Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farewell to Nuclear Power Plants 10 Million People's Action

Some 60,000 people gathered at one of the biggest parks in Tokyo on Sept. 19

 Some 60,000 people gathered at one of the biggest parks in Tokyo on Sept. 19 to raise their voices and to call for abolishment of all nuclear power plants in Japan. This is one of the largest rallies Japan has ever seen in its history.
 Japanese Nobel laureate, Kenzaburo Oe, said in his speech that humans cannot co-exist with nuclear energy in its state and a demonstration is a means for the public to show its dissatisfaction in government policies.

10 minutes Video
Reported by Chie Matsumoto
Filmed by Akira Matsubara

Friday, September 9, 2011

Information Center for the Fukushima Network Measuring radiation upon requests from the citizens

I visited the Information Center for the Fukushima Network to Protect Children from Radiation in Fukushima City on August 1st. The Network was formed on May 1st and is active in four sections; evacuation & recuperation, measurement & de-contamination, information & education, protection from radiation.
It is frequented with visitors and reporters and is attracting attention nationwide. It also serves as a citizen’s radiation measurement facility, measuring radiation of farm products upon requests and releasing the results to the public. The director of the facility, Yamaki Ryuuichi, pointed out, “ It is important to publicize the figures as information for making decisions and to be correctly afraid of radiation”. ( Yumoto Masanori, Aug. 21) YouTube Fukushima Network Website

 福島市にある「子どもたちを放射能から守る福島ネットワーク(略称「子ども福島」)」の窓口となっている「情報センター」を訪ねた。「子ども福島」は5月1日に結成されて以降、「避難・疎開・保養セクション」「測定・除染セクション」「知識・普及セクション」「防護セクション」に分かれ活動をすすめてきた。情報センターには、連日訪問者、取材が訪れ、県内はもとより県外からも大きな注目を集めている。ここでは市民放射能測定所として、農作物の放射線量の市民の依頼を受けた測定もしている。そして測定結果を公表している。市民測定所理事の八巻隆一さん(写真)は、「数字をきちんと出すことによって、判断材料を持つ。『正しく怖がる』ことが必要だと思います」と語った。(湯本雅典・取材8月21日) 報告・動画(YouTube)  ・「子ども福島」HP  

Nagoya Fureai Union resolves on No Nukes

Nagoya Fureai Union, a community union on an individual affiliation basis in Aichi Prefecture, held a general meeting on August 27th. The meeting resolved to participate in the 9.19 Goodbye to Nuke 10 Million Action in Aichi to be held at Shirakawa Park from 1:30 p.m. and to take part in the No Nukes 10 Million Signature Campaign proposed by Oe Kenzaburo and other celebrities. The union had already held an open seminar on nuclear power plant issue on July 30th and raised consciousness of its members. The steering committee urged the general meeting to raise their voices in the No Nukes actions and was enthusiastically approved the members.
(Sakai Toru)


愛知県の個人加盟労組・名古屋ふれあいユニオンは8月27日に組合員全体会を開催し(写真)、9月19日(敬老の日)午後1時30分から白川公園で開催される「9.19さよなら原発 1000万人アクションinあいち」への参加や、大江健三郎ら文化人が呼びかける「脱原発1000万人署名」に取り組む方針を明らかにした。名古屋ふれあいユニオンはこれまでにも、7月30日に原発問題の公開学習会を開催し、組合員らの問題意識を高める活動を行なってきた。全体会でユニオンの運営委員会は組合員らを前に、「脱原発を目指す集会に参加し、みんなで声を上げよう! 9・19脱原発集会・1000万人署名にともにとりくもう!」などと呼びかけ、会場からは大きな拍手が沸き起こった。(酒井徹) 全文

Down with Kimigayo Ordinance! Down with Hashimoto! Start of the Osaka Fall Action

“Down with Kimigayo Ordinance!””Down with Hashimoto!”, chanting echoed around the Osaka Prefectural Government Office, on August 22nd. Educational workers nationwide gathered to surround the Office in protest of the Osaka Prefectural Governor, Hashimoto’s coercion to make teachers stand for the national anthem, Kimigayo. The participants of the protest meeting marched around the building, with more than 10 union flags and big fans with the slogan “No to Kimigayo Coercion Ordinance” in their hands. The demonstration was only for 30 minutes, but the Osaka government office quarters was filled with the voices against reprimanding teachers who refuse to stand for and sing Kimigayo. The action was the first of the string of actions for the September Prefectural Assembly Meetings and heralded the start of the Osaka Fall Action.
( Osaka Education Amalgamated Union)
  Osaka Education Amalgamated Union Website:



Reinstate the JAL workers following the Labor Commission Orders! Signatures from 190 thousand people supporting JAL dismissed workers

The National Support Committee for the Reinstatement of Japan Airline Workers and the plaintiffs met with the government on August 16th. They submitted the signatures for the reinstatement of the dismissed workers and urged the government to take necessary measures to solve this unfair dismissal case, following the Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Commission decision which recognized the dismissal as an unfair labor practice. This meeting was attended by representatives from JAL Cabin Crew Union, Japan Federation of Aviation Workers’ Union, JAL Flight Crew Union and Zenroren. The plaintiffs and the Support Committee will continue the struggle and demand the government to promptly settle the case.
( JAL News)
Photo: Delegation submitting the signatures to the Ministry of General Affairs

 8月16日、JAL不当解雇撤回国民共闘・原告団は政府への要請行動を行いました。要請行動では、今日までの取り組みで集約された「不当解雇撤回署名」を提出するとともに、不当労働行為を認定した都労委命令を機に、不当解雇撤回闘争の解決に向け、政府としてしかるべき対応をとるよう要請を行いました。要請団として、大黒、東海林支援共闘共同代表、津惠支援共闘事務局長、井上全労連事務局次長・支援共闘事務局、近村航空連議長、内田CCU委員長、三星JFU副委員長、山口原告団長、清田原告団事務局長が参加しました。JAL不当解雇撤回国民共闘・原告団は、争議の早期解決に向けて政府が積極的に動くよう、引き続き運動を進めます。(JALニュースより) *写真=総務省で署名提出する要請団

Bureaucrats quail at children’s questions - Requests to the government on de-contamination and evacuation

A meeting to send the voices of children in Fukushima to the government was held at the House of Representatives Diet Members Building, August 17th. The meeting was full with participants and reporters and four children who came from Fukushima for the meeting raised direct questions to the 10 government officials. The children asked, “The question of de-contamination was raised in April, and it is already August but nothing has been done. You say you are doing you best, but what have you been doing actually?” The young bureaucrats answered, “The national government, prefectural and local governments, all have their difficult situation. There is the problem of budget and money, which are difficult for you to understand.” and tried to cut off the meeting. “You haven’t given the answer to the group evacuation.” grilled the children and the 10 bureaucrats were unable to say anything and just looked down in silence.(Johnny H)
Video: Our Planet-TV
Photo: Press Conference held after the meeting

 8月17日、衆議院第一議員会館多目的ホールで「子どもの声を政府に届けよう!」集会が開かれ、立ち見も出る超満員、大勢の取材メディアで、熱気あふれる会場の中、福島からバスでかけつけてきた4人の子どもたちは10名の政府官僚に対して、素直な気持ちをぶつけた。子どもたちから「除染の話は4月から出ていたのに、8月になっても何もしていないでしょ。最大限の努力なんて今頃言うけれど、今まで何をしていたのですか?」と追及され、若手政府官僚たちは「市町村や県や国や、いろいろと立場がありまして、お金が予算が・・・と言っても、皆さんには説明が難しいとおもいますが、とにかくいろいろとありまして・・」と答えた。話し合いを打ち切ろうとすると、子どもたちから「集団疎開について、まだ誰からも答えてもらっていません」と追及されると、10人が互いに顔を見合わせて回答するのを譲り合った挙句、全員が下を向いて黙ってしまった。(ジョニーH)・動画(OurPlanet-TV)  *写真=政府交渉後の記者会見