Thursday, December 29, 2011

LaborNet TV Feature: “Don’t want to be exposed and die!” – Expose by ex-nuclear power plant worker

The final LaborNet TV program of this year was broadcast on December 15, 2011. Its guest was SAITO Seiji, an ex-worker at the Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui Prefecture who organized the world’s first trade union for nuclear power plant subcontractors thirty years ago. What Mr. Saito said was shocking. “No skill is necessary to work in a plant. Most of the work is to remove radioactive matter from facilities with rags and cloths. Anyone can do it. However, it is necessary to arrange as many workers as possible to share exposure to radiation. We even use plastic wrap for decontamination. Nuclear power plants that look ultra-modern are, in reality, supported by primitive work. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is heavily contaminated, and workers there are supposedly risking their lives. It’s time to stop all nuclear power stations that sacrifice workers’ lives and contaminate their neighbors”. Mr. Saito organized 182 workers at that time, but the management of the Tsuruga plant even used the Self Defense Forces to crack down on them. He is determined to “continue activities to abolish nuclear power plants”. (M) Available on the archive * Photo: SAITO Seiji on LaborNet TV (center)

レイバーネットTVことし最後の放送は、12月15日に行われた。ゲストは30年前、世界初めて「原発下請け労働組合」をつくった元敦賀原発の斉藤征二さん。斉藤さんの話は強烈だった。「原発作業に技術はいらない。作業のほとんどは、人間が雑巾やウェスで設備についた放射能をふきとる除染作業。だれでもできる仕事だった。しかし、被ばくがあるので、人海戦術で被ばくを分け合ってするしかない。除染にはサランラップも使った。超近代的技術にみえる原発は、じつは原始的労働で支えられている。福島原発の汚染はひどく、作業員は命を投げ打って仕事をしているはず。もう労働者の命を削り、住民に汚染を強いる原発はやめるべきだ」。斉藤さんは、当時182人の仲間を組織したが、会社側が自衛隊まで使って弾圧してきたことを生々しく語った。「原発をなくすためにこれからも活動を続ける」、斉藤さんの眼が光っていた。(M) アーカイブ視聴 *写真=レイバーネットTVに出演する斉藤征二さん(中央)

I cannot afford to die! Apologize now! – 1,300 surround MOFA, demanding solution of “Comfort women” issue

On December 14, 2011, roars of right wingers and nationalists carrying Japan’s Hinomaru national flags covered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Despite the chaotic situation, citizens carrying placards and banners came to the building of the ministry one after another to immediately surround it. This day was when the 1,000th Wednesday demonstration of former Korean “comfort women” during World War II was held in Seoul. However, the Japanese Government continues to ignore their demands, and their rights have not been restored yet. The action to surround the MOFA was to urge the Japanese Government to resolve the “comfort women” issue. SON Sindo, an 88-year old former “comfort women” for the Japanese Imperial Army during the war, was on a wheelchair to join the action. Ms. Son shouted at the top of her voice among many news reporters, “Apologize immediately. I cannot afford to die yet”. The “human chain” surrounding the MOFA was finally joined by more than 1,300 persons, and succeeded in repelling the rightists’ obstruction. (M) Photo flash * “Asu mo Hare (Tomorrow is also fine)” * Video: YouTube (3 minutes 30 seconds) * 1,000th demonstration in Seoul, Korea (YouTube) * Photo: SON Sindo and her supporters encouraging together


12月14日昼、外務省周辺は日の丸を掲げた右翼・在特会の一団による怒号で騒然とした状況だった。そんな中、続々とプラカードや横断幕をもった市民が集まり、あっというまに外務省をぐるっと取り囲んだ。韓国の日本軍「慰安婦」によるソウルの水曜デモはこの日で1000回を迎えるが、日本政府は黙殺を続け、被害女性の人権はいまだ回復されていない。この日の外務省包囲アクションは、日本政府に解決を迫るものだった。88歳の宋神道(ソンシンド・日本軍「慰安婦」被害者)さんは、車イスで駆けつけた。取材陣が殺到する中、宋さんは「早く謝罪してほしい。死んでも死にきれない」とふりしぼるように叫んだ。「人間の鎖」参加者は1300人をこえ、右翼の妨害を圧倒し成功裏に終了した。(M) 写真速報 ・「明日も晴れ」写真報告 ・動画(YouTube・3分30秒) ・韓国ソウルの1000回目のデモ(YouTube)  *写真=支援者とエール交換する宋神道さん

Bill on “Fundamental Ordinance on Education” destroys education! Sit-in in front of Osaka Prefectural Assembly

On December 12, 2011, there was a sit-in against a bill on “Fundamental Ordinance on Education”, which coerces public school teachers to stand up and sing the national anthem “Kimigayo” at school events. Citizens protested against the bill in front of the entrance to the Osaka Prefectural Assembly from 10 AM to 4 PM. On this day, MATSUI Ichiro, the newly elected Osaka Governor, delivered his inaugural speech at the assembly. The demonstrators were appealing against the undemocratic bill while spreading banners and delivering fliers in the bitter winter cold. Even some employees of the Osaka Prefectural Government supported the action. KURODA Yoshihiro, the president of the Hotline Osaka against Hinomaru and Kimigayo (Hinomaru: Japan’s national flag), and a university professor also joined the demonstration. The supporters gave the demonstrators food and some bunches of flowers. This action is the first step toward the abolition of the undemocratic bill. (Tsujitani from Osaka)


12月12日、教育基本条例案抗議の座り込み行動が行われました! 大阪府議会開会中、しかも松井知事の所信表明が行われたこの日、大阪府議会正面玄関前で10時から16時までの6時間、のべ10人の府民が座り込み、教育基本条例案廃案を訴えました。横断幕を張り、道行く人々にマイクで教育基本条例案の本質を訴え、ビラをまき、ときには府職員の支援の言葉までも受けながら、冬空の枯葉舞うなかでの行動でした。日の丸君が代ホットライン大阪事務局の黒田伊彦さんも駆けつけられアピールされました。また、支援者のS大学のSさんも駆けつけてくださいました。支援者からは、おにぎり・中華まん・お菓子の差し入れがあり、なかには「がんばってね」とお花を持って来てくださった人もいました。今回の座り込み行動は条例案廃案に向けての第一波の行動です。(大阪・辻谷)

“10 Million Signatures” for denuclearization – 5,500 gathered in the rally

On December 10, 2011, 5,500 participated in a rally for “10 Million Signatures for Denuclearization” held at the Hibiya Open-air Music Hall in central Tokyo. The rally started with KANDA Kaori as MC, a professional storyteller who is active against nukes. OE Kenzaburo, one of the rally organizers and a Nobel laureate writer, criticized Japan’s Diet that approved an agreement to export nuclear power plants from Japan. Mr. Oe also strongly condemned the “rape” remarks of TANAKA Satoshi, former Okinawa Defense Bureau Chief, saying, “High-ranking officials forcibly implement (wrong) national policies while making such controversial remarks”. Mr. Oe appealed the movement for denuclearization be continued, saying, “Some doubt an effect of signatures, but wills of 10 million people will be reflected in the next election in any way for sure”. (Y)


12月10日、東京・千代田区の日比谷野外音楽堂で「がんばろう! さようなら原発 1000万署名」集会が開かれ、会場をうめつくす5500人が集まった。午後1時30分。講談師の神田香織さんの司会で集会が始まる。呼びかけ人の一人・作家の大江健三郎さんは、日本の原発を輸出する協定が国会で承認されたことを批判。また、沖縄での田中聡・前沖縄防衛局長の「犯す」発言に触れ、「高級官僚は、こうした問題発言をしながら、一方では『粛々とやる』などと言い放って強硬なやり方をしている」と厳しく糾弾。「署名が何の力になるのか、との声もあるが、1000万人の意思が集まれば、それは必ず何らかの形で次の選挙に反映される」と運動の継続を訴えた。(Y)

“Simultaneous firing at the age of 65” is not valid! – 5 dismissed non-regular workers protest

At the end of September 2011, all of 14,000 temporary postal workers of 65 years or older were simultaneously fired in all around Japan. Among them, five dismissed workers protested against the firing on December 9, all from the Tokyo Metropolitan area. They filed a complaint to the Tokyo District Court on the invalid firing and the working regulations in Japan Post providing the age of retirement for temporary employees as being antisocial and invalid. After filing, they held a press conference (photo). Some have worked long since before the privatization of the postal services, and some others were older than 65 when hired by Japan Post. Most of them have not been informed of the working regulations that specify the age of retirement at 65. Their contracts were automatically renewed every six months even when they became older than 65. This unilateral firing is caused by “deficits” according to the management of Japan Post, but it is totally unacceptable. The Postal Workers Union has expressed its support for the group of the plaintiffs. The group will invite more dismissed workers. (TADANO Dave) * Webpage of Postal Workers Union


この9月末、65歳以上の郵政期間雇用社員が一斉に「雇い止め」解雇された。その数全国で1万4000人に上る。これに対して12月9日、首都圏の5人の被解雇者が立ち上がった。解雇の無効と有期雇用社員に対して定年制を設けた就業規則そのものが反社会的であり無効であるとして、東京地裁に提訴した。提訴後、記者会見を開きそれぞれの想いを訴えた(写真)。民営化以前から長年働いてきた方もいれば、65歳を超えてから職場に採用された方もいる。65歳定年制を記した就業規則があることさえ周知されていない。そもそもこれまで65歳を超えても普通に半年ごとの契約更新をされてきたのである。赤字を理由とした一方的なリストラは許せない。郵政ユニオンも原告団を支援していくことを表明した。原告団は今後もその数を増やしていく予定。(多田野 Dave)・郵政ユニオンHP

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Central Labour Relations Commission Orders Immediate Reinstatement of Mr. Shiota: Labor Win Again in the Hankyu Travel Support Case

Central Labour Relations Commission issued an order on November 29 regarding the unfair labor practice by the Hankyo Travel Support. The case is regarding Mr. Takuji Shiota, a tour conductor of the travel agency and the president of the HTS Local of the National Union of General Workers’ Tokyo Tobu, who was practically fired in 2009 by being suspended from the assignment for allegedly damaging the company's reputation with the interview he gave the "Weekly Kinyobi." The Hankyu Travel Support has been ordered 1) to lift the suspension and duly handle Mr. Shiota as the registered tour conductor and 2) to remunerate him with the estimated one-year salary he was supposed to have earned had he not been suspended. We, the NUGW Tokyo Tobu, urge the Hankyu Travel Support to seriously reflect their wrong doing that was condemned in the present order, following the one of the Tokyo Labor Commission in February this year, and have Mr. Shiota back in his job immediately. (By Sugano, the NUGW Tokyo Tobu)
Photo: Mr. Shiota, center, in the press conference in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare after the release of the order


「週刊金曜日」の取材に応じたことで、阪急トラベルサポートより「アサイン停止」(事実上の解雇)を受けたHTS支部の塩田委員長の不当労働行為事件で、中労委は11月29日命令を交付した。内容は「(1)阪急トラベルサポートは、塩田さんに対して行ったアサイン停止を解除し、塩田さんを同社の登録派遣添乗員として取り扱わなければならない(2)阪急トラベルサポートは、塩田さんが就労していたならば受けるはずであった1年間分の賃金相当額を支払わなければならない」というもの。私たちは、都労委に続き中労委からも不当労働行為を断罪された阪急トラベルサポートに猛省を求めます。その上で、阪急トラベルサポートは塩田さんをただちに職場に戻すべきです。(東部労組・菅野) *写真=命令を受けての記者会見・中央が塩田卓嗣さん(厚労省)

Pleading Held at the Supreme Court: High Court's Decision on the Kimigayo Case Likely to Be Reversed

Pleading session was held in the supreme court on November 28 for the case filed by Ms. Junko Kawarai and Ms. Kimiko Nezu. The teachers lost in the first and second trials of the suit to gain the annulment of reprimands, one-month and three-month suspension respectively, that they were given for refusing to stand up along the Kimigayo during school ceremonies in 2006, a memorial ceremony in January in the case of Ms. Kawarai and the graduation in March in the case of Ms. Nezu. Since pleading in the supreme court is held only when the judges are considering to reverse the lower court's ruling, it is likely that the supreme court will decide on the annulment of the disciplinary suspensions. The ruling is due on January 16, 2012. "I am delighted to have had the pleading in the supreme court after a series of unjust rulings. The issues of nuclear power plants and Kimigayo are rooted in a same problem existing in our society. We must go back to the basics now, " said Ms. Kawarai in the debriefing session after the pleading. Ms. Nezu said "It is now impossible to speak freely in educational institutions. I hope the forth-coming ruling will help change such a situation." (By Yumi Sasaki) Photo: The debriefing session with the lawyers (center)


11月28日最高裁は、河原井・根津「君が代」裁判の弁論を開いた。原告の河原井純子さんは、2006年1月の記念式典、根津公子さんは3月の卒業式で「君が代」不起立をしたことに対する処分(河原井さん停職1ヶ月、根津さん停職3ヶ月)の取消を求めていたが、一審、二審とも敗訴していた。弁論は二審の判決を見直す場合に開くのが通例となっており、今回は停職処分の取消の最高裁判決が出る可能性が大きくなった。判決は来年の1月16日に出される予定。弁論後の報告会(写真)で河原井さんは、「あまりにも不当判決が続いたので、弁論が開かれたことは大きな喜び。原発も君が代も根っこは同じ。原点にたちかえるべき」と語り、根津さんは「教育現場ではものが言えない状態だ。おかしいことはおかしいと言えるようにこの判決が役立ってほしい」と語った。(佐々木有美) *写真=弁論後の報告会(中央は弁護団)

Let's Pass on the Baton of Kunio Hamagushi!: Highly Successful Event on the Labourer-Poet

An event titled "Now We Talk about Kunio Hamaguchi" was held on November 23 in a meeting room of the Musashino Hall in Tokyo. The venue was full of 133 participants, far more than the organizers expected in advance. (photo) In the event, the works of the labourer-cum-poet were vividly depicted through recitation of poems including "Cleaning Latrines" and "Tale of the Hell" and talks by musicians and other authorities. In her speech, Poet Itsuko Ishikawa named three major topics that Hamaguchi's poems dealt with, i.e. Asia-Pasific War, National Railway workers and peace movement. "Those on the war are particularly mighty: They describe his own experience including stabbing of war prisoners to death and deaths of fellow soldiers out of starvation and thus unveiled the reality of the so-called holy war. The war made Hamaguchi, a man who previously was not at all interested in literature, into a poet. He was then raised by the poets' league of Japan National Railway," she said and urged the audience to hold tight to Hamaguchi's baton and hand on to the forth-coming generations the foolishness of the war. (By M) ・Three-minute video "Poems by Kunio Hamaguchi"


11月23日、東京・武蔵野公会堂会議室で「いま濱口國雄を語る」というイベントが開催された。主催者の予想をはるかにこえた133人の参加があり、会場があふれた(写真)。会では「労働者詩人・濱口國雄」の詩の朗読(「便所掃除」「地獄の話」など)や音楽・関係者のトークで、濱口國雄の仕事が鮮烈に浮かび上がった。詩人の石川逸子さんは、「濱口の詩は(1)アジア太平洋戦争(2)国鉄労働者(3)平和運動の3分野があるが、とりわけ(1)の自身の戦場体験(捕虜の刺殺や仲間の饑餓死)を細部にわたって表現し、聖戦の実態を暴いた詩は強烈だった。文学に全く縁がなかった濱口を詩人にしたのは戦争で、育てたのが国鉄詩人連盟だった。私たちは濱口のバトンを引き継ぎ戦争の愚かさを次世代に伝えていこう」と訴えた。(M) ・3分ビデオ「濱口國雄の詩

Celebrities Appeal against the Education Ordinance by Osaka Restoration Association

Celebrities including academics, authors and actors issued an appeal in November 2011, expressing their objection to the draft Fundamental Ordinance of Education that has been proposed to the Osaka prefectural assembly by the ruling party, Osaka Restoration Association. They are concerned that the proposed ordinance would impose a serious problem not only on the Osaka Prefecture but also on the whole nation. The appeal was originally called for by Ms. Kayoko Ikeda, Prof. Shogo Ichikawa, Prof. Naoki Ogi, Prof. Masatoshi Onoda, Prof. Yoichi Komori, Prof. Manabu Sato, Prof. Tetsuya Takahashi, Ms. Keiko Takeshita, Prof. Masaaki Noda and Prof. Hidenori Fujita. Supporters include Mr. Jiro Asada, Mr. Takashi Atoda, Prof. Takeshi Umehara, Mr. Yoichi Sai, Prof. Yoshikazu Sakamoto, Mr. Ryotaro Sugi and Ms. Kaoru Takamura.
The Appeal against the Fundamental Ordinance of Education of Osaka Prefecture


研究者・俳優など著名人が「大阪維新の会」が大阪府議会に提案している教育基本条例案について、大阪にとどまらず日本社会全体にとって見過ごせない問題であるして反対アピールを発表した。呼びかけ人は、池田香代子・市川昭午・尾木直樹・小野田正利・小森陽一・佐藤学・高橋哲哉・竹下景子・野田正彰・藤田英典の各氏。賛同者として、浅田次郎・阿刀田高・梅原猛・崔洋一・坂本義和・杉良太郎・高村薫の各氏などが名を連ねている。 「大阪教育基本条例反対アピール運動」

"Get Rid of the Rule by Few! Get Rid of the Nuke Plants!" Satoshi Kamata Urged Workers

A workers' rally aiming for abolition of nuclear power plants organized by Japan Construction and Transport Industry Workers Solidarity Union, All Japan Dock workers' Union and the National Council of the National Union of General Workers was held on November 18 at Tamachi Kotsu Building in Tokyo. Mr. Satoshi Kamata, a well-known reportage writer, addressed the rally: "We who aim for a world without nuclear power plants are now in the middle of a fierce battle with those planning to restart the reactors currently at rest. We must work hard through to the victory. Only small parts of business community, politicians, academics and mass media are making profits out of nuclear power. An overwhelming majority of the population are against it, but they are not yet well organized into a political power. The nuclear power has been promoted as a national policy and politics can change the direction. Trade unions and activists must facilitate the change by turning people's will into a political power and leading the fight to liberate ourselves from the rule by few, the class struggle to break down the monopoly. To this end, it is important to make the movement easier for everybody to participate. Stop the complacency of the conventional movement with union flags. Seek for a new style. Be friendly to ordinary people so that they too can take part in the movement. Let's progress with our best efforts in actions such as 10 million signatures," he urged. (By M)



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Together We Open Co-Op Diner in Devastated Region—Anonymous Rescue Team

This is a call to support our effort to open co-op diner. We plan to open a diner that is managed by people of the devastated region; that is to operate as a community center as well as providing meals; that is to become a space open to anyone; that is to act as a place for volunteers to gather in between their work in the open-kitchen, visits to temporary housing and help in reconstruction efforts; that is to support locals rebuild their lives; and that aims to lead to other diners like it. The first one is to be run by staff members of former evacuation center at Shizugawa High School in Minami-sanriku. We will work together slowly but surely just as we cleared the debris. Please help us gather donation. Check Anonymous Rescue Team (Nanashi-no-Shinsaikyuendan) homepage. Photo: Open kitchen.


「被災地に共同食堂を建設しよう」という呼びかけです。共同食堂のイメージは次の通りです。★被災者住民自らが運営していきます。事業体づくりをはかります。★食の提供とともにコミュニティセンターの役割をめざします。★社会的弱者・マイノリティーに開かれた場所をつくります。★炊きだし、仮設住宅訪問など救援・復興ボランティアの拠り所としていきます。★地域の協同した生活づくりを支援していきます。★第二、第三の「共同食堂」が被災地各地に広がっていくことをめざします。まず最初の共同食堂は南三陸町の旧志津川高校避難所スタッフが運営します。煉瓦をひとつひとつ積み上げるように被災地に共同食堂を一緒につくりましょう。「一煉瓦一万円基金」に参加してください。(名無しの震災救援団)・名無しの震災救援団HP   *写真=炊き出しの様子

‘We Need No Nuclear Power Plants’ Calls Surround METI—1,300 Gather in Rain

I joined the human chain action on Nov. 1 at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. As I ran up the stairs from the subway station, people were listening into the speeches by Actor Taro Yamamoto. Following his speech was the song by a girl group. Police control around the subway entrance area was strict because of the ministry officials returning home after work, they said. Although the police kept tight guard, the number of participants continued to grow, leading to a complete human chain surrounding the METI building. With umbrellas and rain coats, we held the banners and candles, and made noise with instruments. Though in the cold rain, everyone was cheerful. Solidarity was confirmed as we held our hands tight. Raising our tightly-held hands, we chanted, “No More Nuclear Plants.” The voices of 1,300 echoed in the rainy night, when only the lights from the METI building it the human chain. By Y.



More Than 300 Gather at Rally to Support JAL Unfair Layoff

Japan Airlines Co. laid off 165 employees at the end of last year. Of that, 148 filed a lawsuit and revealed how the company abruptly terminated their employment ignoring the four requirements to execute restructuring. The rally was held on Nov. 7 to support the struggles of JAL employees (See photo) in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward. Total of 381 people gathered in support, including 68 crew and 313 trade unionists and others. The rally kicked off with a song of “We Shall Return to That Very Sky (Ano Sora e Kaero),” followed by lectures on the meaning of JAL struggles by the lawyers and proposal of the support network by the director. At the end, various support groups sent solidarity messages. (By NUGW Tokyo Tobu)



Evacuees by Choice Shall Be Compensated—Rights Rally in Tokyo

Some 200 people gathered in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward on Nov. 5 (See photo) to discuss the rights of the people who chose to evacuate from the areas not officially designated by the government. The Japanese government has not compensated the people who evacuated from outside of the 20 km zone. The evacuees by choice, however, have also been forced to live in financial difficulties and separation from families. Their rights to live have been violated. The participants at the rally called the committee to resolve disputes relating to nuclear disaster for resolution at an earlier date. People who are left behind in Fukushima Prefecture are also still suffering. Residents of Iitate and Watari district of Fukushima City also spoke of their troubled situation. (By Masanori Yumoto) See video on YouTube.

今すぐ「自主的避難者」への賠償を!~避難の権利集会 in東京


United with Casual, Foreign, Outsourced Workers

Unions in Aichi Prefecture carried out a joint action on Nov. 1 to confirm solidarity with casual workers and full-timers, foreign residents and Japanese, outsourced workers and outsourcing company workers. About 20 brothers and sisters of Aichi Rentai Union, Sasajima Day Laborers Union, Nagoya Fureai Union, All Toyota Union and ANU conducted a protest action against unfair labor practice at Shirogane Plating Co., which is outsourced by Toyota (see photo). Workers in disputes with Aishin and Denso also spoke at the action. We were glad to see the workers who stand opposite each other came together for this joint action, which continued onto the restaurant Kasumi, Tokyo Academy and Toyota Building. (By Aichi Rentai Union)



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

“We can’t leave our children in the sea of flames” A three day sit-in of anger

On October 27, Fukushima Women against Nukes" started a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (MITI). About 700 people gathered from Fukushima and nation-wide, with great enthusiasm. Participants wore buttons and held placards voicing their messages. SATO Sachiko made a strong appeal at the opening rally. “We, women in the Tohoku region, have kept and restrained our anger for seven months. And now we will take action and start a three day sit-in. Our children have been left in the sea of flames. As women and as mothers, we cannot allow this situation to continue. We owe it to our children to defend their future. We will sit-in with this conviction in our hearts and spread our voices all over Japan and the world. Let’s take the first step here towards regaining true happiness.” At 11 a.m., a delegation of 30 people met with the Ministry’s officials and urged them to terminate the nuclear power energy policy. 107 women from Fukushima are expected to participate in the sit-in. (By Rankiryu) PhotoVideo: Ustream
Blog: Fukushima Women against Nukes


10日27日、経産省前で「原発いらない福島の女たち~100人の座り込み」がはじまった。福島からそして全国から約700人が集まり、大変な盛り上がりとなった。参加者は、バッチやプラカードなど一人ひとりが思いをこめたグッズを身に着けていた。開会集会で佐藤幸子さん(写真)は、「東北の女たちは7ヶ月間沸々と胸の内に怒りを秘めてきた。そしていま3日間の座りこみとして行動を起こす。子どもたちは7ヶ月も炎の海の中に放置されてきた。母親として女として、命を未来につなげていく母性が許しません。この思いをこめて座りこみ、日本全国そして世界に輪を拡げ、本当の幸せを取り戻す第一歩にしたい」と力強く語った。午前11時からは、30名の代表が経産省担当官と直接交渉を行い、原発政策の廃止を強く訴えた。福島からは3日間で107名の女たちが参加する予定だ。(M) 写真速報 ・経産省交渉(ユースト録画/1時間) ・「原発いらない福島の女たち」ブログ ・(乱鬼龍)

4800 gather for National Youth Meeting Big Applause for Sony Union from Miyagi

On October 23, a National Youth Meeting for Decent Work and Humane Living brought 4800 participants to Meiji Park, Tokyo. A young member of the Sony Union from Miyagi Prefecture was greeted with big applause. “I was washed away by the Tsunami together with my family and my house.” he said. “Sony has laid-off the contingent workers. Please give warm support to our union.” There were also participants and reports from the Korean Youth Workers’ Union and the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE). After the meeting, the participants walked along a nearby street, Omotesando, receiving warm cheers of support from the pedestrians. (YAMADA Shingo)
Photo: UE union from the US /Video: Labornet TV


10月23日、「震災だから」じゃすまされない!まともな仕事と人間らしい生活を!全国青年大集会2011は、東京・明治公園に全国から4800人の若者たちが集まり、大きく成功した。被災地でたたかっているソニー労組の若者が登壇するとひときわ大きな拍手。「家も家族も自分自身も津波で流された。さらには会社は非正規切りをしてきた。私達に大きな支援を!」と宮城のソニー労組は訴えた。韓国青年ユニオンやアメリカのUE労組(電気・無線・機械労組)も参加し、幅広い運動の報告がされた。集会後は原宿、表参道をアピールウォークし、沿道からがんばれの声援なども寄せられた。(山田真吾) 写真速報  ・集会動画(レイバーネットTV 3ch)  *写真=アメリカUE労組

Called traitor for evacuating Parents from Fukushima testify at the Damage Screening Committee

The 15th meeting of the Screening Committee for Disputes Concerning Nuclear Power Damages was held on October 20 and two parents from Fukushima testified to demand the right to evacuate. NAKATE Seiichi from Fukushima City, whose family has already evacuated to Okayama, remains in Fukushima to serve as a representative for the Fukushima Network to Protect Children from Radioactivity. “There are different views on evacuation even among experts” he said. “But we, parents, are forced to make decisions on our own.” SHISHIDO Takako, who has evacuated to Sapporo City from Date City and is organizing the evacuees into a self support organization, reported, “We were called traitors for leaving Fukushima. But we had to evacuate for the sake of our children.” The Chair of the Screening Committee, NOMI Yoshihisa, concluded the meeting by saying, “We will discuss and solve the compensation problems of both -those who voluntarily evacuated and those who are still remaining in Fukushima.” (YUMOTO Masanori)
Video: YouTube



Victorious order from the Labor Commission Hankyu Travel Co. must bargain with the union

In April 2008, the Hankyu Travel Support Local of the Tokyo Tobu Union filed an unfair labor practice claim against Hankyu Travel Co. for refusing to bargain with the union. The union members were working at the Company as agency workers. The Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Commission handed down a ruling on October 21, ordering the company “to bargain in good faith with the union on working hours” and also to issue a written apology to the union stating that “the company will make sure that this practice will not happen again.” It was a complete victory for the union. (By SUGANO, Tokyo Tobu Union)
Photo: Victorious Local President SHIOTA on the left and union member, SAKAI


東京東部労組阪急トラベルサポート支部(HTS)支部は2008年4月、派遣先である阪急交通社の団体交渉拒否につき、東京都労働委員会(都労委)に「不当労働行為の救済申し立て」を行いました。そして本日10月21日、都労委はこの件につき「命令」(裁判でいう判決)を交付しました。都労委は、主文において、「阪急交通社は・・・労働時間管理に関する団体交渉に誠実に応じなければならない」と命令しました。そして、組合に対し「今後、このような行為を繰り返さないよう留意します」との謝罪文の交付を命じています。組合側勝利の命令です!(東部労組・菅野) *写真=勝利命令を喜ぶHTS支部塩田委員長(右)と境組合員

Labornet TV features TPP Gains only for the 1%

The 21st broadcast of Labornet TV on October 20 featured the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. The title of the special feature was “What is TPP? You will be a prey to the eagle if you don’t know” and the guest speakers were journalist, ONO Kazuoki and doctor, HONDA Hiroshi. Ono pointed out that “it is dangerous to let the market rule everything.” Showing charts, he said that “the people who are going to gain from TPP are senior bureaucrats and managers of big corporations and they are only 1% of the population. 99% of the people are going to lose and they are the unemployed, farmers, fisher folks, contingent workers, small and medium sized enterprises and people who want to defend their health and natural environment.” Doctor Honda said, “TPP would destroy the health care system which is already endangered. Only the rich would be able to receive good health care. Most of the people would be not able to get the health care they are getting now. TPP would become superior to domestic laws and the Constitution will disappear.” The staff members and audience in the studio were terrified by this remark. (M)
Archives: 86 minutes

得する人は1% 損する人は99%~「レイバーネットTV」でTPP問題を特集

10月20日のレイバーネットTV第21号放送では、いま話題のTPPを取り上げた。特集タイトルは「TPPってなに? 知らないうちにハゲタカの餌食」で、ジャーナリストの大野和興さんと医者の本田宏さんがゲストだった。大野さんは、「TPPで得する人は1%の高級官僚・大企業経営者・幹部だけ。損する人は99%で失業者・農民・漁民・非正規労働者・中小企業者・自然や健康を守りたい人などほとんどの国民」とグラフで示し、「すべてを市場にまかせることの危うさ」を指摘した。本田さんは「いまでも医療が崩壊しているのにTPPで壊滅してしまう。お金をもっている人だけがいい医療が受けられる。しかし、大部分の人は今までの医療も受けられなくなる」と語った。また「TPPは国内法より上になる。憲法はなくなる」との解説にスタジオも青くなった。アーカイブでご覧ください。(M) アーカイブ視聴(86分)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stand up for eradicating poverty! Big anti-poverty rally in Tokyo

On October 16, 2011, a big anti-poverty rally was held at Hosei University in central Tokyo. Its theme was “Poverty exposed by the earthquake”. The rally consisted of three parts – a section of messages from disaster victims and disaster-stricken areas, thirteen workshops, and a symposium “What we need to survive”. All the messages were sufferings experienced by those whose relatives were killed by the tsunami, those who have been struggling to raise their children after having been fired from their workplaces, workers who are working at the troubled nuclear power plant with painful feelings, and former fishermen and farmers whose livelihoods were robbed from them. Lively discussions continued at the symposium about what to do next. Finally, all of approximately 600 participants stood up to “eradicate poverty” (photo). (M) Recorded in Ustream/Anti-Poverty TV

貧困なくそう スタンドアップ!~反貧困世直し大集会開かれる

10月16日、反貧困世直し大集会が東京・法政大学で開催された。テーマは「震災があぶり出した貧困」。被災者・被災地からのリレートーク、13の分科会、シンポジウム「生きるために必要なこと」の3つのパートにわけて進められた。リレートークでは、津波で肉親を失った人、仕事がなくなり解雇され3人の子育てで途方にくれている人、原発労働者の苦悩、漁業・農業が奪われた人など、被災地の深刻な実態が生の言葉で語られた。シンポジウムでは、「これからどうしたらいいのか」をめぐって会場を交えてディスカッションが続いた。最後に約600人の参加者全員で「貧困なくそう」のスタンドアップ(写真)をして閉会した。(M) 反貧困TV/ユースト録画

Listen to the 99%! Here’s a liberation square - “Occupy Tokyo” rally

On October 15, 2011, action was called for by UCHIDA Shoko, Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC); MATSUMOTO Chie, LaborNet Japan; KAWAZOE Makoto, Tokyo Young Contingent Workers' Union; and AMAMIYA Karin, writer as a part of the “Occupy Wall Street! Occupy the Planet!”. The rally was held at a park in the Roppongi district, central Tokyo. There were surprisingly a large number of security policemen and news reporters, so the action drew much attention. Many of approximately 200 participants freely expressed their feelings. A university student appealed loudly, “It’s time to stop economic growth that sacrifices and exploits someone. It’s time to stop pursuing money. I’m angry!”. The gathering was also shown in real time in the United States by Skype, while curry and rice were given to the participants free of charge and some were playing the drums there. The park became a liberation square. This action has proven the potential that the movement of the 99% will expand also in Japan. (M)
Video (LaborNet TV – English version)PhotosYTN News, South KoreaLive video in New YorkGlobalpost (video)Ustream (video)


10月15日、「ウォール街を占拠せよ!世界同時アクションin東京」の一つとして六本木・三河台公園で行動が取り組まれた。呼びかけたのは、内田聖子(PARC)・松元ちえ(レイバーネット)・河添誠(首都圏青年ユニオン)・雨宮処凛(作家)の4氏。驚くのは、公安警察とマスメディアが多いこと。注目度はバツグンだ。公園には約200人が集まり、一人ひとりが言いたいことを自由にアピールした。ある学生は「だれかを犠牲に搾取する経済成長はもうやめよう。金を求め続ける生活はもうやめよう。私は怒っている!」と叫ぶように訴えた。公園ではスカイプでアメリカとつないだり、手作りカレーを振る舞ったり、ドラムをたたいたり、自由な広場空間が一挙に生まれた。99%の運動が日本でも大きく拡がる可能性を秘めたイベントとなった。(M)・動画(レイバーネットTV英語版) ・写真報告 ・韓国YTNニュース ・ニューヨークのライブ映像 ・Globalpost(動画) ・ユースト録画(PARC)

European-style demonstration? 750 join anti-nuke “Drumming Demonstration”

750 participants in an anti-nuke “Drumming Demonstration”, which was held in the Shibuya district, central Tokyo on October 9, 2011, demanded the abolition of nuclear power plants and denuclearization by drumming and playing various instruments. One of the demonstrators, a 30-year old woman living in Tokyo, said, “I was a little nervous about participating in today’s march as many demonstrators were unlawfully arrested in the previous demonstrations. But I was able to express my feelings happily today without intimidation from the police”. Another demonstrator, a man in his 50s who was actively playing the flute, said, “I think we succeeded in expressing our wishes thanks to a small number of policemen, probably because of no loud music, so I suppose this march was similar to that in Europe”. (Johnny H) – Video (YouTube) * Photo: Mkimpo


10月9日東京・渋谷で行われた「怒りのドラムデモ」には、打楽器を中心にチャルメラ、ギター、指笛と、750人がそれぞれ思い思いのサウンドで、原発廃止や脱原発を訴えた。デモ後に参加者に話を聞いてみた。目黒区在住の30歳の女性は、「9月11日や23日に警察官によりたくさんの人が不当逮捕されたので、今日のデモに参加するのには少しの勇気が必要だった。ところが、警察官がほとんどいなく、嫌がらせもなく、楽しくアピールすることができた」。チャルメラを吹きっぱなしで疲れたと言っていた50歳代の男性は、「今日はずいぶんとアピールできたと思います。サウンドカーやアンプがなく、また市民参加型ということで、警察の警備も少なかったのでしょう。ヨーロッパのデモに近かったのではないでしょうか」と語っていた。(ジョニーH)・動画(YouTube)  *写真=ムキンポさん

Socializing party of Japan’s “community unions” held in Aso, Kumamoto – Joined by 320 from 80 unions from all around Japan

A socializing party of “community unions” from all around Japan, which any individual worker can join, was held in Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture in the southwestern island of Kyushu on October 1 and 2, 2011. The party, organized by the Community Union National Network every year, was joined by 320 members from 80 affiliated unions nationwide (photo). The party was supposed to be held in Yamagata Prefecture in the Tohoku district, but its venue was changed to Kumamoto due to the Great East Japan Earthquake causing serious damage in the district. At the party, UEDA Jun, chief executive of the Rengo Kumamoto Union and host of the party, delivered an opening address, saying, “The earthquake destroyed supply chains and seriously affected the Japanese economy. Systems only to pursue efficiency, such as a just-in-time system, are now questioned. It is time for us to create a society of solidarity, which is resilient and friendly to each individual”. (SAKAI Toru)

「コミュニティ・ユニオン」の全国交流集会 阿蘇で開かれる~全国から80団体・320人

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tokyo Joins Global 'Occupy' Movement

Several hundred people gathered at parks and took it to the streets of Tokyo on Oct. 15, the day of global action to Occupy Together.
One of the Tokyo actions had more than 100 independent, trade unionists and activists at a small park in Roppongi, a trendy district of Tokyo.
Each spoke of their demands to the government, income disparity that continues to be worse and concerns over radiation contamination by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The Roppongi action received a solidarity message from Occupy Seoul and talked to the members of Occupy in Merced, California, and Washington D.C. via Skype.
Although police and secret agents surrounded the rally, the 99% were strong and persistent with music and free vegitable curry served.
Occupy Tokyo organizers plan to have another action sometime soon.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Inamori in Court, Backs off from Earlier Statement: the JAL Restructuring Case

The plaintiffs and their supporters, demanding Japan Airlines to reinstate 165 employees who were dismissed in December last year, gathered in front of the Tokyo District Court in the morning on 30 September. Some of them were in the uniform of JAL pilots, others holding banners expressing their demands. The day marked the highlight of the trial with the court appearance of the Chairman, Kazuo Inamori who admitted, in a press conference in February, that the dismissal was unnecessary in light of the restructuring plan of the company. He however disappointed the courtroom audience by mentioning his earlier remark as "imprudent and regrettable." Satoshi Tokairin, one of the audience, described Chairman's testimony as "outrageous." "Inamori pretended to be a token representative of the JAL management with no actual role in the unlawful dismissal. He said he was unaware of the fact that the restructuring target had already been achieved by that time and put all the responsibilities on the receiver, " he said.
In the inquiry of the day, the leader of the plaintiffs, Taeko Uchida, examined Inamori herself, but he replied to all her questions with phrases indicating lack of knowledge, involvement or memory. The audience was so appalled to the extent that they could not help laughing at times.
(By M)


9月30日、東京地裁前は朝から「JAL不当解雇撤回」の桃太郎旗が林立し、パイロット姿の原告団と支援者で賑わった(写真)。この裁判は、昨年末に165名が整理解雇された事件。この日はJAL稲盛会長の証人尋問で最大の山場を迎えた。稲盛会長は2月の会見で「経営上、解雇は必要なかった」と明言しており、証言に注目が集まった。しかし稲盛会長は「軽率な発言で反省している」と述べたのみ。傍聴した東海林智さんは「ひどい。“何の責任もないお飾り”と自分を演出していた。人員削減目標を達成していたことについても “知らなかった。管財人が決めたこと”を連発していた」。また内田妙子原告団長が尋問に立ち、組合との話し合いの約束を破り続けた稲盛氏に鋭く迫った。これに対し稲盛会長は「記憶にない、覚えていない、知りません」を繰り返すだけ。このJAL経営最高責任者の見苦しい姿に、傍聴席からは失笑が漏れた。(M)

Japan Post Plans to Dismiss 14000 Non-regular Workers Nationwide: Union Protest by Sit-in

Members of the Postal Workers’Union conducted a sit-in protest in front of the head office of Japan Post on 27 and 28 September. The protest was against the dismissal of 14000 non-regular workers aged over 65 scheduled for the end of the month.
"It is absolutely unacceptable that the company unilaterally made it possible for them to dismiss non-regular workers of certain ages simply by manipulating the employment regulations. Like myself, people of these ages are often playing leading roles among the employees of the sections they belong to. The present decision has taken no consideration of such circumstances in our work places," said outraged Tadanori Fukao (left in the photo), a telephone operator at a call-center. Ryoko Niwa (right in the photo), a delivery driver, criticized JP harshly. "Four colleagues are to be dismissed in my section and it will be impossible for the remaining staff to process the same amount of workload. On the other hand, the same jobs are offered in the employment service office. This is ridiculous! The massive dismissal will disrupt the work at post offices and inevitably result in worsened service."
Among 14000 workers to be dismissed, 32 belong to the Postal Workers’Union. The reporter was informed that they were considering a lawsuit.
(By M)



Fukushima Eyewitnesses Appeal in US: Debriefing for Press Held in front of METI

Sachiko Sato of the Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation and five other anti-nuclear activists held a press conference in front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on 25 September to report on their visit to the United States.
Sato, Kaori Izumi of Association for Saving Children of Fukushima, Ireene Mioko Smith of Green Action, Yukiko Anzai, an organic farmer of Yoichi, Hokkaido Pref. and two others visited New York and Washington DC. for a week from 18 September to inform the American public of the current situation in Fukushima. In Washington DC., they had discussions with members of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the equivalent of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, and with lawmakers. In New York, they appeared on a CNN program and conducted a standing demonstration together with members of local anti-nuclear citizens' organizations. (By Masanori Yumoto)
Video (YouTube)



Philosopher Labels Proposed Ordinance as 'Fatal to Education': 800 Rally against Imposition of Kimigayo in Osaka

A national rally titled 'We say No! to the ordinance of Kimigayo coersion' was held in Osaka on 24 September with participation of some 800 citizens local as well as from other prefectures. The participants,including many teachers and students, were driven by mounting concerns surrounding the prefectural government's aggressive move toward enactment of education-related ordinances that reflect nationalistic view of the right-wing governor, Toru Hashimoto. In the opening speech of the rally, Philosopher Tetsuya Takahashi severely criticized the proposed ordinance and Hashimoto himself. "It should be called 'The Basic Ordinance for Destruction of Education.'" "The governor's vision of Osaka government is that of the imperial system whereby the governor is the emperor."
Following Takahashi's speech, teachers struggling under similar situations in other prefectures made short speeches of solidarity. Among them was Kimiko Nezu, an ex-teacher from Tokyo who continued defiance of Kimigayo through to the retirement of this year despite three times of six-month suspension. She encouraged fellow teachers to keep to their belief and not to give in. Masaki Yumoto, a university student one of whose parents is non-Japanese national, raised an issue for the protest movement while commenting critically on the proposed ordinance. "It would coerce children of non-Japanese nationalities to give away with their own identities. This is why I feel against it. I also feel that the protest movement has yet to involve younger generations. I urge the participants to consider what each of you can do to reach out to the youth."
The rally was webcast by Labornet TV.
(By Jo Kimura, Labornet Reporter based in Kansai Area) *Photo: The venue, Thirty Hall in Daito-shi, Osaka



Nothing Is More Valuable than Life!: 60,000 Participate Japan's Largest Ever Anti-nuclear Rally

On 19 September, Meiji Park in Tokyo was filled with people and their calls for abolishment of nuclear power plants. Organized workers and other citizens belonging to all sorts of groups as well as individuals not affiliated with any particular organizations gathered together, expressing their desires for nuclear-free world on banners and sign boards. "Fukushima is still much contaminated with radiation. The status is far from 'under controll.' We will by no means allow other nuclear plants to resume operation. There is noting more valuable than the life!" Core promoters cried out angrily and the crowd responded with enthusiastic applaud.
The rally was followed by a demonstration march in three routes. Though the march lasted for for more than four hours, the participants were cheerful. They seemed to be delighted, empowered by the fact that as many as sixty thousand people came together.
The day certainly marked a historic step in the movement toward the nuclear-free world. (By M)
Photo report and video by Masanori Yumoto Photo, Mainichi Shimbun Video, Kyodo News Snap shots, Labornet JP Video, OurPlanet-TV
Live Report in English with Japanese subtitle, Labornet TV (10 min.)Photos, various unions Video, action against TEPCO by three unions


9月19日、東京・明治公園は人・人・人の波、そして「原発いらない」の声であふれた。市民・労働者はじめあらゆる団体・個人が、旗を掲げプラカードに思いをこめて集まってきた。「福島は放射能まみれで事故は収束していない。再稼働などとんでもない。命より大事なものはあるのか!」。怒りの呼びかけ人アピールに呼応して、拍手が地響きのように起きた。3コースに分かれたデモは4時間以上続いたが、人々の表情は明るかった。「6万人も集まった」という自信と喜びだった。この日はまちがいなく、「脱原発運動」の歴史的一歩を刻印する日となった。(M) 写真報告 ・動画(湯本雅典)毎日新聞写真  ・共同通信(動画)  ・スナップ(報道部)  ・動画(OurPlanet-TV) ・レイバーネットTV(現場中継・2ヶ国語版10分)写真(ユニオン系)動画(3単組の東電抗議行動) 

Philippine Toyota Union (TMPCWA) Suceeded in Launching Joint Action Both at the main struggle site, the Philippines, and in Japan

We, Suppor Group for TMPCWA in Japan,, launched from last October 9 thru 12 a series of concerted concurrent joint action with TMPCWA against Toyota, both in Japan and the Philippines, seeking for the solution of a 11-year longstanding struggle against a mass dismissal.
Inviting two union members representing TMPCWA (Union Vice President Wenny and Union Member Rowell) to Japan, we, supporters from Kanto Area went over by bus to the place in front of Midland Square by Nagoya Station of JR (Japan Railway), namely in front of toyota Aichi Headquarters to make, together with the local supporters in Aichi Area, PR activities to citizens of Nagoya City, and after that held a solidarity exchange meeting at Toyoda City Industrail and cultural Xenter.
The next day, from early morning, around Toyota Headquarters and Plant, we circulated to Toyota workers showing up for their daily job a paper napkin packet combined with a bill appealing their support and also made a request to the Headquarters. As a quite remarkable fact indeed, we had astrong impression that the workers coming their way to the company all looked so tired and somber as if they had had no human feelings.
On the other hand, in the main site, the Philippines, on October 10, bothe the dismissed members and the inside members currently working at Toyota plant of TMPCWA, together with a number of their supporters and member workers from other unions who came to join for cooperation, conducted a series of protest actions before Department of Labor and employment (DOLE), Department of Justice (DOJ), Japanese Embassy, etc. The joint actions both in Japan the Philippines were sucessfully finished thanks to the solidarity of workers.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Tokyo High Court Penalizes Travel Company for Failing to Pay Overtime Work

National Union of General Workers, Tokyo Tobu, won a lawsuit against Hankyu Travel Support Co. for failing to pay overtime work. The Tokyo High Court upheld lower court’s decision on Sept. 14 that the company must calculate work hours of tour guides. The court dismissed the company’s claim that the overtime hours were included in the salary because it was difficult to calculate the hours. The court ordered the defendant to pay 513,730 yen unpaid and an equivalent amount for penalty.
At the press conference held at the labor ministry, the plaintiff, Ms. Toyoda, said she hoped the decision would help improve working conditions of her colleagues in the industry. “I am really happy that the court understood the working conditions of travel guides,” she said. “I will try to improve the working conditions of travel guides in solidarity with others.” (By Sugano, NUGW Tokyo Tobu) *Photo: Toyoda and lawyers in front of the court house after the verdict


 9月14日、東京東部労組HTS(阪急トラベルサポート)支部が闘っている「偽装みなし労働」撤廃のための不払い残業代請求裁判控訴審の判決があり、1審に続き、組合側完全勝利判決をかちとりました。高裁は、1審に続き、「添乗員の労働時間算定は可能」と明確に判断し、「事業場外みなし労働」の適用を否定。未払い残業代51万3730円の支払いを命じると共に、同額の付加金(ペナルティ)の支払いも命じました。組合はこの勝利判決を受け、弁護団とともに厚労省記者クラブで記者会見を行いました。その席で原告の豊田さんは「添乗員の業務の実態を分かってもらった判決でとても嬉しい。この判決をステップに、力をあわせてがんばる。これを期に業界全体が変わってほしい」と訴えました。(東部労組・菅野)  *写真=喜びの当該労働者と弁護団(裁判所前)

Parents Demand GOVT Set Up ‘Evacuation Zone by Choice’

Seiichi Nakate (photo) of a Fukushima network to protect children from radiation talked about “evacuation zone by choice” at an event held on Sept. 11, half a year after the explosion at the TEPCO plant. The “evacuation zone by choice,” which is proposed by Children of Fukushima, is asking the local governments to financially support residents wishing to evacuate from this zone. The government is asked to guarantee the means of evacuation, as well as compensate the cost. “It’s not too late yet,” Nakate said. “The government should set up the evacuation zone by choice at an earlier date. This will surely save more lives.” (By Masanori Yumoto), See video on YouTube


 福島原発事故から半年経った9月11日、福島市内で「9・11福島アクション」が開催され、そのプログラムの一つの「テーブルトーク」で、「子どもたちを放射能から守る福島ネットワーク(略称・子ども福島)」代表中手聖一さん(写真)が「子ども福島」が提唱する「選択的避難区域」について語った。「選択的避難区域」の設定とは、その区域の住民が避難を希望した場合、行政が避難のための費用、方法等を保証し賠償もするという仕組みである。中手さんは、「まだ間に合う。今からでも『選択的避難区域の設定』を一刻もはやく行うべきだ。そうすれば助かる命が増えるはずだ」と語った。(湯本雅典) ・動画(YouTube)

‘We can Change Society by Demonstration’ ~ Voices against Nuclear Power Plants

Actions against nuclear power plants were carried out at three locations simultaneously in Tokyo on Sept. 11. Some 2,000 people led the one to Tokyo Electric Power Co. and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. By 3:40 p.m., they surrounded the ministry building with a human chain. Two young participants began hunger strike in protest against nuclear power plants at 5 p.m. In the meantime, a rally blasting loud music in Shinjuku faced harsh restrictions from the police, and about 10 demonstrators were arrested. However, the courtyard in front of Shinjuku Station was packed with protestors around 6 p.m. Kojin Karatani spoke at the rally. “People often ask me if we can really change the world by demonstrations,” he began his speech. “’But of course,’ I always tell them. Why? Because by demonstration, we can create a society where we can take it out onto the streets. Before March, I don’t think there is any demonstration that we can call, ‘demonstration,” except for ones in Okinawa. Now we see more than 100 demonstrations across the nation. The Japanese society has changed a bit.” His speech was welcomed by loud applaud. (By M) Photo flash news, photos of unfair arrests, video of unfair arrests (YouTube), hunger strike at the ministry (Ustream), courtyard at Shinjuku Station, Hibiya Park, Yoyogi Park, video by OurPlanet-TV, Mukimbo Photos


 9月11日、都内では3ヶ所で脱原発アクションが行われた。日比谷公園を出発した東電デモと経産省包囲行動には、あわせて約2000名が集まった。プラカードを持った市民が手をつなぎ、午後3時40分経産省の建物は、完全に人間の鎖で包囲された。午後5時からは若者2名が同省前ハンストに突入した。いっぽう「素人の乱」呼びかけの新宿サウンドデモは、デモ出発時から警察の激しい規制があり、10数名が不当に逮捕されるなど緊迫が続いた。しかし午後6時からのアルタ前街頭宣伝行動は人並みで埋まった。警察も手を出せず、再度「原発やめろ広場」が出現した(写真)。評論家の柄谷行人さんは、マイクを握りこう訴えた。「デモで社会を変えられるのか?とよく聞かれるが、“確実にできる”と私は答える。なぜか。デモをすることで“デモをする社会”をつくれるから。3月以前に日本では沖縄を除いてデモらしいデモはなかった。しかし今日も全国100ヶ所くらいでデモが起きている。日本の社会は少しは変わったのだ」。聴衆から大きな拍手が起きた。(M) 写真速報不当逮捕の写真不当逮捕の映像(YouTube)経産省前ハンスト(ユースト中継)アルタ前写真(昼)日比谷公園-代々木公園写真アルタ前写真(夜) ・動画(OurPlanet-TV) ・ムキンポ写真館 

JR Needs to Recover All Railroads in Tohoku Now!

Some railways damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake were repaired and the services resumed. Reports say that the worst is over since the recovery of Tohoku Shinkansen and Tohoku Line. However, some along the Pacific coast, including JR Hachinohe, Yamada, Ofunato, Kesennuma, Ishinomaki, Joban and Sanriku Tetsudo Railways, have no prospect of repair or recovery. “It may be a waste to repair the track because we don’t know how the towns are going to be reconstructed,” Japan Railway East officials said. True. But while other transport systems, such as roads and docks, are recovering by the day, railroad services that are basic infrastructure are left untouched. The railways that run through Tohoku like veins were said to be costly, a losing business, and facing a change in ownership to avoid complete closure. The central government and Japan Railways imposed heavy burden on passengers and local governments. And they are hoping to completely shut down these train services, taking advantage of the disaster. (By Katsuji Yamahara) *Photo: Sendai Shinminato Station left unrepaired.

 東日本大震災直後に不通となっていた幾つかの線区は復旧し、東北新幹線と東北線の急ピッチの再開でヤマを越えたという報道も多い。しかし、JR八戸・山田・大船渡・気仙沼・石巻線・常磐線や三陸鉄道など、太平洋沿岸は未だコマ切れで、進展も少なく、貫通の見通しは全く示されていない。JR東日本は言う「街の再建がどう行なわれるかの計画かわからないので、元の所に線路だけ敷いても??」と。確かに、そうかもしれない。でも、道路や港湾はほんの少しずつでも復旧しつつあるのに比べ、同じ基礎的インフラである鉄道は、放置同然である。東北を血管のようにつないできた鉄道は、震災以前から「赤字路線」と言われ、「廃線が嫌なら第三セクター」と、国とJRは乗客や自治体に高負担を強要してきた。そして今、東北に集中するワースト赤字線区がさらに被災した、として「永遠の不通、いや廃線」としたいのがJRの本音であろう。(山原克二)  *写真=放置される仙台新港駅

Union for Foreign Workers Born at Sharp-affiliated Plant

 Nearly 200 workers established a union at Sharp Co.-affiliated plant in Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture, on Aug. 18. The members manufacture liquid plasma display at Sharp Mie Plant No. 2 and No. 3 in the city. They are all Filipino working at GL, which is an outsourcing company of Mie Tech, a Sharp subsidiary. There are about 300 people working at the plant, but the union, Union Mie Sharp PNoy Unity, was able to organize more than a majority of workers. PNoy means Filipino, and the union was established as a branch of Union Mie. (By Esaman) See video on UnionTube. *Photo: Celebrating PNoy Unity establishment on Aug. 20.


 ユニオンチューブに「ユニオンみえ・シャープピノイユニティ」の組合結成パーティの動画をアップしました。以下は、動画提供者Esamanさんの記事です。「8月18日に、三重県松阪市にあるシャープ系工場で、200人規模の労働組合が結成されました。現場となったのは、液晶パネルを作成している、松阪市の多気町にあるシャープ三重・第二工場と第三工場。シャープ工場の下請け企業ミエテックの業務を請け負っている『ジーエル』で働くフィリピン人による労働組合です。同現場では300人ほどの従業員がいるとのことですが、職場の過半数を大きく超える労働組合が誕生したことになります。労働組合の名前は『ユニオンみえ・シャープピノイユニティ』。ピノイとはフィリピン人のことをさし、三重県津市に本部をおく、ユニオンみえの分会として結成されました。」 ・動画(UnionTube) *写真=8月20日の組合結成パーティ