Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nine years struggle at the Japan Red Cross ends

On March 26th, the nine years struggle of HIROSE Akemini ended with an ex-officio settlement at the Tokyo High Court. Hirose had been employed by a temp agency named “Staff Service” and worked at the Japan Red Cross Blood Center. But she alleged that she was forced to do jobs other than those designated by the temp contract. She demanded direct employment with the Red Cross but was finally dismissed in 2009. When she took her case to the Tokyo District Court she failed to win reinstatement, although the court ruled that the temping contract was illegal. Her case was pending at the Tokyo High Court, but the Red Cross and the temporary agency finally agreed to compensate her and settle the case. Hirose held a news conference on April 1st, expressing her thanks for the support she received during the nine years struggle.

 日本赤十字社の神奈川県赤十字血液センターで働いていた元派遣社員、広瀬明美さんが、実際の業務とは異なる派遣契約で働かされたとして、同社と派遣会社に損 害賠償などを求めていた東京高裁の訴訟は、326日、職権和解が成立した。41日、厚労省記者クラブで当該と弁護士のよる会見が行われた(写真)。1 審の東京地裁判決は専門職偽装が派遣法違反にあたると認定したが、賠償などは認めていなかった。今回の和解では、日赤と派遣元が解決金を支払うなどの内容 だった。廣瀬明美さんは、331日に「日本赤十字社争議の終結にあたって」の声明を発表し、9年間のたたかいの報告とお礼の気持ちを明らかにした

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