Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scoop Broadcast by OurPlanet TV~Behind the Scenes of Nike-ized Miyashita Park

OurPlanet TV began airing the latest show “Miyashita Park ~ Tokyo/ Shibuya” on the Internet. Shibuya Ward Office drew a naming rights contract of Miyashita Park, which is located near Shibuya Station, with Nike Japan August 2007. In April, the park will be renamed Miyashita Nike Park. Nike would shoulder the cost to renovate the park entirely into an athletic field. The ward office has said the renovation was “requested by the ward citizens.” However, OurPlanet TV’s investigation revealed that a skateboard manufacturer, which is affiliated with Nike, gathered the petition of 1,000 people. The report also found that a ward assemblyman also wrote a request for a rock-climbing facility on his own. The program reports the procedures of Nike-ized Miyashita Park that have been very little known. (By Takagi at OurPlanet TV)

 OurPlanet-TVが最新番組「宮下公園~TOKYO/SHIBUYA」をネット配信中だ。渋谷駅に一番近い公園・宮下公園。去年8月、渋谷区はナイキ・ジャパンとネーミングライツ契約を結び、来年4月に「宮下ナイキパーク」と名前が変わる。公園はナイキ側の負担で全面改修されスポーツ公園に変わる予定だ。これまで渋谷区は、宮下公園のスポーツ公園化は“区民の要望を受けたもの”と説明。しかし、OurPlanet-TVの取材によると、1000筆集まったとされる署名は、ナイキと関係の深いスケートボードメーカーが集めたことが判明。また、ロッククライミングの要望書は区議会議員自身が作成し提出していたことが分かった。これまで、ほとんど明らかになってこなかった宮下公園ナイキ化計画のプロセスを取材した。(OurPlanet-TV・高木) アワプラニュース

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