Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Unfairly dismissed tour conductor reinstated

SHIOTA Takuji, the president of the Hankyu Travel Support (HTS) Local of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu, returned to work on September 10, 2013. Shiota struggled for the withdrawal of his dismissal for more than four years, and his reinstatement was confirmed after a victorious settlement of this case at the Tokyo High Court. His first assignment after the reinstatement as a tour conductor was a 10-day tour to Turkey. His reinstatement is very significant in the sense that such a worker in a vulnerable temporary position as him succeeded in returning to work when the Japanese Government attempts to ease restrictions on firing workers. We are confident that a trade union can overcome unfair practices of companies. Your support to our struggle is highly appreciated! (Sugano)
* Photo: SHIOTA Takuji


東部労組HTS支部塩田委員長が本日(9/10)元気に仕事に復帰しました! 不当な「アサイン停止」の撤回を求め4年以上闘い、東京高裁での勝利和解により職場復帰を確定させた東部労組HTS(阪急トラベルサポート)支部塩田委員長が、本日からのトルコ10日間ツアーで元気に仕事に復帰しました! 解雇規制の緩和が画策されている中、立場が弱いとされている登録型派遣労働者が職場復帰を現実化させた異議は本当に大きなものがあります。「労働組合で闘えば、企業の不当な仕打ちを跳ね返すことができる」との確信を私たち東部労組は新たにしています。全国のみなさん!この間のご支援、本当にありがとうございました!(菅野存)

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