Tuesday, November 2, 2010

March in downtown Shinjuku - Don’t trample Okinawa! Obama wins “Nobel War Prize”

Approximately 150 demonstrators joined the fifth “March in Downtown Shinjuku” in central Tokyo, demanding the solution of the issue of the Futemma Base of the United States Marines in Okinawa from 3 PM on October 10, 2010. The demonstrators were surrounded by policemen in uniform and plainclothes ones who far outnumbered them at first, but they drove away the “abnormal” atmosphere with their big voice and sound. Many played the trumpets, drums and vuvuzelas and were costume-clad in a happy atmosphere, and the march went through the downtown Shinjuku with the chant of anger, “Don’t trample Okinawa!” In particular, US President Obama’s “Nobel War Prize” (photo) got a lot of reaction from passers-by who were taking photos and waving their hands with smiles. At a rally, the organizers also focused on the issue of Japan’s Self Defense Forces, saying, “This is not only the issue of the US Army. The Japanese Government is fanning the flames of the Senkaku crisis to strengthen the forces and trample Okinawa”. (M)  Mkinpo Photo Gallery, image by Nagase Yuki, some photos by Ohki Seiko

10月10日午後3時より、5回目の沖縄・普天間問題を訴える「新宿ど真ん中デモ」が約150人の参加で行われた。最初は、参加者の数倍の制服・私服警察官に囲まれた「異常」な雰囲気だったが、デモ隊は大きな声と音でそれをはね返した。トランペット、ドラム、ブブゼラなどの音楽・仮装・鳴り物入りの楽しい行進と、「沖縄を踏みにじるな」の怒りのコールを交えながら新宿繁華街を練り歩いた。とりわけオバマ大統領の「ノーベル戦争賞」(写真)は大受けで、通行人が写真を撮ったり、笑顔で手を振ったりの光景が見られた。マイクアピールでは、「これは米軍だけの問題でない。日本政府は、尖閣の危機を煽って自衛隊を増強し、沖縄を踏みにじろうとしている」と自衛隊問題を強く訴えた。(M)・ムキンポ写真館 ・動画(永瀬ユキ)大木晴子さんの写真

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