Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bury the labor law revision! ~ a statement on ‘zero overtime pay’ act

The white-collar overtime exemption, or so-called “zero overtime pay” act, has been in question whether or not the nation’s largest trade union confederation Rengo would approve of it. The law would allow companies to exempt workers with annual income higher than 10.75 million yen or on certain jobs from the eight-hour work day and companies from paying overtime to these workers. If incorporated, the law would allow workers to get paid on performance rather than work hours, the government has said. However, this is completely untrue. Instead, we would wind up putting endless hours into work. It is obvious that illegal overtime and unpaid overtime are rampant at companies that have allowed karoshi deaths of their workers or health deterioration of workers. The National Union of General Workers, Tokyo Tobu, has stood together with the bereaved families of karoshi victims at Skylark restaurants or Watami izakaya bars, and we will not give an inch to “zero overtime pay” act. (Tokyo Tobu Union)

 一定の年収や職種を条件に労働者を1日8 時間労働の規制から外して残業代を支払わなくてもよいとする 「残業代ゼロ法」(高度プロフェッショナル制度)を、日本最大 のナショナルセンター(労働組合の全国組織)である連合が容認 に方針転換するかどうかで揺れている。残業代ゼロ法が導入され れば、時間にとらわれずに成果重視で働けるようになるなどと政 府は宣伝しているが、まったくの虚偽であり、実際には長時間労働 への最低限の歯止めがなくなるだけだ。労働者の過労死や健康被害 をいっそう促進することは、過労死を出した企業では必ずと言っ ていいほど違法残業や残業代不払いが横行していることからも明 らかだ。すかいらーくやワタミなどの過労死遺族とともに闘ってき た私たち東部労組が残業代ゼロ法を認める余地は一切ない。(東 京東部労組)

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