Saturday, July 31, 2010

Part-time Employees Go on a Strike for the First Time - To Condemn Unilateral Factory Closure and Dismissal

At 13:00, July 14, in protest against a unilateral factory closure, eleven part-time workers went on a strike at Seven's Cleaner, a laundry factory based in the city of Misato, Saitama Prefecture. With 90 out of about 100 at Misato Factory being part-time workers, the company has been making profits through their hard work by imposing low wages at around \700 per hour. Nevertheless, the company has unilaterally decided to shut down the factory at the end of September with the excuse of "loss-making operations", virtually urging the workers to leave the company. The part-time workers have joined the National Union of General Workers, Tokyo Tobu, and went on a strike that day for the first time in their life. Though feeling shy at first, saying, "This is the first time I wear a fighting sash around my head since I wore one at a school athletic meeting," the workers erupted in rage when facing the company management that would not respond at all. A number of supporters also came, creating a liberated zone in front of the factory. (By M) Video: UnionTube

 7月14日13時から、埼玉県三郷市にあるクリーニング工場「セブンズ・クリーナー」で、パート労働者11名が一方的工場閉鎖に反対して、ストライキを決行した。約100人の三郷工場のうち90人はパートで、時給約700円の低賃金とハードな労働で会社は利益を上げてきた。それを、会社は「赤字経営」を口実に9月末の工場閉鎖を一方的に決定し、事実上の退職を迫っている。パート労働者は東部労組に加盟し、この日生まれて初めてのストライキ。「ハチマキは運動会以来初めて」とはにかんでいた労働者たちも、何ひとつ答えぬ会社幹部を前に怒りを爆発させた。支援も多数駆けつけ、工場前は解放空間となった。(M) ・動画(UnionTube)

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