Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We love our schools~1,500 people rally in protest of discrimination against North Korean schools

A rally was held in Tokyo on Sept. 26 to protest against the Japanese government’s decision to exclude North Korean schools from the policy to make all high schools free of tuition. Some 1,500 people filled the venue at Shakai Bunka Kaikan. Representatives from nine out of 10 North Korean schools in Japan attended the rally. The last one could not attend the rally due to the sports festival. “We had some scary experiences when we received threatening letters and a paper knife. But we love our school. This is the place where our parents were educated and is the place of learning for those of the next generation,” the school official from Kobe North Korean school said in a speech. By Masanobu Yumoto. See video on UnionTube. Photo: Participants march after the rally.

9月26日、都内で「高校無償化からの朝鮮学校排除に反対する全国集会」が開かれた。会場となった社会文化会館には、1500名が集まり参加者が場内に入りきれない状況であった。またこの集会には全国の朝鮮高校の代表(10校中9校が参加。1校は「体育祭」のため参加できず)が参加し、全員が壇上で発言した。神戸朝鮮高級学校の代表は、「学校に脅迫状とカッターナイフが送られてくるなど、とても恐ろしい思いをしました。でも私たちはウリハッキョ(私たちの学校)が好きです。ウリハッキョはお父さん、お母さんが学んできた場所であり、私たちの次の世代の人たちも学ぶ場所だからです」と語った。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube)*写真=集会後のデモ

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