Friday, January 11, 2013

"Thank You, Mr. Utsunomiya, for Running for the Tokyo Governatorial Election!"; Supporters Determined to Move on to the Next Stage.

In the evening of December 16, the election campaign office of UTSUNOMIYA Kenji, the former chairperson of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and a renowned anti-nukes and anti-poverty activist who was standing for the governor of Tokyo, was crowded with supporters and reporters. At 8 p.m., as TV expected a landslide victory of Liberal Democratic Party in the Lower House election, the supporters were shocked and disappointed. Soon after, the news of assured victory of INOSE Naoki, the former vice-governor who was appointed as 'successor' by the ex-governor who quit to run for the Lower House election, was reported to an even greater disappointment for the Utsunomiya supporters. Utsunomiya however did not lose his spirits. Smiling, he said, "Many individuals and various citizen's groups volunteered to take part in our election campaign. The network of the people sharing the same political idea expanded during the campaign period. This is what we achieved through the last election that was a part of our continuing efforts to rebuild Japan with the four basic policies that we advocate. Let's keep our network growing and continue fighting together to realize nuclear-free Japan." After delivering the speech, he took a round in the office to shake hands with the supporters who, in return, expressed their appreciation with tears, smiles and chanting his name.  (By M)
 Photos YouTube Video: Utsunomiya Office in the evening of December 16 (without subtitles)  Video: Rally at Shinjuku in the evening of the last campaign day (without subtitles)

1216日夜、宇都宮けんじ選対事務所は、マスコミのテレビカメラと応援の人々でごったがえしていた。午後8時にNHKテレビが「自民圧勝・政権交代」を報 じると、人々から「信じられない」「え!」と悲鳴にも似た声が発せられた。それからすぐに都知事選で猪瀬候補当確の報。重たい空気が流れた。しかし、宇都 宮けんじさんは笑顔を交えてマイクをとる。 「私たちの選挙は、みんな手弁当で様々な市民団体がボランティアで力を合わせた。この輪の広がりが今回の成果 だ。選挙は運動の一つであり、大事なことはこの輪を広げること。脱原発など4つの基本政策は日本を救う道であり、その実現のために引き続き一緒にがんばっ ていきたい」。  その後、支援者一人ひとりと握手。「先生、出てくれてありがとう」涙と笑顔・・。そして「ケンジ!ケンジ!」のコールが事務所に響き渡っ た。 (M) 

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