Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don’t steal our work! Demonstration against bylaws prohibiting taking cans and old newspapers away

A demonstration against bylaws that prohibits taking cans and old newspapers away ended in success with many participants on October 3, 2010. More than 130 demonstrators, who were the homeless and their supporters, joined the march. We would like to thank all the participants. It was a very important mass demonstration to show that great many people oppose the revision of the bylaws in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, robbing the homeless of their livelihoods. The revised bylaws have been enforced since October 1, but we would like to continue our various efforts to keep them from being arbitrarily operated, such as field activities and demonstrations against, for example, photography without prior consent. (San'ya Welfare Center for Day-Laborers' Association) San’ya Blog

10月3日の空き缶・新聞持ち去り条例反対デモは、多くの方の参加により、成功裏に終了しました。野宿当事者、応援の人含め130人以上の結集でした。来てくださった方、どうもありがとうございました。今回の墨田区の条例改悪に反対する人がこれだけいるんだ、ということを大衆的な行動ではじめて示したという意味で、非常に重要なデモだったと思います。10月1日から改悪された条例が施行されていますが、現場での取り組みやデモなど、様々な方向からの働きかけで、条例を好き勝手に運用させない(無断での写真撮影など)ための取り組みを、これからも行っていきたいと思います。(山谷労働者福祉会館) 山谷ブログ

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