Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Shintaro Ishihara’s Sloppy Politics Unveiled~Citizens Assembly on Tokyo’s Education System

In the afternoon of Dec. 13, teachers, parents and citizens assembled to think about the present state and the future of education. Participants discussed Governor Ishihara’s sloppy politics with Yuko Baba (Tokyo assemblywoman, Democratic Party of Japan), Tomoko Oyama (Tokyo assemblywoman, Communist Party), Mitsuko Nishizaki (Tokyo assemblywoman, Seikatsu Network Mirai) and Masazumi Atsumi (policy research, Jichi Shimin ’93), along with Atsushi Okamoto, editor of magazine “World (Sekai).” They reported various examples of Ishihara politics, including the one about teachers and principals who are asking to be demoted after they were forced into middle management amidst unusual education politics. One issue all the speakers agreed was to oust Ishihara politics. By Johnny H


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