Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We can’t put up with ‘a lack of plan and abdication of responsibility’ ~ evacuees protest against the abusive languages of the Reconstruction Minister

Voices of protest are rising every day against Reconstruction Minister IMAMURA Masahiro, who said, “It’s their own responsibility that the voluntary evacuees do not return home. Let them do whatever they want, file a lawsuit, etc.” What must be questioned is not simply a gaff resulting from his verbal abuses against a free journalist in the press conference.
 On April 7, about 180 voluntary evacuees and citizens protested against the lack of plan and the abdication of responsibility of the government in front of the Reconstruction Agency. MORIMATSU Akiko, who came from Osaka, said, “We have two houses; one in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, and the other in Osaka. We are taking refuge in Osaka not voluntarily but reluctantly. Isn’t it the role of the Reconstruction Agency to protect lives and health of children from radiation? Is it the country’s work to transfer the responsibility onto the victims of the disaster and to trivialize the government’s responsibility for causing the nuclear accident? We have been waiting for 6 years and are running out of time. A lot of children are becoming ill in contaminated areas including Fukushima. I am a citizen of a sovereign nation, as well as a Fukushima citizen. It is a fundamental human right equally given both to children and adults to escape from radiation exposure so as to enjoy good health. It seems that the minister is not aware of it. That is why I brought my 6-year-old child here today from Osaka.” (by ARIMORI Akane)

もう黙ってられない「国の無策と責任放棄」~今村大臣 暴言に避難者らが抗議

「自主避難者が帰れないのは自己責任。裁判でもな んでもやればいい」と発言した
今村復興大臣に、連日抗議の声が巻 き起こっている。フリージャーナリストに暴言
を吐いた記者会見 で問われるべきは、単なる舌禍ではない。47日も180人ほどの
自主避難者や市民が復興庁前で、国の無策と責任放棄を追及した。 森松明希子さん
(写真)は大阪からやってきた。「郡山市と大阪 に二軒の家を構えて生活してい
る。自主避難ではなく、自力で避 難しているのだ。子どもの命や健康を守るのが復
興庁の役目ではな いのか。自己責任といって被害者に責任を転嫁し、事故の責任を
矮 小化するのが国の仕事なのか。6年待ったが、もう時間がない。福 島をはじめ、
汚染地域からたくさんの子どもの病気が出ている。 私は福島県民であると同時に、
主権をもった国民だ。原子力災害が 起きたときに放射能被ばくから免れ、健康を享
受するのは子供に も大人にも等しく与えられた基本的人権。そのことをご存知ない

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