fixed term unless there is an inevitable reason”. Such clauses need to be publicized more widely, and managers who shamelessly violate a law have to be condemned socially largely and strongly. (Kanno, National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu). Image of struggle for withdrawal of dismissal at Japan Communications Inc. * Photo: National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu protesting Japan Communications

「コンビニのルート配送で、品物を初めて一つだけ誤配をしてしまった事を理由に自主退職させられた」。シリーズ「解雇理由」の2010年9月分です。労働契約法第16条では「解雇は、客観的に合理的な理由を欠き、社会通念上相当であると認められない場合は、その権利を濫用したものとして、無効とする」とあり、同17条では「使用者は、期間の定めのある労働契約について、やむを得ない事由がある場合でなければ、その契約期間が満了するまでの間において、労働者を解雇することはできない」とあります。これらの法律をもっともっと宣伝しないといけませんし、平然と違反する経営者を、社会的に大きく・厳しく糾弾する必要があります。(東部労組・菅野)・日本通信解雇撤回闘争の動画 *写真=日本通信に抗議する東部労組