Friday, July 21, 2017

Abe’s resignation in sight – Protest continues even with the Conspiracy Act coming into effect

On July 11, 2017 when the controversial and undemocratic Conspiracy Act became effective, approximately 800 people gathered in front of the Diet Members’ Building in Tokyo despite the summer heat. Everyone looked positive. Many said, “Prime Minister Abe’s resignation is clearly in sight. It is us who have made it possible. Expand our campaign to further lower his approval rate to less than 20%”. KAIDO Yuichi, a lawyer and one of the campaigners, proposed to collect and present signatures to express the people’s will against the Conspiracy Act. Kaido added, “From now, the Japanese Government is supposed to use the law for wiretapping. This is really terrible. We should keep watching the government”. Opposition members of the parliament delivered speeches one after another, including MORI Yuko, the Liberal Party, who claimed that NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation – public TV station) had finished its broadcast of parliamentary proceedings when Mori was going to raise questions; FUKUYAMA Tetsuro, the Democratic Party; FUKUSHIMA Mizuho, the Social Democratic Party; and KOIKE Akira, the Japanese Communist Party. They passionately insisted that the unconstitutional Conspiracy Act be abolished and Prime Minister Abe resign. On this day, there were protests against the Act in 21 places in 12 prefectures. (M) 



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