Monday, September 9, 2013

Friday No-nukes Demo report / Koide attends beating a small drum

I took part in the Friday No-nukes Demonstration on August 30. Scorching heat was back again, and KOIDE Hiroaki, an assistant professor at Kyoto University, attended the demo for the first time with a small drum in his hand. He greeted the participants by saying, “I have long wanted to participate in this demo. I’m glad to have come here for the first time and meet many active people. I am thankful for all the people who have been fighting since the Fukushima disaster. I will keep on fighting to abolish all nuclear power plants.” He was warmly welcomed by all the people.
 At this moment in Fukushima Power Plant, 300 tons of toxic groundwater is leaking to the sea every day. Highly contaminated water counting 100 millisieverts per hour was also leaking from a storage tank, leading directly to sea through a drainage channel. If a person stays near for 2 days, the mortality rate is 50 percent. This is not a simple “contaminated water leakage”.! (Shinya)


久しぶりに参加した金曜デモ。猛暑復活! この日、京大の小出裕章さんも小さなドラムを叩いて参加した(写真)。「前から来たいと思っていた。今日初めて参加し、たたかっている沢山の人に会えて嬉 しい。事故以来、たたかってこられた皆さんに感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。私は原発の場で、原発がなくなるまでたたかっていきます」と挨拶、行く先々で大歓迎された。いま福島原発に流れ込んだ地下水は、汚染され毎日300トンも海洋に流れ出ている。陸上でも汚染水タンクから、毎時100ミリシーベルトの高汚染水300トンが漏れ、排水溝から直接海に流れ出た。二日も側にいたら50%死ぬという汚染水だ。もう「汚染水漏れ」ではない。(Shinya  

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