Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Discrimination! Be Friends!- Citizens Raise Voice against Anti-Korea Demonstration

"Kick Koreans out of Takeshima Islands!" "Burn down the whole of Seoul City!" The marchers were chanting as they proceeded. Many were holding large Hinomaru Flags in their hands. Policemen in riot gear were standing along the road. A street demonstration by Zaitokukai, a right-wing group that claim to be protesting against privileges enjoyed by permanent residents of Korean decent, and various other groups and their sympathizers was held again in the evening of Feb. 17 in Shin-okubo, a major Korean Town in Tokyo. These right-wingers have had a series of ween-end Anti-Korea demonstrations in this town. There was however a new development last Sunday: A number of citizens staged protest against the right-wingers' demonstration holding signs that call for peace and friendship.
"It is O.K. to express political opinions, but it is not political activities to humiliate, disturb, or intimidate those who live in this town. It must be difficult for ethnic Koreans to speak up against racism. I think it's the responsibility of Japanese to raise voice not to tolerate it in our society, " said a female participant of the action. Another was holding a sign that read "I don't support this demonstration." Xenophobia is growing in Japan, but citizen's voice against discrimination and hate-speech is getting evident as well. (By M)
 YouTube Video (4 1/2 min.)


この行動に参加した女性は、「政治の問題で意見はけっこう。でもここで暮らしている人を貶めたり、邪魔したり、恫喝することは政治活動ではない。在日の人は声を上げられないと思うから、日本人がこういう社会を許してはいけないと声を上げなくてはいけないと思った」と語る。「私はこのデモを支持しません」と書いたプラカードを掲げる人もいた。排外主義の風潮が強まる中で、「差別・ヘイトスピーチはやめよう」と市民がしっかり声を上げ始めた。(М) 写真速報動画(YouTube 4分半)

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