Wednesday, April 14, 2010

“We feel like being denied” – Rage against exclusion of Korean schools

An urgent rally against the exclusion of Korean school from objects of “free tuition for high school education” was held at the event square of Yoyogi Park in central Tokyo in the afternoon on March 27, 2010. 700 persons including 230 Korean high school students joined the rally. It was hosted by an executive committee that consisted of as many as 65 organizations, such as grassroots groups involved in peace and education issues and trade unions. The organizer strongly criticized the Hatoyama administration, saying, “This is another form of ethnic discrimination. Is it right to repeat the same mistake Japan made before and during World War II when the country even deprived Koreans of their names? A nation that discriminates children will crumble”. A girl of a Korean high school said, “I was moved by many signatures of Japanese people to support us, which came to our school one after another. The bill for free tuition for high school education is great, but why have Korean schools been excluded from its targets? When I knew this, I felt like being denied and was sad. Then, I got a flash of anger about the exclusion”. After the rally, the participants demonstrated in the crowded Shibuya district, appealing, “Don’t exclude Korean schools”. (M) – Image (UnionTube)Mkimpo’s Photo Gallery

 3月27日午後、朝鮮学校の「無償化」外しに反対する緊急行動が、東京・代々木公園イベント広場で開かれた。朝鮮高校生230人を中心に700人が集まった。主催は、平和・教育の市民グループ、労組などがつくった実行委員会で、急速に65団体までに広がった。「これは新たな民族差別。名前まで奪った戦前を繰り返していいのか。子どもを差別する国は滅びる」と主催者は強く鳩山政権を批判した。朝鮮高校の女子生徒は、「日本の方から続々と学校に支援署名が届き、胸を熱くした。高校無償化法案はすばらしい。でもなぜ朝鮮学校が外されたのか。これを聞いた時、自分の存在が否定された気持ちだった。悲しかった。そして怒りがこみ上げてきた」と語った。集会後、賑わう渋谷をデモ行進し(写真)「朝鮮学校を外すな」と訴えた。(M) ・動画 (UnionTube)ムキンポ写真館

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