Tuesday, May 19, 2009

“We Won Through the Strength of Solidarity”: Report Back On Isuzu Non-Regular Workers Opposing Dismissal

Some 100 supporters gathered to participate in the Meeting to Oppose Sacking of Isuzu Non-regular Workers jointly held by Isuzu Automobiles branch of All Japan Shipbuilding and Engineering Union (SEU) and Shounan Union at the Fujisawa Industrial Centre on the evening of April 18th. Although the 33 contract and labour hire workers who made up the union could not get the company to reverse the dismissals, they managed to get the company to withdraw terminating workers who were midway their contract and win a settlement package favoured by members. Participants were pleased that the dispute was settled due to the unity and support of the likes of the Kanto branch of SEU, Kanagawa, and Tokyo Metropolitan unions. At the end of the meeting, each of the speakers voiced their thanks and said that “We couldn’t have done it on our own, but we won through the strength of solidarity”.



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