Monday, September 27, 2010

For settling colonialism and discrimination issues – 1,000 gather in Japan Convention for Japan-Korea Citizens’ Joint Declaration

In the afternoon of August 22, 2010, the “100th Anniversary of Japan’s Annexation of Korea: Japan Convention for Japan-Korea Citizens’ Joint Declaration” was held at Toshima Kokaido Hall in Tokyo. Despite right-wingers’ harassment with loud sound outside the venue, approximately 1,000 people participated in the event. Ito Naruhiko, co-representative of the declaration, reaffirmed, “Prime Minister Kan’s statement on this issue does not lead to the settlement of the past. Today’s ‘Japan-Korea Citizens’ Joint Declaration’ created with joint work between Japanese and Korean citizens is the guideline for the future”. The meeting continued for over four hours, and it clearly showed through images, lectures, testimonies and music that “colonialism and discrimination” are not things of the past and are still deep-rooted in Japan. Twenty items of policy demands to the Japanese Government, such as a resolution of the reality of Japan’s colonial rules, and Japan’s apology and compensation for them, were clarified in the declaration. (M) * Photo: Finale

 8月22日午後、東京・豊島公会堂で「韓国強制併合100年・日韓市民共同宣言日本大会」が開催された。会場周辺では、右翼の街宣車が大音響で嫌がらせを繰り返したが、それをはね返す約1000名の市民で会場はあふれた。共同代表の伊藤成彦さんは、「菅談話では過去の清算にならない。日韓の市民の共同作業でつくった本日の“日韓市民共同宣言”こそが、これからの指針である」ときっぱり述べた。集会は4時間をこえたが、映像・講演・証言・音楽を通して「植民地支配・差別」が過去の問題ではなく、現在も根強く続いていることが浮き彫りにされた。また日本政府に対して、植民地支配の実態の解明、謝罪と補償など20項目の政策要求を明確にした。(M) *写真=フィナーレの舞台

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