Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keep Keihin Hotel open! No to closure and redundancies!

The Keihin branch of Tokyo Union received notice on October 20 from the Keihin Hotel (located in front of Shinagawa station, Tokyo) that all 130 employees would be made redundant and the hotel closed due to its ailing business from the Lehman bankruptcy. The Union is fighting back with their demands that the hotel be kept open and management reinstate the workers. On the evening of the 20th, approximately 100 people gathered, including supporters and media, to protest in front of the hotel (see photo). The Chair of the union angrily spoke out against the management’s actions: “Everyone has families to support. Why should workers have to foot the bill for management’s recklessness?” Some women workers were in tears as they protested. The Union is occupying the Hotel while, at the same time, applying for an injunction on the 21st to uphold their demands. Source: Freeter Workers Union online magazine and Keihin Hotel occupiers’ blog.


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