Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raise Your Voices, both High-school and College Students!~Student Union Tokyo has been formed~

On September 6, Student Union Tokyo was established mainly by undergraduates and graduates who are members of the General Union of Young Workers Tokyo. The union has been consulted by many part-time working students in high schools, colleges, graduate schools and vocational schools on various matters.
“I got this part-time job from job ads, but my hourly wage is 100 yen less than the advertised one. It’s because I am a high-school kid.” “They wouldn’t let me adjust my shift even during the exam.” “I had to meet a tough and unreasonable quota even though I’m a part-timer.” The union is now within the reach of people with concerns mentioned above. Besides consulting young workers, the General Union of Young Workers Tokyo has given lectures on labor law at high schools, colleges and others and visited a total of 56 schools (of which 29 are high schools) since 2008. (By YAMADA Shingo) 
See Photo: A press conference at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

http://www.labornetjp.org/image/2013/0906seinenS9 6日、首都圏青年ユニオンに加入する大学生や大学院生が中心となり、首都圏学生ユニオンを結成しました。アルバイトしている高校生や大学生、大学院生、 専門学校生から「バイト募集広告を見てバイトを決めたら、高校生だからと時給が広告より100円が低かった」、「試験期間中なのにシフト調整をしてくれな い」、「アルバイトなのに無茶なノルマが設定させれた」などの労働相談が多く寄せられます。こういった層に届く学生ユニオンにご期待ください。また首都圏 青年ユニオンには労働相談の他にも、高校や大学などでの労働法講演も行ってきました。2008年からの集約では、合計56校(高校29校)に行きました。 (山田真吾)

 詳細 *写真=厚労省での記者会見

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