Thursday, July 6, 2017

“Solidarity! The Warmest of Our Memories” ~ Korean San-ken Union Members Celebrate Victory

Celebrations of victory are always a good time, but never was there a gathering as warm and refreshing as the Korean San-ken Union’s victory party on June 16th. Over 100 workers gathered at the Zensuido Hall to celebrate their return to their current jobs after Sanken Electric Co. withdrew its plan for layoffs. Since the company announced plans to dismiss workers due to restructuring efforts on September 30th, 2015, San-ken Union members have struggled for 246 days. The landmark victory comes 299 days since the Union sent a delegation to Japan. From South Korea, five affiliated union members attended the celebration along with three members of the National Metalworkers’ Union, its umbrella organization. In a speech, leader of the San-ken Union Kim Eunhyong said the struggle against the layoffs was a fight for workers’ dignity, adding the battle could not have been won without the Japanese supporters who joined San-ken union members in front of the company headquarters to protest on early mornings, through snow and rain. As souvenirs, the San-ken union gave out bandanas to participants with the words “Solidarity! The Warmest of Our Memories.” (SASAKI Yumi)

「連帯!最も暖かい記憶です」~韓国サンケン労組 勝利報告集会


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