Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No More Tolerating of Massive Dismissals of "Non-Regular Workers"! -- Postal Workers Union going out on a full-day strike

On September 18, the Postal Workers Union went out on a full-day strike at three strongholds of the union chapters in the Kanto district. Among them, the Funabashi Branch of Japan Post Service Chiba attracted a total of more than 100 union members and supporters from early in the morning as they held the strike declaration rally (see the photo), virtually conquering the area in front of the main gate for more than two hours. The rally was conducted by overwhelming a team of ten plus company officials coming out for surveillance. Our strike this time was aimed at stopping massive dismissals of non-regular postal workers and drastically disadvantageous changes of the working condition that might accompany the integration of postal and door-to-door delivery services initially scheduled on October 1. We are determined to continue this struggle against firing of "non-regular workers" in the postal operations. (S at Postal Workers Union)



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